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Several Sharmans have managed to contact relatives they didn't know they had through this page, which is a great reason for maintaining it.
If you're looking for relatives or people researching your family, please send me an email with everything you know about your ancestors and - unless you tell me not to - I'll put it here. You might want to model it on Jeanette's or Jan's email if you can, because their structured presentation makes it easy to see who is whose parent or child or sister.

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People whose email messages are listed

Sharman Andersen 27 Jun 2000
Rita Anton 16 Jan 2002
Gillian Appel 13 Aug 2001
David Banks 17 March 2002
David Christian 14 Feb 2001
B + P Clee 5 Oct 1996
Jeffrey T. Collinson 6 May 2002
Tommy Cousins 1 Jun 1999
J. Doe 30 Dec 1999
Sharman Word Dennis 10 March 2002
Jacque Dulin 27 Sep 1998
Sharman Franzen 20 Jan 2002
Kay Gittins 27 Oct 1996
Jan Glover (nee Gardner) Jun 24 2001
Mike Greatorex 29 Jun 2001
D. Haining 24 Jun 2001
William H. Hammons 27 Dec 1996
Carolyn James 6 April 2002
Lois Leggott 5 Oct 1996
Sharman McCaul 8 March 2002
Jeanette McDonald 16 July 2001
Casey Markus 25 March 2002
Sharman Martin 12 April 2002 A special hello to you, Sharman!
James Moore 05 Dec 1996
Heather Ogier nee Sharman 09 May 1997
Nancy Pearson 27 Jun 2001
Pat Pond 8 April 2002
K Quelch 25 Oct 1996
Terry Richards 06 Jan 2001
Roberta 25 Nov 1999
Roslyn Robinson 30 Apr 2001
Patricia Stewart Screpetis 9 Nov 1996
Howard J. Sewell 17 Dec 1996
Evelyn Vogel 16 Feb 2002
Sharman Jean Wood 12 August 2001

Adrian Sharman 13 Feb 2002
Anne-Marie Sharman 7 Jul 2001
Ben and Elizabeth Sharman 19 May 2002
Bill Sharman 23 Apr 2001
Bill Sharman (a different Bill) 11 Jan 2002
Bob Sharman 24 Dec 1996
Bob Sharman (a different Bob) 24 Jan 1997
Bob Sharman (another Bob) 27 Sep 1998
Brett jason Sharman 7 April 2002
Clive Sharman 22 Oct 1996
Colin Sharman 3 April 2002
David Sharman 26 Feb 1997
David Sharman 15 Jan 2002
Don Sharman 01 Mar 1997
Donna Sharman 08 Mar 2000
Frank Sharman 09 Jan 1997
Frank Sharman 22 Apr 1999
Geoff.Sharman 05 July 1997
Howard Sharman 05 Dec 1996
Ian Sharman 17 Oct 1996
Jan-Eric Sharman 11 Nov 1996
Jason Sharman 28 May 2001
Jeanette Sharman 20 Jul 2001
John Sharman 9 Sep 1996
John Sharman 28 April 2002
Kelly Sharman 24 Dec 1996
Ken Sharman 17 Oct 1996
Kim Sharman 26 Sept 1998
Lori Sharman 9 Apr 2001
Les Sharman 8 May 2002
Mark Sharman 5 Apr 1997
Martyn Sharman 4 Nov 2000
Michael & Wendy Sharman & their Elkhounds 15 Apr 2001
Pat Sharman 21 Jan 1997
Patricia Margaret 3 Aug 2000
Paul Sharman 8 May 2002
Peter John Sharman 03 Sep 2000
Philip Sharman2 Nov 1996
Philip Sharman2 Nov 1996
Richard Sharman17 Apr 1999
Robert Sharman 13 June 1997
Robin Sharman 23 May 1999
Robin Sharman 22 Feb 2002
Roland GM Sharman 1 Apr 1997
Roy Sharman 28 Feb 2000
Ryan Sharman 12 Mar 1997
Steve Sharman 1 Sep 1997
Terry Sharman 9 Jan 1997
Terry Sharman 5 Feb 2001
Tim Sharman 1 Apr 2001

From: Ben and Elizabeth Sharman
Date: 19 May 2002

I am Benjamin A Sharman, born in 1926 in Burgh St Peter, Nr Beccles, Suffolk, England. My father was William Sharman from the same village and my Grandfather Benjamin and Great Grandfather James were also from that area. I am a Retired International Affairs Director Of the International Association of Machinists and immigrated to the U.S.A. in1949. I am interested in contacting any Sharman who had family ties in the area.

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From: Les Sharman
Date: 08 May 2002

My name is Les Sharman (Leslie Walter) b. 16/11/50. I would like help in tracing my decendants [on] the Sharman side. Les, unless you have had a particularly unlucky life, you probably mean your ancestors, not your descendants...

My fathers name was Walter b. 16/1/1904. He had two brothers, Jim and Albert, I think they were born in Garstang in Lancashire, my Grandfather moved there as he worked on the railways, he later moved to Manchester where the family stayed.

My fathers father was Jim (christened Jim). He was born in Huntingdon. My fathers mother was named Agnes Lavin, of Irish origin.

His father was a farmer in Huntingdon ( first name not known), after his wife died he remarried.

He then died, his second wife inherited the farm who later passed it on to her family, excluding my grandfather from her will.

I now live in East Anglia where Sharman is quite a common name.

I know there is not a lot to go on but would be very grateful for any information or any hints that may help me to continue my search. i.e. useful web sites etc.


1. ? Sharman, farmer, Huntingdon (married twice)
---2. Jim Sharman b. Huntingdon, railway worker in Garstang, Lancashire = Agnes Lavin b. Ireland
------3. Jim Sharman
------3. Albert Sharman
------3. Walter Sharman b. 16 Jan 1904 Garstang, Lancashire = Edith Birch b. 1 Aug 1906
---------4. Leslie Walter Sharman b. 16 Nov 1950

Les Sharman

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From: Paul Sharman
Date: 08 May 2002

Hi My name is Paul Sharman, I live in Adelaide ,South Australia our famiy came from East Langton ,Leicester in about 1853 My ancestor is Thomas Coleman Sharman- I will update as soon as I find where my loving wife has put our family history !!

Kind regards Paul Sharman

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From: Jeffrey T. Collinson
Date: 6 May 2002

Hello Martin,

I belong to the SHARMAN Rootsweb List and a few days ago a Yvonne Donnell posted a msg to the ANCESTRY.COM List which was cross sent to the Rootsweb List and in which I think she was replying to a message of yours. The msg stated that she was the 9th child of 10 of Charles SHARMAN who was the son of a Charles SHARMAN who in turn was the son of a GEORGE SHARMAN who came to Tasmania in 1835.

My wife is a SHARMAN and her ancestors lived for centuries in a village in Northamptonshire called Stanwick before coming to Australia in the mid 1800s.

For some time now I have been trying to link another SHARMAN branch into my main Stanwick SHARMAN line. This branch was in Tasmania in the early 1800s and the earliest ancestors were a George SHARMAN and Mary CHAPMAN. I believe that George and Mary did not come to Tasmania but certainly their son, Frederick SHARMAN did come as he was a transported convict coming probably in the 1830s. The mention of a George SHARMAN pricked up my ears, so I have attached to this msg a family history report giving all the SHARMANs descended from George and Mary that I am aware of in the hope that you or Yvonne will be able to connect with them.

As I do not have the E-mail address for Yvonne, I am hoping that you will be able to pass this msg on to her as well as studying it in case your SHARMANs are also there.

I would also be happy to give you and/or Yvonne my Stanwick SHARMAN data in case there is a connection there.


Jeff Collinson, Melbourne, Australia

Sharman Family History Report
[Vic. = Victoria, Australia Tas. = Tasmania Mel = Melbourne, Australia S. Mel. = South Melbourne]
1 George SHARMAN = (c. 1809, Northampton, Eng.) Mary CHAPMAN
--- 2 Frederick SHARMAN b. 1810, Northampton, Eng. d. 1 Jan 1886, Port Melbourne, Vic. Occ: Shoemaker = (c. 1838, Tas.) Mary BARNETT
------ 3 Francis William SHARMAN b. 5 Jan 1846, Launceston, Tas. d. 1910, Clifton Hill, Mel.. = (18 Jan 1865, Vic.) Anastasia (Annie) NOLAN b. c. 1846, Mel. d. c. 1888, Prahran, Mel. Occ: Domestic. Father: Edward NOLAN (~1817-~1857) Mother: Mary LYONS
--------- 4 Frederick William SHARMAN b. 1868, South Gippsland, Vic. d. 1938, Fitzroy, Mel. = (1894, Vic.) Margaret DECIS
------------ 5 Francis Percival SHARMAN b. c. 1895, Cauld, Vic.
------------ 5 Annie SHARMAN b. c. 1896, S. Mel., Vic. d. c. 1896, S. Mel., Vic.
------------ 5 Frederick Ivan SHARMAN b. c. 1900, Port Melbourne, Vic. = (c. 1920, Vic.) Myra Muriel URCH
--------------- 6 Norma Myra
--------- 4 Mary Ann SHARMAN b. c. 1871, Strathfield, Vic.
--------- 4 Anne Theresa SHARMAN b. c. 1874, Sale, Vic. = (c. 1896, Vic.) William McADAM
--------- 4 Francis SHARMAN b. 1878, Sale, Vic. d. 1878, Sale, Vic.
--------- 4 George SHARMAN b. 1880, Sale, Vic.
--------- 4 John Francis SHARMAN b. 1882, Mel. d. 1882, West Melbourne, Vic.
--------- 4 Edward Thomas SHARMAN b. 1886, Port Melbourne, Vic. d. 1886, Port Melbourne, Vic.
------ 3 Kate SHARMAN b. c. 1851
------ 3 Mary Anne SHARMAN d. bef 1888
------ 3 Agnes SHARMAN d. bef 1886
------ 3 George SHARMAN d. bef 1886
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From: John Sharman
Date: 28 April 2002

I am researching my Sharman ancestry and wondered if you have a family tree chart showing your Sharman ancestors. My own Sharman clan come from Northamptonshire and Bedfordshire with many branches all over the place. Maybe we could confer. My email is - - looking forward to hearing from you.
Best regards,

Yes, I have, John, but it's not impressive. You'll find it on
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From: Sharman Martin
Date: 12 April 2002

Hi Martin,

I just discovered your web site, The Sharman Page, and was amazed to see that your name is the reverse of mine. Over the years people who do not realize that I am female have assumed that my name is Martin Sharman and figure that Sharman Martin was supposed to be written Sharman, Martin. I was born in 1952 and was named after Sharman Douglas, the daughter of the American ambassador to England at the time. Apparently she was quite a going concern in social circles in the USA and Britain. The recent death of Princess Margaret has brought out the revelation that she and Sharman had a brief affair!

Sharman was also a friend of Roddy McDowall, the American actor and photographer and therefore moved in Hollywood circles (American Royalty) also. I grew up in a small town in Ontario, Canada and now live in British Columbia, Canada. In those days girls were named Debby, Cathy, Susan and Linda. Most of the town had an Anglo-Saxon background, the biggest differences being whether you were Catholic or Protestant.

My name was a huge burden to me. No one could believe that my name was spelled correctly so they always pronounced it as Sharon or Sharmaine or Shannon. I got tired of repeating my name until people got it right and became quite sensitive to the way people "slaughtered" it. To this day, I always ask for clarification if I am not sure how to pronounce a name and try hard to get it right. Anyway, now I just accept my fate and keep correcting people without being too judgmental regarding their ability to read.

I have never met another woman with Sharman as a first name and would probably have a huge identity crisis if I did. I occasionally hear or read about women with my name but that is not the same as coming face to face with one. I'm not sure what my parents were thinking when they named me. Maybe they figured with a common last name like Martin, I needed a distinct identity. They certainly accomplished this! When I married I kept my maiden name as my husband's name is rare and I didn't need two names to spell. This way when I get asked my name I can just say "S. Martin".

Thanks for the Sharman Page,

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From: Sharman Word Dennis
Date: 10 March 2002

I am Sharman Word Dennis, born in NY and have always known that I was named after Sharman Douglass. I just told the story last evening. I live in Washington,DC and am African American. I know three other women, my age, who are African American and named Sharman.


Sharman W.D.
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From: Sharman McCaul
Date: 8 March 2002

hi there!

i just wanted to let u know how lonely i thought i was. but when i thought i'd put my name in and see i was DELIGHTED.

My name is Sharman Lea McCaul.

My mother was in labour with my brother when, in the wee hours of the morning, she was watching the credits of 'starsky & hutch' and saw "the most lovely name in the world" my brother was already decided upon so 3 long years later when i came along my mum knew what to call me.

I'm the only girl i actually know with my name. but now i feel very special knowing people luv difference. long live Sharman's,both given and surnames! Hey, are there any Sharman Sharman's?


luv sharman "starsky and hutch" McCaul

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From: Lori Sharman
Date: 9 April 2002

hi i am lori sharman and i live in grants pass oregon
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From: Pat Pond
Date: 8 April 2002

I am trying to trace Margot Sharman who was stationed at RAF Benson Oxfordshire during World War 2. She was my mothers bridesmaid on her marriage to Dennis Upstone at St Marys Church Goring Worthing Sussex. On 23rd June 1945. My mothers name was Olive Woodward.They were in the ops room together. My mother is now 81 and living with us. I hope you can help. Regards Pat Pond
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From: colin edward sharman
Date: 3 April 2002

would you very kindly add me to your sharman list.
colin edward sharman. felixstowe, suffolk. uk.
e mail as above
very many thanks and kindest regards
i have added your list to my favourites and will study it in much detail late on.

colin e sharman
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From: Brett Jason Sharman
Date: 7 Apr 2002

Brett Jason Sharman.... Bussines development Automotive paints D.O.B 12/01/73 son of Peter Anthony

[That's all he wrote!]
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From: Carolyn
Date: 6 April 2002

Hi my name is Carolyn and I have a book it is by John Sharman 1818, Dublin its Astronomy, Geography I am trying to find out what the book is worth or if somebody would be interested in it. let me know or where I should go to find out more about it, I live in San Diego, thank

Dear Carolyn, The web provides a good source of information on old books and their value. The Rare Books and Manuscripts Section, Association of College and Research Libraries gives a good introduction to the subject at

If you want to sell your book, you might look at some of the auction sites on the web.

What might make your book interesting to a collector is the light it sheds on our knowledge of geography and astronomy as it was almost 200 years ago.

I have put your question on my web site in case any Sharmans are interested in your book.

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From: David Judd
Date: 1 April 2002 It had to happen!

Hello my name is David Judd and I am researching my Judde ancestors in Warwickshire. One of the Wills I have for a Richard Judd 1606 described as a Husbandman states " my Kades Sharman 12d" Does this name mean anything to you or does it appear in your records anywhere? If it does I would appreciate details and I would be quite happy to forward a copy of the Will or further detail if required. My email address is Many thanks

david Judd

There's a Planet Kades on the web. But I suppose that's not much help really.
On a more serious note, I've come accross Kades as a family name, with independent origins in Greece, Czech Rep and Indonesia, I think, but never as a first name. Is the writing on the will unambiguous?

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From: Casey Marcus
Date: 25 March 2002

Hello, Martin.
My name is Casey and I work for a Canadian film company. I fall into the category of people seeking Sharmans. The one I am looking for is Helen Sharman, OBE. She is the woman who was the first Briton into space and spent 8 days on Mir. I am looking for a means to contact her as we want to discuss with her the possibility of her participating in a program. If you know of the means of contacting her, I would be most delighted if you could pass that information along. Thanks.


Dear Casey, Helen Sharman doesn't accept invitations to speak any more, so I rather doubt that she would be interested in participating in a TV program. For someone who was so much in the public eye, she has managed to keep herself very private. None of the sites that mention her name provide any email address or other way to contact her. I think that the best way to contact her would be to write to her publishers and ask them to forward your message.

She wrote an autobiography called "Seize the Moment" with Christopher Priest (ISBN: 0575058196) published by Victor Gollancz. She also wrote "The Space Place" which Portland published in 1997 (ISBN: 1855780925) and "Juno Mission" (ISBN: 0863571905) published by the Association for Science Education.

There's no point in sending an email to her via me, since all I could do would be to post it here!

Sorry that I can't be of any greater help than this.

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From: B. and P. Clee
Date: 21 March 2002

I am the son of Sophia Irene Sharman a sister of Charles Wilfred Sharman who died in India in 1919. He was a son of john thomas sharman and jane rebecca sharman (nee.brian) woodnewton. I have his last letters home and letters from the army to his family. He died the result of an accident at the age of 19 in 1919. I also have photos of him in uniform and photos of his grave site.

Please correspond as I am trying to locate family on the internet. I am aware of my mother's siblings' families in Coventry but have had no personal contact, only what was passed on to me by my mother over the years.

I don't know what your name is, since you didn't sign your email, but I think that you and David Banks ought to chat.
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From: Robin Sharman
Date: 22 February 2002

I am trying to find out about a Thomas Sharman born about 1810 in Bedfordshire (England) - probably in Dunstable. Thomas also seems to have had a connection with (and may have lived at) Westoning in Bedfordshire. I believe that he may somehow be linked to my line of Sharmans who lived in Rutland and south Lincolnshire at that time. Thomas went to Australia, and is said to have died there in 1911 aged 101 years - hence the likely date of birth. If you can help, please e-mail me at Thanks.

Robin Sharman,
Southwell, Nottinghamshire, UK.

To visit our family website
please click onto:
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From: Adrian Sharman
Date: 13 February 2002

I like the site and regularly drop in looking at fellow Sharmans..... our clan is originally from Lancashire (UK) extraction but most grew up on Merseyside (Birkenhead).

1 Albert Sharman m Elizabeth Brocklebank
--- 2 Nora Sharman
--- 2-Jean Sharman m Charles Brand
------ 3- Charles Brand
------ 3- Steven Brand
--- 2-George Sharman m Dede ?
--- 2-Ronald Sharman - Phillis Sharman
------ 3- Paul Sharman
------ 3- Julie Sharman
--- 2-William Sharman m Stella Standish
------ 3- Mark Sharman - Heather Hadley
------ 3- Alicia Sharman
------ 3- Alexander Sharman
------ 3- Adrian Sharman - Pauline Leonard
------ 3- Christopher Sharman

Adrian Sharman
Surrey UK
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From: Dave Banks
Date: 17 March 2002

I'm looking for the ancestors of William Sharman around 1807.
He married Mary Dalby of Bulwick on 26th December 1826.
My line was through his son, John Thomas Sharman.
JTS married an Eliza ? (born Woodnewton 1836), date unknown, but presumably in Woodnewton, as all subsequent children born there. Their daughter Virtue was my great-grandmother.
Anybody got access to Apethorpe and Woodnewton registers?

Egremont, Cumbria, UK

Dave, I think that you and the son of Sophia Irene Sharman ought to chat.
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From: Evelyn Vogel
Date: 16 February 2002

Since a friend of Sharman Douglas's was buried yesterday at Windsor Castle, I was wondering if this friend (Princess Margaret Rose) had been in touch with Sharman Douglas over the past few years and if she was aware that Sharman had died a year or so ago. Do you know? If so, please respond at your convenience.
Thank you.

Evelyn Vogel,
3940 E. Timrod St. condo #112 Tucson, AZ 85711

I think the Princess visited Sharman and her family in Tucson during the 40's or 50's

Um... you may have misunderstood my relationship with Sharman Douglas. I did not intercept her letters and any suggestion that there was more to our acquaintance than meets the eye is a calumny, nay, a low obtrectation. Talking of calumny, did you see what Sharman Martin said about Sharman Douglas and Princess Margaret?
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From: Rita Anton
Date: 16 January 2002

If we are talking about the Sharman Douglas I knew (English), she was married at the time to Andrew Hay, and was a guest in my home. I remember her very well---charming lady. Let me know if this is the one you are referring to--and if she is still alive. How about Andrew Hay?

Rita Anton

I don's suppose that many people of that generation were called Sharman Douglas, so it could well be the same person. But according to Ms. Vogel, the lady has died. I don't know how to answer your last question. Sorry.
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From: Sharman Franzen
Date: 20 January 2002

Hi there! I enjoyed reading about other Sharman's. My maiden name was Sharman Norine Franzen and like the Sharman Anderson on your site, my mom always told me I was named after Sharman Douglas, but I didn't know any other details other than Ms. Douglas being an ambassador's daughter. I was born in Tacoma, Washington in 1949. After moving to the Washington DC area in 1971 I was rather startled on my first day of work to get a lot of questions about "being squeezably soft"...They haven't always had Charmin Tissue on the West Coast. I love my name and it has started many interesting conversations with strangers who often compliment me on it. I have only met one other person with Sharman as a first name and that occurred at the Univ. of Washington in a small botany class (there were 9 of us--2 named Sharman!).
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From: David Sharman
Date: 15 jan 2002

my name is david sharman i origanate from nottingham i have a twin brother martyn. fathers name sidney mothers name louie. looking for anyone who knew parents lived in hyson green nottingham in 1960 to 1980.fathers brother believed first name is ken last known to be living in nottingham and working as an ambulance driver probably now retired.look forward to hearing from anyone that thinks they may know any of the above.

You're allowed to use verbs and uppercase letters on the internet, you know.
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From: Bill Sharman
Date: 11 January 2002

turn your back on the web for five minutes (seven months) and i'm tripping over sharmans! my annonymity has been blown thanks to you and that helen woman.

seriously i really enjoyed your pages especially your sense of humour! I(just found the higher case) am an unusual breed of Sharman in that i was born and bred in Leicester but my forefathers hail from Sussex (Keymer/Hassocks area to be exact). An unusual name, from that part of the woods entwined in our tree is Goacher.

My name is Bill or William Richard in full. No relative to the baseball player as far as i know. I am a bookseller by trade (secondhand,collectable and antique). My e-mail adress is .

My message to all you other Sharmans is really an appeal.

Please let me know if you happen to enjoy good luck because somebody else seems to be cornering the market.

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From: Gillian Appel
Date: 13 August 2001

Hi everyone, I'm surprised there is so little activity on this list because my understanding is that the Sharman name is fairly common. [Steady on, we're not that common!] But maybe one should be encouraged that this should mean less research time.

Anyway, my Sharmans came at one time from Bergh Apton, Norfolk. John A. sailed several times back and forth arranging and selling passage to immigrants. He was at one time living in East Schodack near Albany,NY but ended up in Quebec, Canada.

He was married three times. Two for sure and likely a third. His second wife was Abigail Lofy also from Hethersett, Norfolk and his third wife was Isabella Galloway. He was born around 1796.

This is all I know of him. If anybody has any information please e-mail me.

A couple of names that seem to be common within the family as middle names are Leist (m/b Leest) and Alonzo. Just in case this rings any bells.

Gillian Back to list of correspondants

From: Sharman Jean Wood
Date: 12 August 2001

What a great site! My first name is "Sharman". I think it is a great name to have. I would like to contact other women that share my first name, if that is possible. So many women called Sharman have found their way onto these pages that I shall start a new page just for you in my next update of my site.

Full name is Sharman Jean Wood. My family is from England, Scotland, and Ireland. However, my father chose the name from a county song called "Sharmon" (with an "o") by Tom Walker, from the 60's. I can get the info. and the song itself if anyone is interested. It actually says, "Don't squeeze my Sharmon". I don't know if the Charmin tissue came before or after.

My reply is on the Sharman page.

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From: Jeanette Sharman McDonald
Date: Fri, 20 Jul 2001

Dear Martin,

My name is Jeanette Sharman McDonald (nee Britland). My mother was a Sharman before she married George William Britland (who died in WW2) and I am their only child. I was given the middle name of Sharman to perpetuate the family name, but unfortunately I did not carry on with this when my own two daughters were born, so on my death the Sharman name will die out in my family.

I have been tracing my ancesters for some 18 months or so and have accumulated quite a bit of information. I am currently trying to trace my mother's great grandfather and great-great grandfather (both called John Sharman) who, apparently, came from Yorkshire - but the Sharmans in Yorkshire seemed to have disappeared from the face of the earth!

My maternal grandfather, James William Sharman, was born in Greengate, Salford and lived in Salford until at least 1919. Some time after that he moved to live in Gorton, Manchester. He was usually called Bill and his parents were Roger Sharman (who was born in Sheffield) and Agnes Tabbron (formerly Hallam - which sounds as though she had been married before).

1. John SHARMAN was probably born around 1804 in either Sheffield or, possibly, Keighley (that is a fact I am at present trying to establish)
---2. John SHARMAN (b.c. 1830 d. Salford 1911 aged 80) from Yorkshire (Sheffield area, or possibly Keighley), moved to Salford, Manchester in the mid- to late-1880's = (December 1852, Parish Church, Sheffield) Elizabeth HALLAM
------3. Roger SHARMAN (b. Sheffield 1863) = (1886, Parish Church, Salford) Agnes TABBRON (possibly born HALLAM) Was Agnes a relative of Roger's mother Elizabeth Hallam?
---------4. James William ("Bill") SHARMAN (b. 1892 Greengate, Salford d. 1974) = Minne WILLIAMSON (1894 - 1941)
------------5. Gladys SHARMAN (b.c. 1919, Broughton, Salford d. 1947) = George William BRITLAND (d. Italy 11th Sep 1944)
------------5. Norma SHARMAN (b. 1928, Manchester) = Donald Mackenzie
---------------6. Jeanette Sharman McDONALD (b. Gorton, adopted by father's parents, now living in Manchester)
------------------7. two daughters

I would be very grateful for any information anyone can provide.


Jeanette Sharman McDonald
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From: Jeanette McDonald
Date: 16 July 2001

My name is Jeanette Sharman McDonald (nee Britland). My mother was a Sharman before she married George William Britland (who died in WW2) and I am their only child. I was given the middle name of Sharman to perpetuate the family name, but unfortunately I did not carry on with this when my own two daughters were born, so on my death the Sharman name will die out in my family.

I am currently trying to trace my mother's great grandfather and great-great grandfather (both called John Sharman) who, apparently,came from Yorkshire (Sheffield area, or possibly Keighley) before her great grandfather moved to Salford, Manchester in the mid- to late-1880's. I know he married Elizabeth Hallam at the Parish Church in Sheffield in December 1852 and that he died in Salford in 1911 aged 80 yrs. but that is as much as I have been able to establish.


Jeanette Sharman McDonald
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From: Anne-Marie Sharman (now Mrs Nowicki)
Date: Sat, 7 Jul 2001 22:00 (Tasmania Standard Time)

I saw your page and am hoping that I may be able to be added to it. I was a Sharman, now am married and a Nowicki. Here are my details, please if you could add them to your list.

My name is Anne-Marie Nowicki (nee Sharman), born 25/12/71. My husband's name is Mark Jan Nowicki. We have 4 wonderful children, Mathew Douglas Nowicki 2/10/92, Tabatha Lee Nowicki 6/3/94, Chantelle Maree Nowicki 15/8/95 and Samantha Anne Nowicki 17/9/99. My brother and I are currently looking for our other brothers and sisters in England from our fathers side.

My brother and sister-in-law, Michael and Monicque Sharman are also on your Web page.

Regards Anne-Marie Nowicki

Anne-Marie, please could you give some information on your Sharman parents and grandparents? Their given names, the names of their spouses, and the names of their brothers, sisters and children, would all add to the chance of finding your lost relatives.
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From: Mike Greatorex
Date: Fri, 29 Jun 2001

Good day. Just found yr site and wondered....

My Grandmother Alice Greatorex was a Sharman before she married my Grandfather (Frederick Ernest Greatorex) on the 23 June 1912 in Sheffield, Yorkshire.

Per the marriage certificate, her father was a William Henry Sharman (deceased) of Granville Street, Sheffield. His occupation was shown as "Grinder".

One of the witnesses was also a William Henry Sharman who I guess could have been her brother being named after the father. In fact I have a wedding photo which reputedly shows William in a group wedding. Alice was 22 when married so was born about 1890.

Would be interested in connected Sharmans out there. So could you advertize it on your site.


Mike Greatorex
Looking for All Greatorex's in Blyth/Worksop/Sheffield and Orange Co, NY, USA

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From: Nancy Pearson
Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2001
I am looking for any connection with a Sharman family that lived in Belize in 1897. Name believed to be William Sharman and had a son born that same year by that name also. Thanks for any info you might have. Thanks, Nancy
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From: D Haining
Date: Sun, Jun 24 2001
I am interested in any information regarding the Sharman surname in the Suffolk/Norfolk areas of England. I have traced family tree back to the 1700s in this area.

D posted this on but I thought I'd echo it here. D, check out the rest of the Sharman info on this site. I think you'll have to narrow down your request a little to get any useful response.
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From: Jan Glover (nee Gardner)
Date: Sun, Jun 24 2001
Hi everyone!

My Grandad was Leonard Scott Sharman, born 24th August 1896 in West Ham, Essex. His parents were Eldon Scott Sharman, born 5th November 1868 in Bethnal Green, East London and Eliza Florence James. Eldon was one of 5 children of John Scott Eldon Sharman, a Master Mariner, born in Dublin on 23rd March 1831, and Harriet Elizabeth Davis, born in Frome Somerset circa 1830.
John Scott Eldon Sharman's parents were John Frederick Sharman, born circa 1810 in Cork, and Mary Scott. They also had 2 more children, Maria, born in 1839 and James born in 1840.

1. John Frederick Sharman b. Cork c. 1810 = Mary Scott
....2. John Scott Eldon Sharman b. Dublin 23rd March 1831 (Master Mariner) = Harriet Elizabeth Davis b. Frome Somerset c. 1830
........3. Atthur Thomas Sharman b. London 17 Jun 1861 d. 1950, Chatham = (7 May 1883, Gillingham) Clara Emma Masters
........3. Hariett M. Jane Sharman b. London
........3. Frances Dainton Sharman b. East London = Florence Marion Gardener
........3. Eldon Scott Sharman b. Bethnal Green, East London 5th November 1868 = Eliza Florence James
............4. Harold Sharman
............4. Joan (Louie) Sharman
............4. Violet Sharman = Jack Muggeridge
............4. Arthur Charles (Chas) Sharman b.1893, West Ham, Essex = Mabel Herring d.3 Feb 1979
............4. Leonard Scott Sharman b. West Ham 24th August 1896 = Emma Elizabeth Jolly
................5. Betty Alice Sharman
................5. Harold George Sharman
................5. Ronald Frank Sharman
............4. Eldon John (Dick) Sharman b. West Ham 5 Dec 1901 d. Barnet 14 Aug 1975
........3. Margaret Sharman
....2. Maria Sharman b.1839
....2. James Sharman b.1840

If any of this means anything to anyone, please contact me. You may also like to check out my website at

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From: Jason Sharman
Mon, 28 May 2001

I am a Sharman, here is my email address (in the U.S.A.)


Jason Sharman

Thanks Jason, that's your email address in Belgium, too. Back to list of correspondants

From: Roslyn Robinson
Date: Mon, 30 Apr 2001
Thought you may find this interesting.

(All locations mentioned are in NSW = New South Wales, Australia)

1. William Sharman = Edith H. Lumsden
---2. Robert Condie Sharman b. 1888 Nowra d. 1944 Katoomba= (26 Nov 1907 Wollongong) Pearl Johanna Ball b. 1 Oct 1888 Mayfield near Temora d. 2 Nov 1965, dau. William John Ball (Farmer) and Martha Jane Morton (Midwife).
------3. William R. Sharman b. 1907 Wollongong d. 1908 Wollongong
------3. Gwendoline Dorothy Sharman b. 1909 Wollongong d. 1909 Wollongong.
------3. Heather Winifred Sharman b. 1 Jan 1910 Nowra =(1) Oscar Birchwood (originally Estonian "Kaasik" but changed by deedpoll to Birchwood) = (2) unknown.
---------4. Gay Birchwood.
---------4. Lloyd Birchwood.
------3. James William Sharman b. 26 Mar 1913 Nowra = Beatrix Betha Blanch Atkinson.
---------4. John Robert Sharman b. 9 Sep 1939. = Joanne (---).
------------5. Renna Sharman b. 1974.
------------5. Robert Sharman b. 1976.
---------4. Keith William Sharman b. 14 Feb 1944. = Mariann de Pavet.
------------5. Adam Sharman b. 1970.
------------5. Scott Sharman b. 1974.
------------5. Daina Sharman b. 1978.
------------5. Glen Sharman b. 1980.
---------4. Lynette Gay Sharman b. 25 Oct 1950.
------3. Robert Charles Sharman b. 3 Dec 1914 Nowra d. 18 Jul 1985 = Jacquiline Mavis Doreen Joyce.
---------4. Carol Sharman.
---------4. Jaquiline Roslyn Sharman.
------3. Herbert Francis Samuel Sharman b. 21 Mar 1917 Nowra; d. 3 Jun 1978 = (1942 Mosman) Nancy Stephenson.
------3. Silvia Jean Martha Sharman b. 1 Mar 1923 = John Raymond Masters.
---------4. Janett Masters.
---------4. Gregory Masters.
------3. Irene Joan Sharman b. 16 Aug 1929 = Keith Butfield.
---------4. Keith Butfield.

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From: Bill Sharman
Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2001

Hi Martin
Thanks for thinking of and starting the one-name egroup forum ( It is something that should prove to be most interesting.
I noted that you had found the genforum Sharman site for research ( You might also try:
Again thanks
[Thanks to you, Bill. To resume: is a discussion group of people with an interest in the Sharman name. is a forum for genealogists researching Sharman relatives or ancestors. It is maintained by a company called that markets genealogical software (including "Family Origins" and books. doesn't seem to work, at least not the couple of times I've tried it. Any help, Bill?
I can also add, for the genealogist, which is another forum for genealogists interested in Sharmans.]

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From: Michael & Wendy Sharman & their Elkhounds
Date: Sun, 15 Apr 2001
You mention on the site Michael & Wendy Sharman & their Elkhounds - was not aware that our name appeared anywhere -- anyway we are happily living in Markfield near Leicester from whence my father Robert Armine Sharman tells me the family originated around the turn of the 1900's having earlier fled France...(we think!!) at least his sister who died in her nineties quite recently used to sing nursery rhymes in French and the only person thought to have sung to her in French was her grandfather..

It was my fathers mothers side of the family that got chucked out of France...Wyatt's ... seems there is also a rumour that one of them got beheaded....mixing with a right lot here we are. I guess with a name like Wyatt that this would go back to the Scottish uprisings and the subsequent run to France. There also seems to be connection with Ireland as he asserts he could get an Irish passport, as well as his UK and Channel Islands one, which would get him into the US of A without a visa!! The common part here is a religious I guess.

I get mixed messages from father who is attempting to get it all into a family tree program, (but not much progress yet!) I have to ask the same question several times to establish an answer.

It seems grandfather Sharman ran a cigar factory in Leiceseter, turn of the century? , (I have even come across someone who worked in a cigar factory in Leicester) prior to packing it in and moved off to Walsall in the West Midlands.

We lived in Lindfield for a few years after departing South London, from there to Crawley Down and eventually built a house in Balcombe before coming back here 1992. We moved hear from Haywards Heath, Sussex and their were a few of us in the phone book there. Had some very good friends who had a rare breeds farm up on the Ashdown forest and used to visit the Caravan dealership in Uckfield regularly.

Father has recently returned from the Channnel Islands where he lived with mother until her death and living there was a Sharman family which originated from Leicester.

One of fathers brothers family (I gave up on 's years ago!) had sons go to Australia but I think contact has been lost. Father also remembers mention of a Sharman in Boston in the 30's but has no other memory of him.

A Genealogy report I read said that Leicestershire was the most populous area for Sharmans in the world. [Check my distribution page on this web site, Mike!

Us and Dad have thus come home.

Went thru Belgium a couple of weeks back, nearly missed it! on our way to The Netherlands,ex Elkhounds as the show at Leiden had been cancelled. Had paid for the Tunnel and was not going to give up the tickets (mother was born in Scotland!). Got the dogs refunded but could not get us.

Michael John S
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From: Tim Sharman
Date: Sun, 1 Apr 2001
My name is Tim Sharman I am a direct descendant of the Sharmans of Rutland. I have been refereed to by 'Video Guy' Robert Sharman in his correspondence. Our family book, 'Roll and Sharman Families' traces the Sharman side of the family back to 1554. My father Patrick, and I would be delighted to send you a copy of the book if you would send us your address. That is if you haven't got a copy already. [Tim, that's very kind of you. In fact I have already a copy of the book, which I find extremely interesting. Unfortunately from my point of view there isn't the glimmer of a link with any of my ancestors.]

Yours, Tim Sharman. (Cambridge, England).
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From: David Christian
Date: Wed, 14 Feb 2001
enjoyed your Sharman site. Have just stared to research my Sharman history.
I am the granson of Robert Albert Sharman who was born in Apethorpe, Huntingdonshire in the late 1800s.
Do you have any knowledge of any Sharmans being travelling people as this was a family story?
Good luck with your research. I will keep in touch. Best wishes.
David Christian.
PS My surname would have been Sharman if my grandfather had not registered my father's surname wrongly as my grandmother's first married name!
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From: Terry Sharman
Date: Mon, 5 Feb 2001
My name is Terry Sharman, I am a student at Canterbury College. My date of birth is 08-02-1984. I would like to be listed on your Family Tree. Back to list of correspondants

From: Martyn Sharman
Date: 04 November 2000

hello Mr Sharman ,

my name is also Martyn Sharman and i lived in Florida and ive been in one Hollywood production but now i live in a private estate with my mum.

Yours faithfully

Martyn Sharman

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From: Peter J. Sharman
Date: Sun, 03 Sep 2000
Dear Martin,

My name is Peter John Sharman. I've just come across your site on the web and I'm wondering if you can help me get started with researching my family history. This isn't so spur of the moment thing, it is something that has always interested me but which has also always seem rather daunting, so any ideas or suggestions would be greatfully recieved.

I noticed from your personal details that your a born and bred Sussex boy which is very promising as I am too. [I was born in Sussex, but bred in Africa.] I was born in Sussex County Hospital, Brighton on 23 Jun 1972 and lived in Hove for the first eight years of my life. From there my family moved around quite a bit until eventually ending up in Suffolk, where my mother and step-father still live. However ten years ago I joined the RAF and have lived at or near: Bury St Edmunds, Antrim (Northern Ireland, although my name wasn't in the phone book!), Weeze (Germany) and now York.

Unfortunately my knowledge of my own family history is rather vague. My fathers name is Colin Roy Sharman 19 Feb 1941 (I think) and I have a brother called Andrew Roy Sharman 22 Jul 1973; both come from Brighton. I believe that my grand-fathers name was John Sharman and that he was married to Alice Sharman (nee U/K). I think I could probably discover a little more infomation on this topic the next time I speak with my father.

I look forward to hearing from you soon with a few tips on what to do and where to look.

Peter John

Peter, It's a long job (as long as you have the endurance for) and there is no easy way to do it. The only place to start is at the beginning. This means starting close to home and working back from there. I'm really convinced that the way to begin is to talk to your parents, and if possible to your uncles, aunts and grandparents. Get them to talk as much as you can about their childhoods, and the people they knew, their parents and grandparents, and so on. You will slowly piece things together. You need dates - of birth, marriages and deaths, particularly, and most importantly, you need to know where these events were probably registered. Without knowing the place at which the event took place, the trail will go cold.

If you know the date and place of one of these events, you can start the long chase to find the information you want about your ancestors, generation by generation. The key to this is the public records office. For example, from a birth certificate you can find the names and dates of birth of the parents. From a marriage certificate you may find the names not only of parents, but also the names of witnesses, who are often close relatives.

A tip - it is generally easier to follow lines with unusual family names than lines with more common ones. One of my grandmother was called Jones, and that's just about hopeless!

It's hard work, but curiously rewarding.

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From: Patricia Margaret Sharman
Date: Thu, 3 Aug 2000

Hi Martin

Been reading your fascinating account of Sharman distribution in the East Midlands. Can you believe that when I was a child 75% of the people living in my home were Sharmans?

I'm a Leicester girl and the few ancestors I know of were too. I've not looked at the Sharman side much yet, but this is what I have so far.

Descendants of E Sharman

1. E. Sharman 1840 - 1885 = Emily
---2. Edward (Ted) Sharman = Charlotte Faulkner
------3. Edwin Sharman 1891 - 1965 = Louisa Ellen Smith 1892 - 1971
---------4.Edwin Lewis Sharman 1922 - 1996 = Margaret Emily Boyles 1925 - 1990
---------------5. Patricia Margaret Sharman 1953 - = Paul Forster 1948 -
------------------6. Alexander Forbes Forster 1982 -
------------------6. Lauren Susanne Forster 1984 -
---------------5. Gillian Marie Sharman 1955 - 1972
---------4. Florence Irene Sharman 1914 - 1975
------3. John Thomas (Jack) Sharman
---2. John (Jack) Sharman
------3. John Sharman
------3. Gert Sharman
---2. Emily Sharman
---2. Frank Sharman
---2. Kate Sharman = Albert Horsley?
---2. Flo Sharman

I believe Kate went to Australia.

I'm Patricia Margaret. We've run out of Sharmans on my line, I'm afraid, but my grandfather's brother's line (3 John Thomas (Jack) Sharman) is still going strong. Both these brothers (Edwin and Jack) started grocery businesses after they came back from the 1914-18 war. Their five children also opened grocery shops - in the 1940s Leicester must have been overrun with Sharmans in long white aprons.

So what is the distribution of biologist Sharmans like? I'm a biology graduate, currently working as an editor for the Medical Research Council, in an Institute based at Leicester University, where I run the site at

Well, you've inspired me to do some work on the Sharman side now - my mysterious maternal line is just TOO mysterious for the time I have available.

Thanks for listening

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From: Sharman Andersen
Date: Tue, 27 Jun 2000
Dear Mr. Sharman,

It seems that all Sharmans that I know (or know of) -- first or last name -- were born in 1949 or one year before or after! One exception is the basketball great, Bill Sharman, who played for Boston's (my town) Celtics. I have often told people that my mother, a die-hard Celtics fan, named my brother, Bill, and me after him. That story is entirely fictitious -- except my brother is named Bill, but after his grandfather.

So, now you know. My first name is Sharman -- you wouldn't believe the jokes I get about Charmin toiletpaper. Do you ever get any requests from us? I was named after a young woman, Sharman Douglass (not sure if one or two s), who was a friend of Princess Margaret and a debutante in 48 or 49. She was remotely related to my mother's British relatives -- and apparently an American herself.

For a world weary of war news, Sharman's lifestyle captivated many. She was in Life magazine and many others. She eventually moved to America and married in Arizona when I was in college (1968 or 69). Do you have any news of her or know how I could track her down?

Love your site!

Sharman Andersen
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From: Terry Richards
Date: Sat, 06 Jan 2001
I am looking for a Sharman who was an ironmonger.
Highfields was a house built on Scalford Road in 1875 By W Garner in a field opposite the windmill...the house was called the Old Lodge and this part of Scalford Road in Melton Mowbray from the railway was known as Ironmonger Hill. this was because Mr.w GARNER, Mr. LADBURY and Mr SHARMAN all were Ironmongers and lived their. The GARNER is who I am interested in but need to know his surroundings and Mr SHARMAN is part of that. Does any of this connect with your Sharman I am wanting to know about this house and area. This Garner may very well by my GGrandfather or GGGrandfather .
Thank You
Terry Richards Canada
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From: Donna Sharman
Date: Wed, 8 Mar 2000
my name is DONNA ANNE SHARMAN the daughter of a DENNIS JACK SHARMAN, I have 2 brothers called JACK DEAN SHARMAN and also ALAN CRAIG SHARMAN
my father is currently living in new Zealand where his parents are but I am not sure of there names though, by the way I was born in Morton-in-marsh in the north Cotswolds in September the 13th 1964,
I do hope this maybe some use for you to add to your list of ancestors as you never know that I maybe related in some way or other.
yours faithfully
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From: Roy Sharman
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2000
Hi. MY name is Roy Sharman and I live in California. My family came to America before the Revolution and moved west to Arkansas before the Civil War. I was born in Louisiana but came to California after my military service. I am a retired County Assessor and putter with genealogy some.
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From: J. Doe
Date: Thu, 30 Dec 1999
I've been trying to search down my grandfathers' parents family and when they came here from England. {I think it was somewhere around 1905}. But I don't know where in England they came from .

I do know their names were Thomas and Lillian Sharman and that my great-grandmother was Irish and came from Ireland. They met and married in England and came here to the States shortly afterward.
They had 3 children . . . . . .my grandfather - William, his brother Benard (who was killed by a train when he was 5 years old) , and an infant girl who died at birth. Her name was Ruth. Their mother died giving birth to her.
He also had an uncle who he went to live with some years later when his father died. Would you be able to help me in any way?

1. Irish mother to Thomas and un-named brother
---2. Thomas Sharman = Lillian (?) (died in childbirth)
------2. William Sharman
------2. Benard (killed by a train aged 5)
------2. Ruth (died at birth)
---2. un-named brother

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From: Roberta
Date: Thu, 25 Nov 1999
I was given a gift of a large, beautiful oil paint reproduction by an artist listed on a label on the back as "John Sharman (American 1879-1971)." His style is definitely Impressionist - the painting shows a woman sewing in a chair on a porch in sunlight with a bank of white flowers beyond - truly beautiful. I went over the "Sharman" listings on the Internet and could find no information about this gifted artist - do you have any leads, since he might be one of yours?

I'd love to hear any details about him, his life, his work, whatever! My name is Roberta.

Thanks for any information.
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From: Tommy Cousins
Date: Tue, 1 Jun 1999
If it is of any interest to you, my mother's maiden name is Sharman and until earlier this century the family lived in a village called Cogenhoe, near Northampton. A housing development has been built on land which once belonged to the family cottage, and is called Sharman close. My uncle has traced the family back to the mid 18th century, the Sharmans were mainly carpenters and the most common first names in the family seem to be Thomas, William and John. A cousin of mine who is half Spanish, Elena Corcoles Sharman, runs the 200m for the Spanish national squad and has a good chance of making it to the Sydney Olympics.
Hope this was of interest,
Tom Cousins
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From: Robin Sharman
Date: Sun, 23 May 1999

My name is Robin Sharman (d.o.b. 12.7.1954). I live in Nottinghamshire, UK with my family. I have a fairly long-standing interest in our family history which was fired by the late Charles Sharman, a newspaper publisher from Peterborough. My branch of the family came out of Rutland into Lincolnshire and in the last hudred or so years have shuttled between Lincs. and Nottinghamshire.
I am a modest person, both in terms of character and finance, so I cannot devote much time to family history matters. Nevertheless, I just thought you would like to know that I exist. I don't check our in-box very often, but please reply if you want to.

Robin Sharman.
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From: Frank Sharman
Date: Thu, 22 Apr 1999


I have had a quick look at your Sharman page from time to time and rather got the impression that not much was happening. Too true, Frank, I went through a long slump.... Tonight I found that it has been very recently updated - and that I am said to be out of contact and to have two broken links. This is still true in May 2001 - wossup?

On 31st December 1997 I left Australia, having come to the end of my three year contract and having brushed off offers to stay. Since then I have been retired and have done nothing.

When I left Australia I did not tell Ozemail, who have my web site. I just stopped paying their monthly charge. They seem not to have noticed and my old web site is still there - a sort of ghost. And, of course, I cannot pick up any email that gets sent there. I thought I had told all my email correspondents about my move but it turns out that I missed one or two - for which, apologies.

I am going to set up a new web site with Demon just as soon as I can get round to it. I have been saying that for more than a year now but one day I really will. Two years on, and it'd be great to see you up and running again. We miss you, Frank. When it arrives it will be most of the old bits reassembled. The new bits will be mostly about India, where I have been spending some time.

I think you have changed your cyber address. Yes, I think I did. Try Have you left Belgium (or wherever it was!)? No, still in the same house, but I've changed computers, operating systems and service providers a couple of times and lost email each time. And addresses, and everything else. I still haven't been able to change cleanly, taking everything I want and leaving the dross that has accumulated over the years. What is the secret?

Frank Sharman
Wolverhampton, UK
Look! No quotes, no graphics!

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From: Richard Sharman
Date: Sat, 17 Apr 1999
Hi Martin,

Thought I'd send another note [Dick, I'm sorry I failed to react to your first request - I got distracted... and then quite forgot to to it] to ask you to add my e-mail address and web page address to your "Sharman" page.
I have accumulated much more information in the last year, some through a professional genealogist in the U.K. and now have located direct descendant relatives (Sharmans) in England , Scotland and Australia all which is posted on my web page.
web page
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From: Jacque Dulin
Date: Sun, 27 Sep 1998

Loved your webpage on the Sharmans. We are looking for Robert and Lucy (Clement) Sharman. Their daughter, Martha Sharman (born: ca 1732) married Benjamin Head (born: ca 1730) in Culpepper/Spotslyvania, VA. Any info on Robert and/or Lucy, including other children, parents, etc. would be appreciated.

1. Robert Sharman = Lucy Clement
----2. Martha Sharman (born: ca 1732) = Benjamin Head (b. c. 1730, Culpepper/Spotslyvania, VA).

Thanks for the info on the origin of the Sharman name.
Jacque Dulin

[Thanks Jacque. Don't neglect the SHEARMAN/SHERMAN page - they have a good deal of information on early Sh[e][a]rman families in North America, and they also have an active email list of researchers.]
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From: Bob Sharman
Date: Sun, 27 Sep 1998
You are the only Sharman that I have found so far with a connection to Sussex. Sorry to disappoint you, Bob, but my only connection with Sussex is that I was incidentally born there. It's not one of the densest Sharman areas of the world - see my Sharman distribution page. Tracking Sharman ancestors there might be easier than in some bits of the UK.
I am Robert (Bob) Sharman, Born in 1941 at Bamford, Derbyshire, (Because of the war). Lived all my youth in Chessington, Surrey. Emigrated to NZ in 1968. My father "Leslie" came from Brighton, Sussex. His father was Thomas Sharman and his wife's surname was White. My father had three brothers, Thomas, William and Frederick. He also had a sister Elsie.
1. Thomas Sharman
----2. Leslie Sharman (b. Brighton, Sussex) = ? White
--------3. Robert Sharman (b. 1941 Bamford, Derbyshire, UK)
----2. Thomas Sharman
----2. William Sharman
----2. Frederick Sharman
----2. Elsie Sharman
As I would like to find out more about my back-ground I would appreciate it if you could post this in your emails.
I have very little family that I can contact in the UK, in fact nil on the Sharman side. I have more Sharman's in NZ that I ever knew in the UK.
One more thought, I believe my Grandfather had brothers in the Eastbourne area.
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From: Kim Sharman
Date: Sat, 26 Sep 1998
I'm the self confessed newbie ;) [I'd written "A self-confessed newbie (why do they do that?): Kim Sharman"]. I wrote that article for our local paper (in Vancouver, B.C.) many years ago!
My new page is at: (And an impressive one too, Kim!)
I'm married into the Sharman Family, so I don't know a whole lot yet. What I do know is that this Sharman Family comes from the UK.
My Grandpa Sharman (in law) is Robert Paul Sharman, Now resides in B.C. Canada. His son (my father -in-law) is Michael Paul Sharman, resides in Edmonton, ALTA, Canada. My husband is Matthew Paul Sharman Sr. B.C., Canada and our son is Matthew Paul Sharman Jr. B.C., Canada
1. Robert Paul Sharman
---2. Michael Paul Sharman
------3. Matthew Paul Sharman = Kim
---------4. Matthew Paul Sharman (b. B.C. Canada)

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From: Steve Sharman
Date: Mon, 1 Sep 1997
I happened upon your page whilst in "idle websearch mode", and was glad I did - it's fascinating to see just how many Sharmans there are around the world - and indeed how many of them maintain an electronic presence. I must admit I've never been particularly interested in genealogy, but reading the information on the your page has piqued my curiosity a little and next time I go up to see the family (in Lincolnshire), I think I might well venture up into the loft and check out the contents of the box of papers which I believe goes back to my great-great grandfather's time. I'll let you know if anything interesting pops up.

You do already mention me on your page - I'm the Steve Sharman who's involved with the AspireSpace rocket project, although I'm out of it to a large degree at the moment due to pressure of "real" work. Just to clarify though - the guy who has doubts whether aliens are dangerous is not me!

I was interested to see that you once worked for ICL, as that's where my "real" work is now - I head up the Group's worldwide HR Information Systems function, which basically means that I get to spend lots of time working on personnel and payroll systems, and when I'm not doing that, I get to sit on aeroplanes - it's a rock and roll lifestyle. And I'd just like to emphasise that the last part of that sentence was completely ironic - travelling on business is just not the holiday that my friends and family believe it to be!

Odd bits - I was born in Skegness, Lincolnshire in 1969, I have a degree in Computer Science (just) awarded from Portsmouth Polytechnic, and have a strong interest in most technology subjects, especially aviation, space, information systems and... er... beer (particularly ice cold Becks). I think I have one other reference on the Web that I know about - if you search Infoseek for "Steve Sharman", you can see that I once presented a paper at a Prolog conference. Happy days....

Thanks for an interesting page!
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From: Geoffrey Bruce Sharman, "Fallowgrove", 1 Logan Road, Evandale, Tas, Australia 7212
Date: 5 July 1997
I have a Sharman family tree which, subject only to the vagaries of the English Old Parochial Registers (OPR), dates back to Robert SHERMAN of Elton Hunts (married 1594 d. 1633). Robert was almost certainly a tenant farmer, as was his son Robert who left a will. Robert jnr. was a tenant of Elton Manor, a former Ramsey Abbey Estate seized by the Crown at the dissolution of the monasteries. Elton OPR begin 1560 and there were Shermans, probably more than one family, there when the records began. Elton Manorial Records exist back to at least 1279, and when I manage to get hold of them I'll be looking for earlier records of Shermans from whom the 16th Century Shermans may have descended.

A summary of the family tree follows. I have descendant lines from the Shermans/Sharmans marked # and an extensive line from William Sharman of Yaxley, Hunts, who is probably one or other of the two marked *. Then I have names of above 2000 of my "close" relatives part of the estimated 5000 or so descendants of George Sharman who brought his wife and his nine younger children to Tasmania in 1853. One child died on the voyage and the eldest arrived with her husband and child earlier in the same year.

Founding Tasmanian families descended from Sherman of Elton

1. Robert SHERMAN of Elton, Huntingdonshire (d.1640) m. 1594 Agnes KINGSTON (d.1633?)
-- 2. Robert SHERMAN yeoman, of Elton (1607/8-1670/1) m. Frances? SPENCER (d.1666)
--- 3. Robert SHERMAN husbandman, of Elton (1634-1716) m. Elizabeth (d.1702)
--- 3. George SHERMAN of Elton (1639-1683) m. Jane (d.1702)
---- 4. Thomas SHERMAN gardner, of Elton & Yaxley (1666-1738/9) m.1696 Frances NOBLE (d.1722)
----- 5. *William SHERMAN/SHARMAN (b.1698)
----- 5. George SHERMAN/SHARMAN gardner, of Elton & Yaxley (1716/7-1782) m.(1) Elizabeth (d.1748)
------ 6. George SHERMAN/SHARMAN (1740-1799) m.1764 Elizabeth CORE (d.1774)
------- 7. #John SHARMAN of Alwalton (1769-1845)
------- 7. #George SHARMAN parish clerk and gardner, of Yaxley (b.1773)
m.(2)1749 Elizabeth HARLOCK STEVENS
------ 6. John SHERMAN/SHARMAN gardner, of Yaxley (1754-1801) m.(1)1785 Susanna BLACKMAN (d.1792/3)
------- 7. John SHARMAN of Yaxley (b.1788)
m.(2)1793 Mary EDIS (b.1775)
------- 7. #William Harlock SHARMAN agricultural labourer, of Yaxley & Holme (b.1796) m.1823 Sarah LANE (d.1848)
------- 7. George SHARMAN farmer, of Yaxley, Holme & Tasmania (1798-1867) m.1829 Mary ELLINGTON (1809-1891). Emigrated with family (all but first child, who had gone on ahead) to Tasmania, arriving on Panama 27 Apr 1853
-------- 8. Elizabeth Weston SHARMAN (1830-1868) m. John HAWLEY
--------- 9. Selina Harriet HAWLEY Arrived in Tasmania with her parents on Northumberland 9 Feb 1853
--------- 9. 2 other children
-------- 8. George SHARMAN (1832-1912) m. ?
--------- 9. 10 children
-------- 8. Mary Ann SHARMAN (1834-19??) m. ? POOLE
--------- 9. 9 children
-------- 8. Edis SHARMAN (b.1837) no issue
-------- 8. Charles Jasper SHARMAN (1839-1898) m. ?
--------- 9. 12 children
-------- 8. Edward SHARMAN (1842-1909) m. ?
--------- 9. 10 children
-------- 8. Henry SHARMAN (1845-1853 on Panama)
-------- 8. Frederick SHARMAN (1846-1939) m. ?
--------- 9. 11 children
-------- 8. Louisa Emily SHARMAN (1850-1931) m. ? ALLEN
--------- 9. 10 children
-------- 8. Isiah John SHARMAN (1851-1874) d. unmarried
------ 6. William Harlock SHERMAN/SHARMAN plumber and glazier, of Yaxley (1758-1807)
--- 3. Thomas SHERMAN of Elton (1647-1696) m. Jane
---- 4. David SHERMAN innkeeper, of Elton & Yaxley (1673-1738) m.(1)1717 Alice WISE
m.(2)1729 #Anne SAMS
---- 4. *William SHERMAN/SHARMAN (b.1695)

If you or any of your Sharman correspondents have reason to believe they may be descended from the Shermans/Sharmans of Alwalton, Elton, Holme, Ramsey or Yaxley, Hunts, then I'd be happy to check my data. I gathered up an awful lot on the collaterals when I was searching. However I don't know where the descendants of any of the Hunts relatives went except for one daughter of my g.g. grandfather's elder brother William Harlock Sharman the younger. She married, in Hunts, a man named William Mayhew Wood (you certainly may, Willie. You'll find the axe in the woodshed.) and I know of a descendant line in Canada.

I am not internet connected and may never be. My brother Robert is and he printed off your stuff and sent it to me. He is not into genealogy and I'm not very interested either but I have become interested in history (especially British Colonial History) and in migration. My brother is the Archivist and I am the ex-Prof. of Biology. I can't afford a private laboratory and am too old to do field work so I do historical research mainly on a group of 1830s rural rioters and machine breakers who were transported to Van Diemen's Land (now Tasmania) because they got the idea they should be paid enough to allow them to feed and clothe themselves and their families.

You have managed to dredge up two members of our family. You will find it harder to find our four sisters who ... use their husband's names. Our direct Sharman ancestors are all dead and we have few descendants named Sharman - a medico, an aeroplane pilot (who has never heard of the aerobat Neil Sharman), a horticulturalist secondarily and English language teacher to Asians and four schoolchildren. So far as we know no other Sharmans on your list are any relation but included are a few first names of widespread occurrence amongst the descendants of George (1798-1867). Jim Sharman's family is of Irish extraction. The grandfather of "Old Jim" of Boxing Troupe fame was a former bare-knuckle champion of Ireland.

Back to list of correspondants

From: Robert Sharman
Date: Fri, 13 Jun 1997 23:28:40 -0400 (EDT)
Thanks for your e-mail. My mother has become hooked on web searches, and now links me with all sorts of people, including another Robert Sharman (English also) living in Colorado: This is our very own Bob Sharman
I was born in London, England on April 2, 1969.
At age thirteen my mother (a New Yorker) and I moved to Cape Cod, Massachusetts. After graduating from Nauset Regional High School in 1986, I attended the University of Southern California until graduating with a double major in English and Humanities in 1990. While there I caught the acting bug.
It took me two years to find the antidote - escaping Los Angeles. I moved to Hawaii, then to Austin and then to Dallas.
But eventually, my love for the business end of the entertainment industry, as opposed to the "talent" end, led me back to Los Angeles - as "The Video Guy."
On January 2, 1996 I married my wife, Lisa and we have a beautiful seven-year-old daughter, Brittany.
I love my work, and I love being my own boss.
I read your list of Sharmans. Ironically my brother is a Tim Sharman and is also into cartooning. He's young (17) and talented, but will likely not get into it. My step mother is a Wendy Sharman and is also blond and enjoys warm climates. If you like, feel free to add me to your page in whatever capacity you like: My web site will tell all:
Thanks for keeping our name an asset, and by the way my family uses the sea lion crest on all of our signet rings and on the family business (newspapers/printing in Peterborough, England - Sharman & Co.).
The following information is taken from the book "The Roll Baronetcy and certain Sharman families", which was researched and written by Robert's Grandfather, Charles Algernon SHARMAN.
1. Robert SHARMAN (1755-1822) m. 23 Dec 1788 Mary MAXEY
-- 2. Elizabeth SHARMAN (b.1789)
-- 2. Charles SHARMAN (b.1791 Clipsham; died infant)
-- 2. Thomas SHARMAN (b.1792 Clipsham)
-- 2. William SHARMAN (b.1795 Clipsham)
-- 2. Charles SHARMAN (b.1795 Clipsham - d.1847 Swinstead)
-- 2. John SHARMAN (b.1797 Clipsham - d.1863 Sprowston Norwich)
-- 2. Henry SHARMAN (b.1799 Clipsham - d.1877 Sprowston Norwich)
-- 2. Sarah SHARMAN (b.1801 Clipsham) m. STOKES
-- 2. George SHARMAN (b.1804 Swinstead) m. 4 Jan 1832 Charlotte HOLLINGS (b.1806 Belvoir - d.1882 March)
--- 3. Henry Levi SHARMAN (b.1832 Woolsthorpe d.1906 March) m. Susan (b.1830 March)
---- 4. Georgianna SHARMAN = Charles GREENWOOD
---- 4. John H. SHARMAN
---- 4. Mary SHARMAN (d.1885 March)
---- 4. Priscilla SHARMAN (d.1876 March)
---- 4. Earnest Edward SHARMAN (d.1876 March)
--- 3. Priscilla SHARMAN (b.1833 Woolsthorpe d.1901 March)
--- 3. Robert SHARMAN (b.1837 Woolsthorpe)
--- 3. Charles SHARMAN (b.1839 Hanhorpe d.1914 Carnforth) m. Emma (d.1914 March)
---- 4. Charles David SHARMAN (d.1882 March)
---- 4. Alice SHARMAN (b.1872; died infant)
--- 3. Augustus SHARMAN (b.1840 Hanhorpe d.1841 Hanhorpe)
--- 3. Charlotte Maria SHARMAN (b.1843 Hanhorpe d.1936 March)
--- 3. George SHARMAN (b.1845 Feltwell d.1929 March) m. Fanny POPE (b.1849 March - d.1933 March)
---- 4. George William SHARMAN (b.1873 March d.195) m.1 Jan 1871 Fanny Mary GOLDEN (1871-1949)
---- 4. Arthur Frank SHARMAN (b.1875 March d.1961 March) m. 15 Jun 1905 Ethel Mary MORTON (1880-1963)
---- 4. Herbert Percy SHARMAN (b.1876 March d.1950 March)
---- 4. Algernon SHARMAN (b.1877 March d.19 Nov 1975 March) m. 12 Jun 1906 Ida Margaret LING (1885-14 Aug 1972)
----- 5. Charles Algernon SHARMAN (b.1907 March d.1996) m. 9 Jun 1932 Betty Catherine ROLL (living?)
------ 6. Charles James Roll SHARMAN = Pamela Mary SMITH
------- 7. Michael Edward Roll SHARMAN = Valerie
-------- 8. Emily SHARMAN
-------- 8. Alice SHARMAN
------- 7. Charles Peter SHARMAN = Fiona JEREMY
-------- 8. Harry Charles SHARMAN
-------- 8. George SHARMAN
------- 7. William John SHARMAN
------- 7. Matthew James SHARMAN
------- 7. Nathaniel Paul SHARMAN
------ 6. John Frederick SHARMAN = Judy Elizabeth WELCH
------- 7. Elizabeth Ann SHARMAN = Trevor BUSHNELL
-------- 8. Frederick James BUSHNELL
-------- 8. Edward John BUSHNELL
------- 7. Wendy Mary SHARMAN
------- 7. Catherine Jane SHARMAN
------- 7. Richard John SHARMAN
------ 6. Patrick George SHARMAN = (1) Gail Frances MEYERS
------- 7. Caroline Tracy SHARMAN
------- 7. Jonathan Frederick SHARMAN
------- 7. Robert Patrick SHARMAN
= (2) Wendy READ
------- 7. Timothy George SHARMAN
------- 7. Christopher Algernon SHARMAN
------ 6. Briony Anna SHARMAN = Samuel Tompsett NEWINGTON
------- 7. Andrew James Tompsett NEWINGTON
------- 7. Anna Kate Sharman NEWINGTON
------- 7. Jasper Thomas NEWINGTON
------- 7. Harry Algernon Tompsett NEWINGTON
------ 6. Nicholas Algernon SHARMAN = Lislillian ANDERSEN
------- 7. Mark Algernon SHARMAN
------- 7. Zoe Alexandra SHARMAN
------- 7. Thomas Edward SHARMAN
------- 7. James Nicholas SHARMAN
------- 7. Luke Alexander SHARMAN
------- 7. Hanna Lis SHARMAN
----- 5. Fanny Sybil SHARMAN (living?) m. Walter Stewart ELGOOD (d.1975)
---- 4. Walter SHARMAN (b.1881 March d.1961 March)
---- 4. Fanny Gertrude SHARMAN (b.1885 March d.1958 Rhodesia) m. Percy SHEPPARD
---- 4. Frances SHARMAN (b.1879; died infant)
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From: Heather Ogier nee Sharman
Date: Fri, 9 May 1997 18:28:33 GMT
Hallo Martin...Just found your home page great to see all the info on the infamous SHARMANS amazing bunch are we not. My maiden name was Heather Chrystabel Sharman. I live in Perth, Western Australia now, but my father Edwin came from Guernsey in the Channel Islands (off the coast of France).

1. Percy Augustus SHARMAN (he may have been born in Scotland or Kent) m. 23 Jun 1902 Amelia Rachel FALLAIZE (b. 27 Jun 1878)
-- 2. Edwin James SHARMAN (b. Guernsey) = Olive Maude Kathryn GRANT (b.Jersey 14 Nov 1909)
--- 3. Graham Grant SHARMAN (b. Guernsey 25 Jan 1937 now living Perth Western Australia) = Vera CHALMERS
---- 4. Dean Grant SHARMAN (b. Guernsey)= Selina ? (Chinese ancestry)
----- 5. Nicholas SHARMAN (b. Western Australia)
----- 5. Alexander SHARMAN (b. Western Australia)
----- 5. Robin SHARMAN (b. Western Australia)
--- 3. Heather Chrystabel Sharman (b. 5 Jan 1947) (Market Manager in Perth Western Australia; previously a dance teacher and choreographer)
= (1) Robert Tracey OZANNE b. Guernsey 13 Sep 1940)
---- 4. Rebekah Rebekah OZANNE (b. Guernsey 22 Apr 1969)
= (2) Max Graham OGIER (b. Western Australia 29 Sep 1955)
---- 4. Sky OGIER (b. Western Australia 8 Oct 1981)
--- 3. Antony Malcom SHARMAN (b. Guernsey 5 Aug 1940) = Ethel DURHAM
---- 4. Steven SHARMAN (b. Eltham, Kent)
---- 4. Amanda SHARMAN (b. Eltham, Kent)
-- 2. Percy SHARMAN = Margaret?
--- 3. Shaun SHARMAN
--- 3. 2 other sons
-- 2. Albert SHARMAN = Frances ?
--- 3. Rodney SHARMAN
--- 3. more
-- 2. Amy SHARMAN = Edward GREEN
--- 3. many children
-- 2. Alice SHARMAN = ?
--- 3. children
-- 2. Lily SHARMAN = Ronald ROSTRON
--- 3. Ronald ROSTRON
-- 2. Artie (or could be Arthur) SHARMAN = Sylvia ?
--- 3. Valerie SHARMAN
--- 3. Reginald SHARMAN
-- 2. Cecil SHARMAN = ?
--- 3. children
-- 2. and 2 others - I cannot remember the names, all had children.
I am sure more information is available at the Greffe Office St Peter Port Guernsey Channel Islands.
I would welcome anything from you if you are able to throw any further light on the matter. In the meantime thank you for the work you have done so far. I have few surviving relatives that I know of and it made me feel that I do belong somewhere in the World.

P.S....Not all Sharmans are blonde - in fact all the ones I know are redheads!
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From: Mark Sharman
Date: Sat, 5 Apr 1997 02:48:34 -0500 (EST)
My name is Mark Sharman, and I live in California. My brother, Fred, also lives out here on the west coast. We both were born in New York (something we can't help).
Our father's name was Howard Hawkins Sharman, born in Chicago around 1910 (he died in 1973). His mother's name was Maude, but I don't know what his father's name was. The rest of the story is a mystery...
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From: Roland GM Sharman
Date: Tue, 01 Apr 1997 18:36:08 -0800
Subject: Arabella Avagander Sharman
I am the proud father of Arabella whose correct name is Arabella Lesley Millar Sharman, She is a very sweet girl and the [invented middle] name is very inapropriate. Maybe you could correct it. [This "it" refers to a snide comment I'd made on the Sharman page about the "nom de guerre" used on Arabella's web page. The comment is now no more substantial than the bit of the Cheshire cat around the smile.]
1. ? SHARMAN (Leicester, England) a cutlery manufacturer = ? SIDDELL (she was a model for Rossetti, Holman Hunt etc. She died of a laudnum overdose. Her sister was described as "the cutler's daughter who ran away to London". I believe that her brother (or father) was chief engineer for the Vickers company and invented and patented the steam powered drop forge.)
- 2. George SHARMAN (c1892)
-- 3. Thomas Henry SHARMAN (1919, Sheffield, England) A bomb disposal officer in WWII, he received the George Medal and Territorial Distinction
--- 4. Roland G.M. SHARMAN (1943 Hagley, Worcester, ENG) I live in Santa Monica, California and own a web technology development company, Premier Internet Corporation. My primary website is
---- 5. Arabella Lesley Millar SHARMAN a succesful model and you will see more of her.
---- 5. ? SHARMAN (c1985) lives in Vienna Austria with my second wife.
-- 3. Dennis SHARMAN (died during WWII)
-- 3. John SHARMAN (living 1997 in Essex)
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From: Ryan Sharman
Date: Wed, 12 Mar 1997 16:18:44 +0000
My name is Ryan Steven Sharman and I am a Howard Stern and Star Wars fan. See also for Sheri Sharman, my aunt. I have a list of other Sharmans in my family and if you are interested, E-Mail me at >Ryan, this email address bounced!
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From: Don Sharman
Date: Sat, 1 Mar 1997 14:23:50 -0700 (MST)

The following information is provided by my father Ralph Sharman Sr. of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

My grandfather came from Stoke-on-Trent and I understand I still have relatives living there, though I know nothing about them.
Family tradition: an ancestor was caught stealing a goose while working on a canal barge. He was convicted and sent to the penal colony in Australia where he started the county's first brass band.

1. Thomas SHARMAN (England)
- 2. Thomas SHARMAN
- 2. William SHARMAN (Feb 11, 1866 - c1945, Saskatoon) = Mary BENTLEY (Apr 12, 1874) school master. Emigrated to Ontario, Canada, in 1911. Moved to Saskatchewan where they homesteaded. William taught in pioneer community schools including an Indian Reservation and a Finnish community.
-- 3. Daisy (Aug 22, 1898) moved with her husband to British Columbia
--- 4. Laura
-- 3. Frank William (Mar 17, 1900) Anglican minister
--- 4. Arthur, Mountie
--- 4. Cecil James, owns camping/resort business in BC
-- 3. Reg (1903-c1968) married Peggy; became a taxi driver, Saskatoon
--- 4. Jim maintenance department, University of Saskatchewan
--- 4. Evelyn, Canadian Navy, now works in Saskatoon.
--- 4. Linda, seamstress in Saskatoon
---- 5. Faith
--- 4. Randy, radio announcer in Calgary, Alberta.
-- 3. Ralph (Jan 15, 1908) = Ivy MANN (British immigrant) Saskatoon, salesman in men's clothing
--- 4. J. Ralph (Jr.) (Sep 20, 1942) married Linda McKAY; became a teacher at high school in Perdue near Saskatoon
---- 5. David (1973), married Andrea; now lives in New Brunswick
---- 5. Jennifer (1974) at university in Saskatoon
--- 4. Donald Clifford (Feb 16, 1945) married (1965) Carol PELTON; became a teacher at Alberta College in Edmonton, Alberta
---- 5. Darcy (Mar 29, 1972) at university at the University of Alberta
---- 5. Patrick (Oct 2, 1975) working in the restaurant industry
-- 3. Jim Cartwright (May 15, 1910 - c1995) Served in WW2. Worked in Royal Bank in small towns around Saskatchewan, became Securities manager main branch in Saskatoon.
-- 3. Jack Clifford (Sep 15, 1920) married Evelyn; Served in WW2. Pharmacist, owned drug store in Biggar near Saskatoon. Retired to Victoria, BC.
--- 4. Ted married Kathy; teaches at a high school in Rockglen, Saskatchewan
---- 5. Lindsay
---- 5. Michelle
--- 4. Patricia management and training in a women's correctional facility
--- 4. Douglas is a waiter and men's clothing salesman in British Columbia
--- 4. Rodney composer for the Vancouver Symphony
My father alleges a connection to Sharmans in Australia. Back to list of correspondants

From: David Sharman
Date: Wed, 26 Feb 1997 10:03:19 -0400
Organization: Ecole Sacre-Coeur
Greetings fellow Sharman. My name is David Sharman. I am from Grand Falls New Brunswick in Canada. I was given your address by my father Ralph Sharman in Saskatoon who got it from his brother Don Sharman in Edmonton. I teach French students to speak English.
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From: Bob Sharman
Date: Fri, 24 Jan 1997 16:27:32 -0400 (EDT)
Hi Mark, [most people call me Martin]
I am on UTMC's Web site ( I'm a British National, married to a California girl. My father mentioned that we were related to "The Sharmans of Norfolk". Next time I'm back in England, I'll ask him for more detail.
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From: Pat Scott nee Sharman
Date: Tue, 21 Jan 1997 13:42:19 -0800
Organization: Food Development Centre
Subject: Another Sharman
My name is Pat Scott and I was born as Pat Sharman, in Brandon, Manitoba Canada. I'd like to introduce you to another branch of the Sharman family tree. My father is Cliff Sharman who was born in Northampton England in 1922. His father, Herbert was one of the eleven children, of E.D. Sharman.

I was very excited to hear from Bob Sharman in the U.K. of your website. I'm interested to know how your family came to be in Belgium. I'm thinking that somewhere in the dark past, we must all be related and should plan a world wide family party!

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From: Frank.Sharman
Date: Thu, 09 Jan 1997 10:09:15 +2910

My home page is at:

Click on The Spinning Turnip link to find a link-list to other Sharmans on the Net.

One splendid email I received said: "I have just started using the internet and found your name. As it is the same as mine I thought I would send an e-mail to you. (Signed) Millie DIDLAKE". Apparently she was flustered - Sharman was her maiden name. In future I shall refer these enquiries to you!

One day I will comply with your request and send you information about my paternal forebears. I know almost nothing about them and what I do know is back in UK. They came from Lincolnshire. I think that "Sharman" is a common name on the Lincs/Notts border. My Father knew a fair bit about another branch of the family called Shaw but seemed reticent to talk about the Sharman lot; since almost nothing gave him cause for reticence one or some of them must have done something pretty damned extraordinary.

I once bought "The Book of Sharmans" a wonderful publication made by reproducing all the entries under Sharman in every telephone directory in the world that they could lay their hands on. It picked up me and one nephew in UK and my brother in Dubai but missed another nephew in UK.

PS: I like your observations on Web page design.

Frank A.Sharman, Lecturer in Legal Studies, Flinders University, Adelaide,
South Australia, 5001. Telephone: 08-8201-3847. Fax: 08-8201-3845.
[Look! no quotes, no graphics]
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From: Terry Sharman
Date: Thu, 09 Jan 1997 14:48:51 -0800
Organization: Van Waters & Rogers Ltd.

I'm Terry Sharman from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. I'm a Credit Manager with Van Waters & Rogers Ltd. (part of Royal Pakhoed N.V. of Rotterdam). I can be contacted at ""
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From: Paul Sharman
Date: Sat, 4 Jan 1997 23:12:18 +1100

I have visited the Sharman home page several times . I will admit to being fascinated by the origin of my family name.
I, Paul Christopher was born in Armidale NSW, Australia 11th August 1961 to Noel Lindsay Sharman (1932-1970) and Betty Lorraine KONZ, (1935- ).
Lindsay as he was known was born in Taylor's Arm (I think) to Norman Joseph Sharman (?-1979) and Alma JOHNSTON (now frail, in a nursing home). Lindsay is survived by two sisters whom I will quiz on their family knowledge. I am married, Deborah Helen WINDEYER (with one and a bit children; Nicholas James 1991- ).
I have a Bachelors Degree in Pharmacy, a Member of the Pharmaceutical Society, a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Pharmacy Management and a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Studies. After 12 years as a practising Pharmacist, I joined the Washington H Soul Pattinson Group as National Brand Marketing Manager in the Soul Pattinson Chemist Division in December 1994 (The Australian version of Boots The Chemist).
I possess two documents (copies) one a Solemnization of Baptism of a Walter Sharman (born February 2nd, 1849) in the Parish of St Sephulchris in the town and county of Cambridge. Son of Samuel Sharman and Sarah Ann. Walter, from whom I am descended, came to Australia.
The other is a marriage certificate solemized at the Church of the Parish of St. Martin in the Fields, Middlesex, between a Francis Bligh STEPHENS and a Susan ROBINS dated July 22nd 1852. I am sure this is relevant but am perplexed as to where it fits.
Keep up the great work and be in touch.
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From: William H. Hammons
Date: Fri, 27 Dec 1996 21:55:57 -0800

My mother, a Sharman, traces back to Robert Sharman, Sr., b. c1744 in VA (USA).
A Mr. John W. Sharman wanted to know if I'm related to Robert Sharman (b.c1702) m. Lucy CLEMENT (b.c1709) lived in Halifax Co., VA and Culppeper Co., VA. John and I are 2nd cousins once removed.
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From: Kelly Sharman
Date: Tue, 24 Dec 1996 16:52:32 -0800
Subject: Merry Christmas

My name is Kelly Sharman and I am a Family Counsellor in Sidney, BC, Canada (Close to Victoria). My brothers, Keith ( Keith Sharman) and Kevin are sons of Cyril Sharman, brother of Bob and Vince. We grew up in Alberta.
Have a safe and happy holiday. Of interest to you may be the tradition of the males in our family to nap after a large dinner such as Christmas turkey. This is called Sharmanizing in our family, and I plan to do a lot of it this holiday.
Sidney, BC, Canada
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From: Bob Sharman
Date: Tue, 24 Dec 1996 09:35:09 -0800
Organization: Sabre Computer Services

I was born Robert Cyril 1947 in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada to Henry Colin Campbell Sharman (b. Winnipeg 1924-1974) & Jean Elizabeth RANSON (b. London 1927). I am a Telecommunications Network Specialist for The Sabre Group (AMRCORP) living in Vancouver B.C. Canada.
Before our family dies off here, I feel the need to find my roots back to, and previous to, my grandfather, Henry Sharman. He was born and raised in Sheffield, trained as an engraver. He came to Winnipeg MB about 1910 or 1911 and died there in 1947. I do not know any more.
I have had contact so far from six Sharmans and none of them know where they came from except a Dr. Ken Sharman in Glasgow. I found a daughter of my grandfather's brother Campbell. Her name is Judy Sharman and currently resides in Salisbury Eng.
I would like to go back to the UK in the next year or so and would be interested in any information that you might have.
313-5800 Cooney Rd.
Richmond BC V6x 3A8

>On 13 Jan 1997 Bob sent me the following comments from Pat Clark of the Local Studies Library in Sheffield, UK.

Subject: Family History Search - Henry Sharman
Date: Sat, 11 Jan 1997 14:25:19 -0800
From: Local Studies

Further to your E-mail of 6 January 1997 regarding your grandfather's family, the 3 April 1881 census records show a Henry Sharman aged 2 months at 112 Industry Road, Sheffield.
I can not confirm that it is 'your' Henry Sharman. Henry was living with his father, George, who was born in Worksop, Nottinghamshire, and his mother Jessie, who was born in Lincolnshire. With them was George's widowed mother, Ann, aged 73 years, born in Worksop. The 1871 census reveals that Ann's husband, George, came from Worksop too.
The same family is in the 1891 census, now living at No.124 Industry Road. Henry was not with them on census night. If he had died then he was not your ancestor. If he had died it would be recorded in the St.Catherine's House Index to births, marriages and deaths (Archives Department, 52 Shoreham Street, Sheffield S1, or St.Catherine's House, 10 Kingsway, London WC2B 6JP). The index must be consulted in person. Your library could tell you whether there is a local copy. Researchers in the UK will search the index for a fee.
The 1891 census record for 124 Industry Road lists Henry Sharman's brothers - George C., William, John C. , Charles D. , Frederick and Robert. There was no Colin or Campbell, unless they were the second names of George and John.
The trade directories for the late 1890s/early 1900s do not list Henry Sharman, engraver.
The computer database called 'Family Search' consists of indexes compiled by the Mormon Church (mainly using parish registers). They include baptisms, birth and marriage entries from church records. The Family History Association of Canada, PO Box 398, West Vancouver, BC V7V 3PI, will tell you where there is a facility.
Pat Clark
Local Studies Library, Central Library, Surrey Street, Sheffield S1 1XZ
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From: Howard J. Sewell
Date: Tue, 17 Dec 96 08:56:56 -0800

I'm seeking information on the family of a deceased uncle, Jack Sharman.
Jack was born in 1910, his father Frederick probably around 1890. Both probably lived in London/Kent.

Please contact me at my business address:
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From: James Moore
Date: Thu, 05 Dec 1996 16:57:10 -0500
I am descended from Thomas SHERMAN/SHEARMAN (d.1493) of Diss, Norfolk and Yaxley, Suffolk. My SHERMAN ancestors migrated to the US in 1636.
There is a SHERMAN mailing list. As far as I know, all the suscribers are in the US. Some have been to the UK and are researching there. To subscribe, send SUB SHERMAN to Leave the subject blank and turn off your signature.

They also have a "snail mail" newsletter for which they request a donation. They are active and friendly. It was through them that I learned of the "Ancestral Roots" book.
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From: Howard Sharman
Date: Thu, 05 Dec 1996 14:49:35 +1000
Organization: QED Business Systems Pty Ltd
Subject: Sharman family tree

My name is Howard Sharman. I live at Warragul, Victoria Australia. My great grand parents arrived in Australia by ship in 1855. One of my brothers has a family tree and knows the name of the ship. We have no idea what part of England they came from.
I think there were two brothers Robert and George with ten children. One child died on the ship and was buried at sea. When they arrived in Australia, they settled in Sheffield in the state of Tasmania. My grand father was a Robert Sharman. Robert had four children, Elvyn, Cecil (my father) Robert and Gladys (Mrs E. EDWARDS). All of that family are now dead. Cecil had nine children of which I am number four.
My mother was born in Winford near Bristol Co. Sommerset (now Avon). Her surname is STARK. Her father was Harry Olethus STARK. Some STARKs still live in Yatton.

I hope we can complete some blank areas in your family tree. Jim Sharman whose name you have is a direct relative although I have never met him.
I would love to know more of my British ancestory. Do any of the people on your list know of the migrants to Australia in 1855?
I was a Public Accountant specialising in Taxation, and am now a pastor of a Brethren church "Morwell Gospel Chapel". The chapel has its own home page. Back to list of correspondants
From: Jan-Eric Sharman
Date: Mon, 11 Nov 1996 14:49:58 +0100
Subject: About "Arms" and "Crest"

It was nice that youre having investigation on your family as a hobby.
I do have access to a family tree that has been, as I heard, completed quite well several generations back. Might be interesting for you
My connection: My father, Peter Martin, was British, born in Durham. He had three brothers, David, Derek and Michael, but my mother is Norwegian.
Im born and raised in Norway, and since my father died in 1966, weve lost the everyday contact with my family in England. Thats the reason why my English is so poor. (Not meaning that I dont have contact with my family at all...I just fancy Italy and southern Europe more when Im travelling)
...And I have a brother,younger, named Paal Martin. My mother is Hilde Karin Sharman (Born Hareide).
The reason Im writing to you now this time is a bit special.
Since Im getting married in august 1997, you gave me some sort of an idea, to use the shield symbol for my family. You mentioned something about Arms and Crest on your web page about the Sharmans. I wonder if there is any possibility to have this verified to be Sharmans, and then to have a print of it.
Id like to use it first for my invitations to our family and friends. Hope this is possible, or maybe you can connect me to someone who can give me a futher guidence.
PS Excuse my poor English

Jan-Eric Sharman
Invento Media A/S, PB 9875 Ila, 0132 Oslo
Tel + 47 22202220 Fax + 47 22206624
Mobil + 47 90059401
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From: Philip Sharman
Date: 2 Nov 1996 11:27:32 GMT
Our branch of the family stems from Norfolk to my knowledge. I was born in Norwich, the recent family city. My father has a much better knowledge of the geneaology than I and I must get this documented. Your initiative will act as a catalyst!
You may not be aware of the new series starting on ITV on monday evening, 2030hrs UK time called simply "SHARMAN" It would appear to be a 4 part crime series with Nick Sharman as a private investigator.
My parents exchanged a series of letters with a Mrs Diane Haining in late 1992. I believe that they are no longer in communication. There is a fair bit of repetition but I will copy out the summaries and forward them to your Belgian address if you wish.
There appears to be a trace back to 1788 in Aldeby, Norfolk with a shift in about 1820 of about 8 miles to Belton, Suffolk (only just! - circa 5 miles SW Gt Yarmouth)
I am going back to my parents Re a distantly and badly remembered family tale that it was a Sharman living under a boat at Gorleston that is the inspiration for Dickens's Peggoty's brother in David Copperfield.
I found it quite thought provoking that my sons, Anthony and Gregory are the only carriers of the name from a marriage in 1888!
Please confirm that you wish the hardcopy sent to Belgium. I would also like to know how you get on, and so I am sure would my parents. I realise that you will not know that I presently live in Oxfordshire (North). If research is needed here let me know.
Back to list of correspondants
From: Patricia Stewart Screpetis
Date: Sat, 9 Nov 1996 21:50:47 -0600
Subject: James A. SHERMAN

I would appreciate any information on the following SHERMAN line. I have also seen the surname spelled as SHARMAN.
James A. Sherman, (1928/1830 in SC - 19 Aug 1909 in AR)
m. before 1855 probably GA 1) Eliza J. CRANE/CRAIN (c1836, GA - bef 17 Sep 1872, Falcon, Columbia Co., AR). Her parents: William & Marcum CRANE.
James A. & Eliza J.'s children:
- Masena A., b. c1855, GA
- Martha A., b. c1857, GA
- James M., b. c1859, AR
- Albert/Abbott, b. c1862, AR
- Sarah Jane, b. 5 Feb 1864, Red Land, Nevada Co., AR, d. 12 Oct 1955, Texarkana, Bowie Co., TX, m. Eskridge Gary ROBERSON 25 Apr 1886, Prescott, Nevada Co., AR
- Eliza, b. c1868, AR
- Charles, b. c1870, AR
- Isamia (?), b. c1872, AR

m. 17 Sep 1872, Hempstead Co. AR 2) Elizabeth Jane CLARK, dau. of J. D. & Elizabeth A. CLARK.
Their children:
- Delana, b. c1874, AR
- Rufus (?), b. c1877, AR
- Lonzo, b. Dec 1879, AR
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Date: Sun, 27 Oct 1996 17:43:09 +0000
Kay Gittins
I am a descendant of Nehemiah Sharman, a goldminer who came to Australia with his wife in about 1853. Unfortunately, Nehemiah died from a large abscess on the liver in 1862, aged 32. He was reportedly born in Sotherton, Suffolk, England and married his wife, Sophia there in 1851.
I have only just started researching this branch of the family, but I have heard of a few interesting Sharman's here in Australia over the years. One of these was Jimmy Sharman, a side-show boxing champion of some renown. Supposedly he was related to our branch of the family, but I have still to prove this.
I would only be too happy to supply further details if you are interested and would love to hear of your ancestory.
Kay Gittins
Back to list of correspondants
Date: 25 Oct 1996 10:38:55 +0000
K Quelch
I am interested in the name Sharman. My ancestor Mary wife of John Sharman also sometimes spelt Shearman, Sherman was transported to Australia in 1810 arriving 1811. She was from Middlesex and was working opposite the Bank of England. She may have been pregnant or had a young child at the time of her transportation- the child was Esther. Does this connect with any information you have come across? I know her maiden name and if it were helpful I would tell it.
Which country are you in and which county in England do your Sharman's come from? Thanks in advance for any assistance
K Quelch
Back to list of correspondants
Date: 22 Oct 96 13:19 +0100
Clive Sharman
I was born in Hampshire England. My fathers family all come from Coventry. Have you have come across any information on Sharman's from the Coventry area?
If you can give me any pointers as to where to start I would be most grateful.
If you would like information on my family "Sharman" let me know what you need.
Clive Sharman

>Clive, The best place to start is with your oldest surviving relatives. Ask them to tell stories about when they were young, and (as gently as possible) get them to remember the names all their parents and grandparents, with rough dates and places of b, d and m if possible. On line, try Cyndi's pages. The International Genealogical Index created by the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-Day Saints will help. There is probably an IGI site near you. Before you go, find the place of marriage of one of your ancestors, or you will not be able to use the index.
>Thanks for the offer of information on your family, but honestly, I have enough work trying to find out my own ancestors! If each of us works back from what they know, maybe some of us will meet up a few generations back.
Back to list of correspondants
Date: 17 Oct 1996 12:27:11 GMT
Ian Sharman
I don't know whether we're related, but here's my details: My name is Ian James Sharman. I am the proprietor of a presentation & training company in Glasgow, Scotland. My web site will tell you more about my business.
I was born in Sale, England. My grandfather Clifford Sharman, sadly died in 1996. He originated from Ilkeston, in the East Midlands of England.
Do you know whether your family originated from the East or West of England? Are there any family traditions? Only family tradition I can think of is 'dominating' fathers (!), and spreading the family name far-and-wide: descendants of my grandfather are now based around Manchester, England; Sheffield, England; Blackpool, England; Glasgow, Scotland (me) and Sydney, Australia.
Back to list of correspondants
From: Ken Sharman
Date: 17 Oct 1996 15:55:27 GMT
Very interesting! I am a Senior Lecturer at the Centre for Music Technology in the Dept. of Electronics & Electrical Engineering, The University, Glasgow, G11 2HR, Scotland, U.K.
I'll speak to my father and see where / if we fit into the hierarchy. Keep in touch.
Back to list of correspondants
From: Lois Leggott
Date: 5 Oct 1996 22:19:43 -0600
I'm sorry but I do not have anything in my records of your Enoch Sharman/Emma Campton family.
This is the SHARMAN information that I have:
SHARMAN - Charles Henry SHARMAN; son of Charles SHARMAN; b. ca 1845; married Annie Maclean (not MacLean; daughter of Donald Noble Maclean and ? Jones; b. 1846) on Sept. 8, 1868 in the Parish Church, in the Parish of Tunstall, in the County of Stafford. Charles was a cutlery manufacturer in Sheffield at the time of his marriage. He died on January 21, 1904 at 54a Cemetery road, Ecclesall Bierlow, in the County of Sheffield; 57 years of age; profession: spring knife cutler; Cause of Death: Apoplexy (certified by R.H. Mathews M.D.).; Informant: Annie Sharman, Daughter present at the death at 54a Cemetery rosd, Eddlesall Bierlow. Registered on January 22, 1904; Registrar: Percy Smith.
- five children: Edith, Annie, Lilian, Charles and Nellie.
Edith Sharman m. ? Scaife.
Annie Sharman m. ? Stower. Emigrated to Canada about 1913, settling in the Moose Jaw area of Saskatchewan.
Lilian Sharman m. Harry Reader. Emigrated to Canada about 1913.
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From: John W Sharman
Date: 9 Sep 1996 00:02:47, -0500
I have data on Sharman's in USA beginning with entry via Westmoreland Co., VA 1600's. Do not have any info from England, yet know that is their origin. I would be most interested in any information you may provide referencing English heritage. Thanks, John Wade Sharman
P.S. I have report on William Sharman Crawford, MP, circa 1840's. Back to list of correspondants

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Albert Sharman = Frances
Albert/Abbott Sherman b.c.1862 AR
Alexander Sharman b. Western Australia
Algernon Sharman b.1876 March d.1975 March = 1906 Ida Margaret Ling
Alice Sharman b.c. 1890 = (1912 Sheffield, Yorkshire) Frederick Ernest Greatorex
Alice Sharman
Alice Sharman b.1845 Feltwell
Alice Sharman
Alysha-lee Sharman b.1987
Amanda Sharman b. Eltham, Kent
Amy Sharman = Edward Green
Andrew James Tompsett Newington
Andrew Roy Sharman
Anna Kate Sharman
Anne-Marie Sharman b.1991 = Mark Jan Nowicki
Annie Sharman
Anthony Sharman
Antony Malcom Sharman b.1924 Winnipeg d.1974 = Ethel Durham
Arabella Lesley Millar Sharman
Arthur Sharman
Arthur Charles (Chas) Sharman b.1893, West Ham, Essex = Mabel Herring
Arthur Frank Sharman b.1873 March d.1961 March = 1905 Ethel Mary Morton
Artie (or could be Arthur) Sharman = Sylvia Stower
Atthur Thomas Sharman b.1861 London d.1950 Chatham = (1883, Gillingham) Clara Emma Masters
Augustus Sharman b.1839 Hanhorpe d.1841 Hanhorpe
Benard Sharman
Betty Alice Sharman
Bob Sharman
Bob Sharman
Briony Anna Sharman = Samuel Tompsett Newington
Brittany Sharman
Caius Douglas Sharman
Campbell Sharman
Carol Sharman
Caroline Tracy Sharman
Catherine Jane Sharman
Cecil Sharman
Cecil Sharman
Cecil James Sharman
Charles Sherman b.c.1870 AR
Charles Sharman b.1837 d.1914 Carnforth = Emma
Charles Sharman b.1789
Charles Sharman b.1792 Clipsham d.1847 Swinstead
Charles Sharman
Charles Sharman
Charles Sharman
Charles Algernon Sharman b.1885 March d.1996 = 1932 Betty Catherine Roll
Charles Algernon Sharman
Charles D. Sharman
Charles David Sharman d.1882
Charles Henry Sharman b.c. 1845 d.1904 Ecclesall Bierlow = (1868 Tunstall) Annie Maclean
Charles James Roll Sharman = Pamela Mary Smith
Charles Jasper Sharman b.1898 d.1898
Charles Peter Sharman = Fiona Jeremy
Charlotte Maria Sharman b.1840 Hanhorpe d.1936 March
Christopher Algernon Sharman
Cliff Sharman b.1897 Belize
Clifford Sharman d.1996
Clive Sharman b. Guernsey
Colin Roy Sharman b.1941 Brighton
Cyril Sharman
Daina Sharman b.1978
Daisy Sharman b.1898
Darcy Sharman b.1972
David Sherman b.1738 d.1738 = 1729 Anne Sams
David Sherman b.1738 d.1738 = 1717 Alice Wise
David Sharman = Andrea
David Sharman
David Sharman
Dean Grant Sharman b. 1937 Guernsey = Selina
Delana Sherman b.c.1874 AR
Dennis Sharman
Dennis Jack Sharman
Derek Sharman
Don Sharman
Donald Clifford Sharman b.1945 = 1965 Carol Pelton
Donna Anne Sharman b.1964 Morton-in-Marsh
Douglas Sharman
E Sharman b.1840 d.1885 = Emily
E.D. Sharman
Earnest Edward Sharman d.1876
Edis Sharman b.1837 Woolsthorpe
Edith Sharman = Scaife
Edward Sharman b.1909 d.1909
Edward (Ted) Sharman = Charlotte Faulkner
Edward John Bushnell
Edwin Sharman b.1891 d.1965 = Louisa Ellen Smith
Edwin James Sharman b. Guernsey = Olive Maude Kathryn Grant
Edwin Lewis Sharman b.1922 d.1996 = Margaret Emily Boyles
Eldon John (Dick) Sharman b.1901 West Ham d.1975 Barnet
Eldon Scott Sharman b.1868 East London = Eliza Florence James
Elena Corcoles Sharman
Eliza Sherman b.c.1868 AR
Elizabeth Sharman b.1788
Elizabeth Ann Sharman = Trevor Bushnell
Elizabeth Weston Sharman b.1868 d.1868 = John Hawley
Elsie Sharman
Elvyn Sharman
Emily Sharman
Emily Sharman
Esther Sharman
Evelyn Sharman
Faith Sharman
Fanny Gertrude Sharman b.1881 March d.1958 Rhodesia
Fanny Sybil Sharman d.1975
Flo Sharman
Florence Irene Sharman b.1914 d.1975
Frances Sharman b.1877 March
Frances Dainton Sharman b. East London = Florence Marion Gardener
Frank Sharman
Frank Sharman
Frank A. Sharman
Frank William Sharman b.1900
Fred Sharman b. New York
Frederick Sharman b.1939 d.1939
Frederick Sharman b.c.1890
Frederick Sharman
Frederick Sharman
Frederick James Bushnell
Geoffrey Bruce Sharman
George Sherman b.1683 d.1683 = Jane
George Sharman b.1867 d.1867 = 1829 Mary Ellington
George Sharman b.1843 Hanhorpe d.1929 March = Fanny Pope
George Sharman b.1801 Clipsham = Stokes
George Sharman = Ann
George Sharman b. Western Australia = Jessie
George Sharman b.1698
George Sharman b.1912 d.1912
George Sharman b.c. 1919
George Sharman
George Sharman
George C. Sharman
George Sherman/Sharman b.1799 d.1799 = 1764 Elizabeth Core
George Sherman/Sharman b.1716 d.1782 = 1749 Elizabeth HARLOCK
George Sherman/Sharman b.1782 d.1782 = Elizabeth
George William Sharman b.1872; died infant = 1871 Fanny Mary Golden
Georgianna Sharman = Charles Greenwood
Gert Sharman
Gillian Marie Sharman b.1955 d.1972
Gladys Sharman b.c. 1910 Chicago, d.1947 = George William Britland
Gladys Sharman = E. Edwards
Glen Sharman b.1980
Graham Grant Sharman b. Eltham, Kent = Vera Chalmers
Gregory Sharman
Gwendoline Dorothy Sharman b.1909 Wollongong d.1909 Wollongong.
Hanna Lis Sharman
Hariett M. Jane Sharman b. London
Harold Sharman
Harold George Sharman
Harry Algernon Tompsett Newington
Harry Charles Sharman
Heather Chrystabel Sharman b.1947 = Max Graham Ogier
Heather Chrystabel Sharman b.1940 Guernsey = Robert Tracey Ozanne
Heather Winifred Sharman b.1910 Nowra = Oscar Birchwood
Henry Sharman b. Sale, England d.c.1947 Winnipeg
Henry Sharman b.1797 Clipsham d.1877 Norwich
Henry Sharman b.1853 d.1853
Henry Colin Campbell Sharman b.1922 Northampton = Jean Elizabeth Ranson
Henry Levi Sharman b.1804 Swinstead d.1906 = 1832 Charlotte Hollings
Herbert Sharman
Herbert Francis Samuel Sharman b.1917 Nowra d.1978 = (1942 Mosman) Nancy Stephenson
Herbert Percy Sharman b.1875 March d.1950 March
Howard Sharman
Howard Hawkins Sharman b.c. 1830 Yorkshire d.1973
Ian James Sharman b. Norwich
Irene Joan Sharman b.1929 = Keith Butfiel
Isamia Sherman b.c.1872 AR
Isiah John Sharman b.1874 d.1874
J. Ralph Sharman b.1942 = Linda Mckay
Jack Sharman b.1910
Jack Clifford Sharman b.1920 = Evelyn
Jack Dean Sharman
James Sharman b.1840
James A. Sherman b.1928/1830 SC - 1909 AR d.1910 = 1872 Elizabeth Jane Clark
James A. Sherman b.1928/1830 SC - 1909 AR d.1909 = (bef. 1855) Eliza J. Crane/Crain
James M. Sherman b.c.1859 AR
James Nicholas Sharman
James William Sharman b.1913 Nowra = Beatrix Betha Blanch Atkinson
James William ("Bill") Sharman b.1892 d.1974 = Minne Williamson
Jan-Eric Sharman b. New York
Jan-Eric Sharman
Jaquiline Roslyn Sharman
Jason Sharman
Jasper Thomas Newington
Jeanette Sharman
Jennifer Sharman b.1974
Jim Sharman
Jim Sharman
Jim Cartwright Sharman b.1910 d.c.1995
Jimmy Sharman
Joan (Louie) Sharman
John Sharman b.c. 1830 Sotherton, Suffolk d.Salford 1911 = Elizabeth Hallam
John Sharman b.1796 d.1863 Norwich = 1823 Sarah Lane
John Sharman = Mary
John Sharman = Alice
John Sharman b.1775
John Sharman b.1845 d.1845
John Sharman b.1879 d.1971
John Sharman b.c. 1804Sheffield? or Keighley?
John Sharman
John Sharman
John (Jack) Sharman
John C. Sharman
John Frederick Sharman b.c.1810 Cork = Mary Scott
John Frederick Sharman = Judy Elizabeth Welch
John H. Sharman
John Robert Sharman b.1939 = Joanne
John Scott Eldon Sharman b.1831 Dublin = Harriet Elizabeth Davis
John Sherman/Sharman b.1754 d.1801 = 1785 Susanna Blackman
John Sherman/Sharman b.1754 d.1801 = 1793 Mary Edis
John Thomas (Jack) Sharman
John W. Sharman
John Wade Sharman
Jonathan Frederick Sharman
Judy Sharman
Kate Sharman = Albert Horsley
Keith Sharman
Keith Butfield Sharman
Keith William Sharman b.1944 = Mariann de Pavet
Kelly Sharman
Ken Sharman
Kevin Sharman
Kim Sharman
Laura Sharman
Leonard Scott Sharman b.1896 West Ham = Emma Elizabeth Jolly
Leslie Sharman = White
Lilian Sharman = Harry Reader
Lily Sharman = Ronald Rostron
Linda Sharman
Lindsay Sharman
Lonzo Sherman b.1879 AR
Louisa Emily Sharman b.1931 d.1931 = Allen
Luke Alexander Sharman
Lynette Gay Sharman b.1950
Margaret Sharman
Maria Sharman b.1839
Mark Sharman b. Louisiana
Mark Algernon Sharman
Martha Sharman b.1961 Armidale NSW = (Culpepper/Spotslyvania, VA) Benjamin Head
Martha A. Sherman b.c.1857 GA
Mary Sharman d.1885
Mary Ann Sharman b.19?? d.19?? = Poole
Masena A. Sherman b.c.1855 GA
Matthew James Sharman
Matthew Paul Sharman
Michael Sharman = Wendy
Michael Sharman
Michael Edward Roll Sharman = Valerie
Michael John Sharman = Monicque Therese Egtberts
Michael Paul Sharman
Michelle Sharman
Millie Sharman = Didlake
Nathaniel Paul Sharman
Nehemiah Sharman b.25/12/71 d.1862 = 1851 Sophia
Nellie Sharman
Nicholas Sharman b.1863 Sheffield
Nicholas Algernon Sharman = Lislillian Andersen
Nicholas James Sharman b.1932 Taylor's Arm
Noel Lindsay Sharman b.1907 March = Betty Lorraine Konz
Norma Sharman = Donald Mackenzie
Norman Joseph Sharman b.1979 = Alma Johnston
Paal Martin Sharman
Pat Sharman = Scott
Patricia Sharman
Patricia Margaret Sharman b.1953 = Paul Forster
Patrick Sharman b.1975
Patrick Sharman
Patrick George Sharman = Gail Frances Meyers
Patrick George Sharman = Wendy Read
Paul Chris Sharman b.1954, Nottinghamshire = Deborah Helen Windeyer
Percy Sharman = Margaret
Percy Augustus Sharman b.1849, Cambridge
Peter John Sharman b.1972 Brighton
Peter Martin Sharman b.c.1732 d.1966 = Hilde Karin Hareide
Philip Sharman b. Norway
Priscilla Sharman b.1832 Woolsthorpe d.1901
Priscilla Sharman d.1876)
Ralph Sharman b.1908 = Ivy Mann
Ralph Sharman
Ralph Sharman
Randy Sharman
Reg Sharman b.1903 d.c.1968 = Peggy
Reginald Sharman
Renna Sharman b.1974
Richard Sharman
Richard John Sharman
Robert Sherman b.1640 d.1633?
Robert Sherman b.1716 d.1716 = Elizabeth
Robert Sherman b.c.1702 d.1633
Robert Sharman b.c.1892 = Lucy Clement
Robert Sharman = Lucy Clement
Robert Sharman b.1822 d.1822 = 1788 Mary Maxey
Robert Sherman b.1607/8 d.1670/1 = Frances? Spencer
Robert Sharman b. Hampshire = 1996 Lisa
Robert Sharman b.1976
Robert Sharman b.1833 Woolsthorpe
Robert Sharman b.c.1744 VA
Robert Sharman
Robert Sharman
Robert (Bob) Sharman b.1941 Bamford, Derbyshire
Robert Albert Sharman b.1800s Apethorpe, Huntingdonshire
Robert Armine Sharman
Robert Charles Sharman b.1914 Nowra d.1985 = Jacquiline Mavis Doreen Joyce
Robert Condie Sharman b.1888 Nowra d.1944 Katoomba = (1907 Wollongong) Pearl Johanna Ball
Robert Cyril Sharman b.1947 d.1947 Winnipeg Manitoba
Robert Patrick Sharman
Robert Paul Sharman
Robin Sharman b.1947
Robin Sharman b. Western Australia
Rodney Sharman
Rodney Sharman
Roger Sharman b. Sheffield = (1886 Salford) Agnes Tabbron
Roland G.M. Sharman b.1943 Hagley, Worcester
Ronald Rostron
Ronald Frank Sharman
Roy Sharman b.1969 London
Rufus Sherman b.c.1877 AR
Ruth Sharman
Ryan Steven Sharman
Samuel Sharman = Sarah Ann
Sarah Sharman b.1799 Clipsham
Sarah Jane Sherman b.1864 AR, d.1955, Texarkana = 1886 Eskridge Gary Roberson
Scott Sharman b.1974
Shaun Sharman
Sheri Sharman
Silvia Jean Martha Sharman b.1923 = John Raymond Masters
Steve Sharman b.1969 Skegness, Lincolnshire
Steven Sharman b. Durham
Talitha Rose Sharman
Ted Sharman = Kathy
Terry Sharman b.1984
Terry Sharman
Thomas Sherman b.1738/9 d.1738/9 = 1696 Frances Noble
Thomas Sherman b.1696 d.1696 = Jane
Thomas Sherman / Shearman d.1493
Thomas Sharman = Lillian
Thomas Sharman b.1791 Clipsham
Thomas Sharman
Thomas Sharman
Thomas Sharman
Thomas Edward Sharman
Thomas Henry Sharman b.1919, Sheffield, England
Tim Sharman
Tim Sharman
Timothy George Sharman
Valerie Sharman
Vince Sharman
Violet Sharman = Jack Muggeridge
Walter Sharman b.1879; died infant d.1961 March
Walter Sharman
Wendy Sharman
Wendy Mary Sharman
William Sharman b.1866 d.c.1945 Saskatoon = Mary Bentley
William Sharman = Edith H. Lumsden
William Sharman b.1878
William Sharman b.1795 Clipsham
William Sharman
William Sharman
William Sharman
William Harlock Sharman b.1795 Clipsham d.1848
William Harlock Sherman/Sharman b.1807 d.1807
William Henry Sharman
William John Sharman
William R. Sharman b.1907 Wollongong d.1908 Wollongong
William Sherman/Sharman b. Worksop, Nottinghamshire
William Sherman/Sharman b.1695
Zoe Alexandra Sharman

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