Sharmans on the Web

Sharmans! Take courage, we are not alone. Sharman web sites are everywhere, when you look. Sharman pages jump out at you from behind every bush. Actually that's not true, but I thought I'd see if you were paying attention. As yet, I have not found any site of a one-name study for Sharman, or any Sharman relatives as far as I know, but there are sites looking at genealogy, people trying to find friends, and, of course, this page of Sharman links.

Electronic Sharmans

You may already know that there is an elecronic Sharman forum on a website run by the people who market Family Origins. This is the software I use for my genealogical data, and - for the moment, given what else is available - I wouldn't trade.

Before I discovered that forum, I set up an eGroup for Sharmans and Sharman seekers. It's not very active yet, but the more people join it, the merrier it will become. If you'd like to join, please email me or, better, just subscribe to the group. It costs nothing. A cynic might say that it's worth every penny.

I'm the list administrator (sounds grand, don't it?) for the SHARMAN surname and family mailing list on RootsWeb. If you're interested in tracking down your Sharman forebears or cousins, please subscribe. You have nothing to lose but your peace of mind.

Apart from those of us interested in finding out things about Sharmans, there are also Sharmans whose presence on the web is altogether innocent. You can look in Alta Vista or Infoseek, the International email directory, Yahoo or the Official World Wide Web Yellow Pages, where on last checking (19 Jan 1997) there was exactly one of us.
If you want the names and addresses of lots of Sharmans, you're now a happy chappie. Or chapesse.

International directory of Sharmans

I found all the following Sharmans on the WWW and listed them here. There seems to be no conceivable purpose in doing this, but who knows what strange urges drive people who lurk on the internet. Perhaps this page will one day feature in someone's PhD.

Some web-based Sharmans have assumed a second barrel.

I missed your Sharman-related web page

Have you published (or found) a web page containing Sharmans that is not listed here? Do you want it to be? Please contact me and I'll rush to include it. (Where "rush" has the sense used by courier companies - we guarantee best effort. Well, perhaps not quite guarantee. We'll sort of try. If we can find our carrier pidgeon.)

Death notices

The Sydney Morning Herald maintains an index to death notices that contains 25 Sharmans who died between 1989 and 2000.

Not forgetting our close cousins the Shermans and Shearmans

Not surprisingly, William Tecumseh Sherman, a North Georgia Notable, is honoured or reviled on several pages on the web. There are anecdotes, thoughtful treatises, stories of his early life in California, pedigrees, descendants, bibliographies and pictures, even of his horse.
But there are other Shermans too; to head the list there's a SHEARMAN/SHERMAN page that's big and bouncy with links to many other related pages.
Then you might like to see what Chuck, Hank and Todd Sherman have to say for themselves.
There is a US Senator Brad Sherman who is apparently unpopular among artists, perhaps even with Cindy Sherman, who is one, or Robert Sherman, who teaches people to become one. In fact, there are so many Sherman sites listed in Alta Vista (inluding a pornographic one) that I'll leave the pleasure of the chase to you.
I've also found a few other pages with information on Sherman or Shearman families, including Mary Auffhammer, who has prepared a descendant tree for John Sherman 1445 - 1504, Lisa Donovan, Marge Lutzvick (including a plug for her Sherman book), Susan White Pieroth, whose site is a model for us all, and who provides an interesting and well-written summary of sources and notes, and Mary Ward.

Join us...

If you are a Sharman, descended from or married to one, working on a family tree containing Sharmans, or are simply seeking Sharmans, and would like to add your name to this august list, please send me freeform your name, occupation, and email or website address, and a message for your fellow Sharmans. I'd be particularly grateful if you could tell me about your Sharman family and ancestors. If you let me know that you want your message to be made public, I'll put it on the email page on this web site.
Martin John Sharman

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