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My website contains various odds and ends. Some of it is odder than the rest. This page is a partial key to the mess. Warning: I guarantee nothing; some pages may ambush you from hiding. There is no sex or nudity here, no pictures worth mentioning either, and nothing animated. But us mid-life crisis folk find the strangest ways to have fun.


What would you expect to find on a genealogy page? This is stuff that would make any sensible person slip into a coma.


This set of pages contains everything anyone knows about Sharmans. Or at least some of the stuff people think they know. It's all mildly appalling.


This glimpse of my unpleasant past will probably explain a lot.

Medals and mud

Life has its more serious side, especially when it comes to death.


Random thoughts, mainly. The one thing you may find interesting here is the table of capital cities. Where else on the web can you find anything this useful?

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