Families from Brabant / Belgium

 Brabant Short historical and geographical survey of Brabant.

 Emigration Emigration of Walloons to the USA in the middle of the 19th century.

 Genealogy Herbigniaux Genealogical database : Surname list, Persons index, Surnames with places where they appear, Places with surnames appearing

 Surnames Belgium - USA Comparative index of surnames alterations during the emigration to the USA.

 Patronymics Origin of several surnames from the Herbigniaux genealogy.

 French Flanders
French/Flemish(Dutch) and Flemish(Dutch)/French glossary of placenames.
This French Flanders section was written by Jean Frutsaert

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  • Trina Rabida (USA) Families Degrandgagnage, Degrand.

  • José Schoovaerts (B) and Genealogy, old Flemish firstnames, seals of old Bruges's guilds, paleography, art gallery, walloon language.

  • Gary Tremblé (USA) "From Belgium & Bohemia to Wisconsin". Families Tremblez, Duquaine, Foley, De Decker, Woracek.

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