Welcome at Allegria Persians

Hi, my name is Nathalie.

Together with my husband Stefaan ... I breed persians cats.

We are located in Belgium, near Gent.

I have had animals all my life.

But cats always had a special place in my heart.

I still remember my first kitten my parents gave me when I became 5 years old.

He was a black and white household cat named Tommy.

In 1993 I bought my first persian cat.

She was a tortie smoke female named Gaya.

Unfortunaly Gaya died of a stroke

at the age of only 4 years.

We loved her deeply and were devestated about her death.

We still remember her and she will always stay in our hearts.

I started my cattery one year after Gaya died.

I bought a blue silver tabby/white male

and a red tabby/white female.

They were the start of what would become

a beautiful and joyful hobby.

Gr. Int. Ch. Excellence's Thibault Gr.Int.Ch. Ruby Ice van Zappey

We have a cageless cattery,

meaning that all our cats run freely around the house.

They are our dearest family members.

Our males have the whole upper part of the house where they can run from room to room.

We breed particolors, harlequins and vans.

Occasionaly we have solids and tabby.

The lines behind our cats are:

Bocasana, Catgirls Walk, Harwood, Kissables, Marhei, Planet Love, Purrty Katz, Squarrosa, ...

In our breedingprogram we try to breed kittens with lots of expression and good health,

getting as close as possible to the breedingstandards.

QUALITY is our goal ... not quantity!!!

Our cats are tested for:


Our kittens grow up and are being hand raised in the house.

They are being well socialized.

Our kittens don't leave the cattery before the age of 16 weeks.

They are completely vaccinated and dewormed.

Each kitten has its own salescontract and healthcertificate.

All our kittens are microchipped before leaving to their new home.

We are very dissapointed in a few breeders and because of that ...

we only sell our cats to breeders with a good breedingprogram and good homes.

We also keep contact with the new owners of our kittens.

That way we can see how our kittens develop.

We want to thank following catteries:

*cattery Catgirls Walk

*cattery Dachsbau

* cattery Planet Love

updated 19 July 2010