Lines of faces all called Sharman

Lines of grey muttering faces, masked with fear,
They leave their trenches, going over the top,
While time ticks blank and busy on their wrists,
And hope, with furtive eyes and grappling fists,
Flounders in mud. O Jesus, make it stop!

Siegfried Sassoon

But who are ye in rags and rotten shoes?

In August 1914 Europe cheered as its young men and old politicians opened the age of massacre. It turned into an overlapping jumble of religious wars that engulfed the globe. In the 31 years it lasted, it deleted millions of people.
The people in this list have two things in common - they were killed in that disaster, and they share an unusual family name.

16/08/1914	SHARMAN J	Chief Engine Room Artificer 1st Class, Royal Navy
03/09/1914	SHARMAN B W	Engineman, Royal Naval Reserve
03/09/1914	SHARMAN A	Second Hand, Royal Naval Reserve
22/09/1914	SHARMAN F	Chief Stoker, Royal Navy
27/09/1914	SHARMAN R	Private, Lancashire Fusiliers
18/12/1914	SHARMAN T C	Serjeant, North Staffordshire Regiment
25/12/1914	SHARMAN F	Private, National Reserve
05/03/1915	SHARMAN G W	Private, East Surrey Regiment
05/03/1915	SHARMAN G A	Corporal, Royal Welsh Fusiliers
13/05/1915	SHARMAN G A	Stoker 1st Class, Royal Navy
19/05/1915	SHARMAN F	Lance Corporal, Suffolk Regiment
23/05/1915	SHARMAN T	Private, Oxford. and Bucks Light Infantry
04/06/1915	SHARMAN J W	Sapper, Royal Engineers
31/07/1915	SHARMAN A	Rifleman, King's Royal Rifle Corps
07/08/1915	SHARMAN H J	Private, Australian Infantry A.I.F.
09/08/1915	SHARMAN N J R	Private, Australian Infantry A.I.F.
13/08/1915	SHARMAN F	Private, Royal Army Medical Corps
21/09/1915	SHARMAN A E	Private, Suffolk Regiment
25/09/1915	SHARMAN C	Private, Northamptonshire Regiment
26/09/1915	SHARMAN E	Private, Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)
13/10/1915	SHARMAN A J	Private, Norfolk Regiment
13/10/1915	SHARMAN C	Private, North Staffordshire Regiment
14/10/1915	SHARMAN J	Corporal, Sherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby Regt.)
21/10/1915	SHARMAN A T	Private, Royal Fusiliers
14/12/1915	SHARMAN A	Private, Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regt.)
09/05/1915	SHARMAN H W	Private, Northamptonshire Regiment
22/01/1916	SHARMAN H	Private, Suffolk Regiment
14/02/1916	SHARMAN C T	Private, Sherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby Regt.)
02/03/1916	SHARMAN W H	Private, Suffolk Regiment
01/04/1916	SHARMAN G A	Private, Gordon Highlanders
14/04/1916	SHARMAN J C	Private, 3rd County of London Yeo. (The Sharpshooters)
28/05/1916	SHARMAN E H	Private, Northamptonshire Regiment
01/07/1916	SHARMAN S	Lance Serjeant, Sherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby Regt.)
03/07/1916	SHARMAN H S	Private, Suffolk Regiment
03/07/1916	SHARMAN T E S	Private, Suffolk Regiment
13/07/1916	SHARMAN C W J	Gunner, Royal Field Artillery
17/07/1916	SHARMAN H	Private, King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
18/07/1916	SHARMAN W	Private, Machine Gun Corps (Inf)
21/07/1916	SHARMAN H	Serjeant, Royal Garrison Artillery
01/08/1916	SHARMAN C V	Private, West Yorkshire Regt. (Prince of Wales's Own)
18/08/1916	SHARMAN C	Private, Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry
03/09/1916	SHARMAN W J	Sergeant, Australian Infantry A.I.F.
11/09/1916	SHARMAN R	Private, Lincolnshire Regiment
23/09/1916	SHARMAN F	Private, Essex Regiment
28/09/1916	SHARMAN S G	Serjeant, Norfolk Regiment
04/10/1916	SHARMAN P	Private, Dorsetshire Regiment
09/10/1916	SHARMAN H	Private, Royal Defence Corps
17/02/1917	SHARMAN J W	Private, Sherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby Regt.)
22/02/1917	SHARMAN H	Second Mate, Mercantile Marine
07/03/1917	SHARMAN G	Deck Hand, Royal Naval Reserve
09/04/1917	SHARMAN H W	Private, Essex Regiment
09/04/1917	SHARMAN G	Rifleman, London Regt (The Rangers)
09/04/1917	SHARMAN W W	Private, Northumberland Fusiliers
09/04/1917	SHARMAN H	Private, The King's (Liverpool Regiment)
10/04/1917	SHARMAN R H	Private, Royal Fusiliers
11/04/1917	SHARMAN R J	Private, Canadian Infantry (Alberta Regt.)
15/04/1917	SHARMAN W T	Private, Lancashire Fusiliers
19/04/1917	SHARMAN J T	Private, ALIAS
22/04/1917	SHARMAN E G	Private, Bedfordshire Regiment
28/04/1917	SHARMAN A W	Private, Suffolk Regiment
28/04/1917	SHARMAN A E	Serjeant, Suffolk Regiment
30/04/1917	SHARMAN F	Private, West Yorkshire Regt. (Prince of Wales's Own)
01/05/1917	SHARMAN L	Private, Lincolnshire Regiment
06/05/1917	SHARMAN W	Private, London Regiment
12/05/1917	SHARMAN J J	Private, South Staffordshire Regiment
31/05/1917	SHARMAN E S	Rifleman, Rifle Brigade
08/06/1917	SHARMAN H	Private, Leicestershire Regiment
10/06/1917	SHARMAN F H C	Private, Australian Infantry A.I.F.
16/06/1917	SHARMAN F	Corporal, London Regt (Royal Fusiliers)
18/06/1917	SHARMAN H	Private, Suffolk Regiment
26/06/1917	SHARMAN C E	Airman 1st Class, Royal Flying Corps
27/06/1917	SHARMAN W	Private, York and Lancaster Regiment
05/07/1917	SHARMAN E R	Private, York and Lancaster Regiment
12/07/1917	SHARMAN W	Private, The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)
14/07/1917	SHARMAN W	Skipper, Mercantile Marine
17/07/1917	SHARMAN E	Private, The King's (Liverpool Regiment)
22/07/1917	SHARMAN J E	Flight Commodore, Royal Naval Air Service
27/07/1917	SHARMAN H	Private, Lancashire Fusiliers
31/07/1917	SHARMAN H R	Private, Northamptonshire Regiment
31/07/1917	SHARMAN W A	Private, Northamptonshire Regiment
31/07/1917	SHARMAN R	Private, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
15/08/1917	SHARMAN J	Private, Canadian Infantry (Central Ontario Regt.)
17/08/1917	SHARMAN S C	Private, London Regt (Royal Fusiliers)
20/08/1917	SHARMAN A	Private, Middlesex Regiment
21/08/1917	SHARMAN H	Private, Northumberland Fusiliers
23/08/1917	SHARMAN J	Private, Canadian Infantry (Manitoba Regt.)
20/09/1917	SHARMAN A P	Second Lieutenant, London Regt (London Rifle Brigade)
20/09/1917	SHARMAN E J	Private, Royal Warwickshire Regiment
24/09/1917	SHARMAN A J	Private, Australian Infantry A.I.F.
06/10/1917	SHARMAN C H	Private, Leicestershire Regiment
16/10/1917	SHARMAN J	Private, Canterbury Regiment N.Z.E.F.
18/10/1917	SHARMAN T H	Gunner, Royal Field Artillery
22/10/1917	SHARMAN S	Private, Bedfordshire Regiment
30/10/1917	SHARMAN B T	Private, London Regt (Artists' Rifles)
11/11/1917	SHARMAN E	Private, King's Own (Royal Lancaster Regt.)
20/11/1917	SHARMAN P	Rifleman, King's Royal Rifle Corps
20/11/1917	SHARMAN C A	Private, Welsh Regiment
24/11/1917	SHARMAN A W	Gunner, Royal Garrison Artillery
29/11/1917	SHARMAN A J	Private, North Staffordshire Regiment
30/11/1917	SHARMAN J A	Private, Royal Fusiliers
09/12/1917	SHARMAN L	Gunner, Royal Field Artillery
18/01/1918	SHARMAN E W	Private, N.Z. Medical Corps
07/02/1918	SHARMAN J R	Serjeant, London Regt (First Surrey Rifles)
17/03/1918	SHARMAN W	Private, London Regiment
22/03/1918	SHARMAN W	Private, Cambridgeshire Regiment
24/03/1918	SHARMAN J	Private, Bedfordshire Regiment
26/03/1918	SHARMAN W E H	Rifleman, London Regt (London Irish Rifles)
27/03/1918	SHARMAN H	Private, Grenadier Guards
27/03/1918	SHARMAN M	Serjeant, Suffolk Regiment
01/04/1918	SHARMAN P J	Lance Corporal, Rifle Brigade
05/04/1918	SHARMAN T H	Private, Royal Warwickshire Regiment
10/04/1918	SHARMAN J H	Private, Leinster Regiment
12/04/1918	SHARMAN H J	Private, Royal Scots Fusiliers
12/04/1918	SHARMAN I	Private, York and Lancaster Regiment
15/04/1918	SHARMAN J	Lance Corporal, Lincolnshire Regiment
05/05/1918	SHARMAN H J	Corporal, Machine Gun Corps (Inf)
05/05/1918	SHARMAN L W H	Lance Corporal, Worcestershire Regiment
09/05/1918	SHARMAN F J	Sapper, Royal Engineers
13/05/1918	SHARMAN J E	Private, Australian Infantry A.I.F.
20/05/1918	SHARMAN R	Private, Lincolnshire Regiment
12/07/1918	SHARMAN E	Private, Durham Light Infantry
23/07/1918	SHARMAN C G	Private, Australian Infantry A.I.F.
08/08/1918	SHARMAN G W	Private, Royal Berkshire Regiment
16/09/1918	SHARMAN H W	Private, Machine Gun Corps
20/09/1918	SHARMAN F	Private, South Staffordshire Regiment
22/09/1918	SHARMAN C R	Seaman, Royal Naval Reserve
29/09/1918	SHARMAN W W	Lieutenant, Canadian Infantry (Western Ontario Regt.)
30/09/1918	SHARMAN F	Private, The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment
30/09/1918	SHARMAN J	Lance Corporal, York and Lancaster Regiment
08/10/1918	SHARMAN W	Private, Royal Marine Light Infantry
18/10/1918	SHARMAN H H	Air Mechanic 3rd Class, Royal Air Force
26/10/1918	SHARMAN C	Private, London Regt (Royal Fusiliers)
26/10/1918	SHARMAN C R	Rifleman, N.Z. Rifle Brigade
29/10/1918	SHARMAN F	Rifleman, King's Royal Rifle Corps
08/11/1918	SHARMAN H	Rifleman, King's Royal Rifle Corps
08/11/1918	SHARMAN A	Gunner, Royal Field Artillery
05/12/1918	SHARMAN H V	Deck Hand, Royal Naval Reserve
14/02/1919	SHARMAN J R B	Private, Royal Scots
22/02/1919	SHARMAN C L	Second Lieutenant, Royal Air Force
20/03/1919	SHARMAN J H	Private, Machine Gun Corps (Inf)
29/04/1919	SHARMAN J A	Telegraphist, Royal Navy
19/11/1919	SHARMAN C W	Private, Seaforth Highlanders
18/08/1920	SHARMAN F	Second Lieutenant, Royal Field Artillery
29/05/1940	SHARMAN E A	Leading Steward, Royal Navy
04/10/1940	SHARMAN M J	Civilian
12/11/1940	SHARMAN N A	Civilian
03/02/1941	SHARMAN B G	Corporal, Royal Army Ordnance Corps
25/02/1941	SHARMAN R	Lance Serjeant, South Staffordshire Regiment
12/04/1941	SHARMAN P F	Civilian
16/04/1941	SHARMAN R J	Volunteer, Home Guard
17/04/1941	SHARMAN L R	Civilian
20/05/1941	SHARMAN S	Corporal, N.Z. Infantry
04/06/1941	SHARMAN W M	Ordinary Seaman, Royal Naval Patrol Service
09/06/1941	SHARMAN A M	Warrant Officer Class II, Australian Infantry A.I.F.
23/11/1941	SHARMAN W B	Galley Boy, Canadian Merchant Navy
14/12/1941	SHARMAN W F	Private, Leicestershire Regiment
18/01/1942	SHARMAN R J F	Private, Royal Norfolk Regiment
19/01/1942	SHARMAN C F	Corporal, Rifle Brigade
05/02/1942	SHARMAN A G	Private, Royal Norfolk Regiment
11/02/1942	SHARMAN E	Pilot Officer, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
01/03/1942	SHARMAN W E S	Stoker 2nd Class, Royal Australian Naval Reserve
09/06/1942	SHARMAN G J	Flight Sergeant, Royal Air Force
14/06/1942	SHARMAN J	Trooper, 4th Queen's Own Hussars R.A.C
28/08/1942	SHARMAN P S	Sergeant, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
06/09/1942	SHARMAN D C	Flight Lieutenant, Royal Air Force
07/09/1942	SHARMAN G W	Sergeant, Royal New Zealand Air Force
20/11/1942	SHARMAN A	Corporal, Royal Tank Regiment R.A.C.
09/12/1942	SHARMAN R A	Flying Officer, Royal Canadian Air Force
20/12/1942	SHARMAN D S	Fusilier, Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regt.)
14/02/1943	SHARMAN E L	Lance Corporal, Aux. Territorial Service
05/03/1943	SHARMAN K L	Private, Royal Army Medical Corps
09/03/1943	SHARMAN S	Able Seaman, Merchant Navy
11/03/1943	SHARMAN R	Corporal, Royal Armoured Corps
01/05/1943	SHARMAN G H	Corporal, Northamptonshire Regiment
05/05/1943	SHARMAN P R	Sergeant, Royal Air Force
09/07/1943	SHARMAN A A	Sergeant, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
27/09/1943	SHARMAN A J	Sergeant, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
11/11/1943	SHARMAN L R	Trooper, 5th Queen's Own Hussars R.A.C
13/11/1943	SHARMAN A N	Able Seaman, Royal Navy
15/12/1943	SHARMAN R G	Sapper, Royal Engineers
26/04/1944	SHARMAN H A	Lance Corporal, Lancashire Fusiliers
18/06/1944	SHARMAN A	Civilian
18/06/1944	SHARMAN E M	Civilian
18/06/1944	SHARMAN J E	Civilian
18/06/1944	SHARMAN P W	Civilian
19/06/1944	SHARMAN M E	Civilian
19/06/1944	SHARMAN T	Civilian
13/07/1944	SHARMAN G A	Sergeant, Royal Marines
17/08/1944	SHARMAN R D	Marine, Royal Marines
01/09/1944	SHARMAN E H	Seaman, Royal Naval Patrol Service
17/09/1944	SHARMAN N A	Private, Devonshire Regiment
11/10/1944	SHARMAN D R	Sergeant, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
14/10/1944	SHARMAN H	Gunner, Royal Artillery
02/01/1945	SHARMAN H S	Chief Engineman, Royal Naval Patrol Service
06/01/1945	SHARMAN I S H	Able Seaman, Royal Australian Naval Reserve
02/02/1945	SHARMAN C H	Lance Corporal, The Buffs (Royal East Kent Regt.)
23/02/1945	SHARMAN A	Pilot Officer, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
26/02/1945	SHARMAN S A	Guardsman, Canadian Grenadier Guards R.C.A.C.
05/03/1945	SHARMAN H O	Flight Lieutenant, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
09/03/1945	SHARMAN G A	Private, King's Own Scottish Borderers
25/03/1945	SHARMAN W	Private, Worcestershire Regiment
01/04/1945	SHARMAN J T	Sergeant, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
21/04/1945	SHARMAN R S	Lance Serjeant, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
23/04/1945	SHARMAN C D	Lieutenant, Royal Winnipeg Rifles R.C.I.C.
27/04/1945	SHARMAN R G	Driver, Australian Army Service Corps
02/05/1945	SHARMAN H	Corporal, Northamptonshire Regiment
06/11/1945	SHARMAN G D	Major, Royal Artillery
14/01/1946	SHARMAN D S	Warrant Officer, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
11/02/1946	SHARMAN L B	Commander, Royal Navy
06/04/1946	SHARMAN P C B	Warrant Officer, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
05/10/1947	SHARMAN J B	Captain, Royal Leicestershire Regt

If my grandfather were in this list you would not be reading this. He was one of the rare ones who saw the Armistice in 1918, despite spending almost all of the previous 4 years in the slaughter of northern France. The friends he started the war with in his Pals Batallion were almost all either blown to pieces, or buried, or stretchered home to start a new life as a cripple. He was wounded and gassed, went over the top several times, and his medals for bravery are now in my safekeeping. He would never tell me anything about it.

Of them who running on that last high place
Leapt to swift unseen bullets, or went up
On the hot blast and fury of hell's upsurge,
Or plunged and fell away past this world's verge,
Some say God caught them even before they fell.
But what say such as from existence' brink
Ventured but drave to swift to sink.
The few who rushed in the body to enter hell,
And there out-fiending all its fiends and flames
With superhuman inhumanities,
Long-famous glories, immemorial shames -
And crawling slowly back, have by degrees
Regained cool peaceful air in wonder -
Why speak they not of comrades that went under?

Wilfred Owen Spring Offensive

If you want to know where someone on this list is buried, please visit the web site of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.

Martin John Sharman

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