boudewijn cox
Boudewijn Cox

c o m p o s i t i e s

Equinox (2002)

for piano

A composer, as every human being should constantly be aware not to write or think in clichés. Always, one should question oneself about the way one thinks. In this manner it is possible to avoid dogmatic and stereotype thinking. It keeps the mind open to several possibilities and new attitudes to approach the same subject.
I was asked by Jenny Lin to write a piece for piano. On March, the 21st, I had my first ideas about this new composition, in which I explore other paths of writing for piano solo. Because of the date, it's called "Equinox". The piece evokes an equilibrium between day and night, between tension and release. This is palpable on several levels, it is found in the structure, the harmony and the inner tale of the composition.

  • dedicated to Jenny Lin
  • length : ca 9"00'
  • first performance : September 23, 2002, Ghent, De Rode Pomp
  • available via :

Equinox - live recording by Jenny Lin in Carnegie Recital Hall, October 2002

excerpt, 1min39 (1.8Mb)

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Likewise for two entries by Boudewijn Cox (b. 1965), Prelude (1998) and Equinox (2002) both heared in their US Premieres. Mr. Cox, a friend of Ms. Lin's was on hand to take abow for Ms. Lin's absolutely rivoting, magnetic advocacy. (Who could hope for a better performance?) Ms. Lin's style has character, energy and split-second acuity of timing. Best of all, she knows how to reach for the spiritual jugular.

New York Concert Review - January / February 2003