boudewijn cox
Boudewijn Cox

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Luce Diffusa (2010)

for violin and guitar

"Luce Diffusa" is a short work for violin and guitar, commissioned by the Festival of Flanders Mechelen, Flemish-Brabant and Ghent for the duo Raphaëlla Smits and Eric Robberecht.

In 'Luce Diffusa' I created a sound world in which harmony and melody forming contrapuntal lines and realize a diffuse texture in an attempt to break free of matter. Out of this diffuse texture gradually clearer patches come to the foreground. The initially rather meditative character becomes more expressive and more clearly articulated towards the end.

  • length : ca 4"30'
  • première : Raphaëlla Smits & Eric Robberecht, 2 oktober, Brakel.
  • commissioned by Festival of Flanders Mechelen, Flemish-Brabant & Ghent.
  • editor : Sonus Mundi mlochar(@)


Luce Diffusa p1-2 pdf (100 Kb)