The Conrad RDS Manager

Conrad used to sell a small litlle box, called the Conrad RDS Manager.
Unfortunately they no longer do so.
There still quite a few Conrad RDS Managers to snap up on Ebay!

How to modify the CRM?
What you need is this: a piece of wire (2 'cores' and 1 earth), 1 bi-polar capacitor
of >1µF, 1 bi-polar capacitor of >4.7µF and a SUD-D plug (9 or 25 pins).
The values of the capacitors are NOT critical, I used 4 and 10 µF or connected directly to the resistors. They are just a protection between the RDS IC and the computer.
If you want to use RDSDX decoding software it is recommended not to use capacitors.
Inside the CRM you will find 2 resistors near the RDS IC. R6 is for CLOCK and R4 is for DATA!

Inside the little box you can make an earth connection at the end where the cables enter
(from tuner to CRM and the power cable). There is a small metallic covering which can be
used as earth.

How to connect?
The >1µF is soldered to CLOCK(R6) and the >4.7µF to DATA(R4).
The other 'leg' of the capacitor is soldered to the SUB-D, via your cable of course.
Make sure you solder this on the top of the circuit board (where you CAN'T see the RDS chip) and on the left-hand side of R6 and R4 and to the right-hand side of C11 (a disc shaped capacitor).
(Seen with the display turned towards you).

CLOCK is soldered to pin 8(5), DATA to pin 6(6) and 'earth' to pin 5(7).
If you want to use RDSDecoder 2.01 mind the different connection!
CLOCK is soldered to pin 9(22) and DATA to pin 6(6).
If you want to run the DOS software (i.e. if your computer doesn't run too fast) AND the RDSDecoder, connect Clock to Pin 8 AND 9 (5 AND 22).
The first pin number is for 9 pins SUB-Ds and the second for 25 pins SUB-Ds!
That's all there is to. It will cost you half an hour of soldering time and just a few Euros to buy the wire, capacitors and SUB-D.
Having modified your CRM or your tuner you can now connect it to your PC and run the software.
You can find RDS decoding software under the Software button above and UNDER the RDSDX button.

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