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Endosmosis (2000)

for double woodwind quintet, piano & dance

Endosmosis is a phenomenon that occurs with diffusion of liquids and gasses through a membrane.

At the moment when two liquids are seperated by a membrane it develops a flow through the membrane. If one liquid is pure water and the other a watery solution, than the normal direction of the stream is the one from pure water to the watery solution because of the difference in osmotic pressure. At the same time there's a flow in opposite direction, called exosmosis. This proces ends the moment that the two liquids are perfectly mixed.

Translated to the phenomenon of communication between people, one can ask himself whether endosmosis can be ended. In an attempt to communicate an idea, there are as many interpretations as there are listeners, and this keeps life of course also interesting.
Several 'disturbing' factors are making a real communication difficult. For example from a difference in (speed of) thinking until refusing to be open for new ideas.

The composition 'Endosmosis' is an attempt to make a sounding presentation of this phenomenon in a musical communicative way.
The ensemble presents the two liquids on the one hand though the piano - together with dancer 1 -, and on the other hand de woodwind section - with dancer 2-.
The interaction between both groups is an attempt to illustrate this process.
In the different parts of the composition are presented each time different phases of "endosmose".


2 flutes(/1picc.), 2 oboes, 2 clarinets Bb (/1 bass clarinet Bb), 2 bassoons (/1 contrabassoon), 2 horns F, 1 piano

  • length : ca 22"00'
  • premiere : I Solisti del Vento, CC De Doos, March 3rd 2001, Hasselt
  • commissioned by I Solisti del Vento, with a grant from the "Ministerie van de Vlaamse Gemeenschap.
  • score & parts :

Endosmosis - live recording by I Solisti del Vento

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