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Caccia (2004)

for piano

Caccia is my third composition for piano solo after Prelude and Equinox and is dedicated to Jenny Lin. The ease with wich she realises extremely difficult music, has given me the feeling not to withhold a virtuosic style of writing but nevertheless with much attention for transparancy and articulation.
The caccia was composed during the 14th century (Trecento) . The only relation with the North Italian componers as for instance Jacopo da Bologna is, besides the title, the two part canon.
My Caccia has three rushing, hectic passages and the interval of the canon gradually converges qua pitch and time interval. The three canons, each time to be played faster, are surrounded by slow chords as a place to come to rest for a while.

  • dedicated to Jenny Lin
  • length : ca 5"00'
  • first performance : September 23, 2004, Kortrijk (Belgium), Euterpe - "Concertstudio"
  • score available through :

Caccia - live recording by Jenny Lin, "Concertstudio" Kortrijk (Belgium), october 2004

excerpt, 1 min. (1Mb)

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