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Boudewijn Cox

c o m p o s i t i o n s

pravasaaH (2009)

for piano solo

“My fourth piano piece was commissioned by 'vzw Concertvereniging Euterpe’ and received its premiere by Jenny Lin on 9 Octobre 2009 in the Concertstudio in Kortrijk.

"PravaasaH ' is Sanskrit and means 'journey'. Sanskrit is an ancient Indo-European language and was used from about 1200 BC centuries as a literary language in the Pre-Indian peninsula and in the cultures to which they return. The word Sanskrit means "shapely" and "devoted". No wonder: Sanskrit was for a long time the language of religious poetry, of justice, of astronomy, mathematics, medicine and philosophy.
With 'pravaasaH "I questioned myself about the essence of my musical language. I tried to create a meditative expression by using a relatively simple texture for this composition, a texture that occasionally tries to break free of matter and wants to be light.
The "travelogue", mostly written in a transparent piano style, is built from a rich and intense harmonious world.

  • dedicated to Christian Vereecke
  • length : ca 11"45'
  • premiere : Jenny Lin, Concertstudio, 9 October, Kortrijk.
  • commissioned by vzw Concertvereniging Euterpe.
  • editor : Sonus Mundi mlochar(@)


pravaasaH p1-2 pdf (123 Kb)