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Privacy protection
All my data gathered here are a result of research in sources available to everybody. To respect privacy, the data concerning still living persons - or considered as such - are not published.
Anybody wishing some data not to be mentionned, is invited to advise me personally.

My data are freely available to the genealogists with the sole purpose to help them in their personal research. Any other use of these data, notably the reproduction and the distribution - complete or partial - on any medium, and especially with commercial purposes, is strictly forbidden.

The author of these data cannot be held responsible for the misuse third persons could do with it, nor for the consequences of possible mistakes they could contain.

- The mention 0____0000 means an unknown date. Referring to a death, for example, it means the person is really deceased, although the date is unknown.
- The mention 0____**** (example : 0____1785) means that only the year is known, either certain, or has been inferred from other data and may be approximate.

Raymond Herbigniaux
October 4th 2005

To Genealogy Herbigniaux