boudewijn cox
Boudewijn Cox

c o m p o s i t i e s

Sonata (1998)

for flute and piano

This sonata has the traditional three parts; fast – slow – fast.

The first part has been composed in the usual sonata form, i.e. an exposition, a development and a recapitulation. Following Johannes Brahms the exposition is build on several themes and their development is achieved already for the main part in the presentation during the exposition. After a relative short development the themes return in backwards order.

The second part is a meditative intermission before the final part. The slow second part forms a contrast with the previous part because its harmony is much more static with only a few modulations. The texture is lineair and mainly pianissimo wich causes a “soft” but nevertheless very clear communication with the listener.

At the end follows brusquely a energetic final where the virtuosic demand on the players is considerable.

  • length : ca 14"00'
  • first perofrmance : Berten D'Hollander (fluit) & Bart Van Bulck (piano), CC Beveren, 21 februari 1999, Beveren
  • commissioned by Berten D'Hollander, subsidized through the Ministerie van Cultuur van de Vlaamse Gemeenschap.
  • editor :

Sonata part 1 - live recording by Berten D'Hollander & Bart Van Bulck

excerpt, 1 min. (1Mb)

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