Royal ancestry: Plantagenets and Tudors

One of the known links between the families that I am researching and royalty depends on a series of mother-to-daughter links from Catherine Carey, the daughter of Mary Boleyn (who was the sister of the second of Henry VIII's wives, and had been Henry's mistress before her marriage to William Carey) through Anne Knollys, Anne West, Katherine Pellat, Katherine Hippisley, Katherine Clench to my 5th great grandfather Roger Donne.

Ancestry of Catherine Carey

Each of Catherine Carey's grandparents ( Thomas Carey, Margaret Spencer, Thomas Boleyn and Elizabeth Howard) was descended from Edward I, who had lived some 2 centuries earlier, or was descended more recently from Edward III. (The University of Texas hosts a site with more information on the genealogy of the Plantagenets.)

Family names

The main family names in this part of the tree are: Beauchamp, Beaufort, Boleyn, Capet, Car[e]y/de Kar[r]y, Clench, Hippisley, Howard, Knollys, Knyvett, Pellat, Plantagenet. Pedigrees of this tangled aristocracy can be found in many places, but I have never seen anything approaching a complete one.

Of these ancient families, the Cary family at least is still extant. One living Cary whom I have met is my thirteenth cousin twice removed.


If you would like to know more, please contact me. I would be particularly interested to hear from anyone researching Knollys, Pellat, Hippisley, or Clench families.

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