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Their first cd "per flauto e chitarra" appeared in spring 2002. This cd contains six

original compositions of Flemish Masters. It was presented at the international

guitarfestival of Ypres on March 15, 2002.




Press :


--Dutch Flute Society


     '... Profundo plays with energy and the overall play is excellent.'


--Revue "Genieten"


     '... their overall play underlines the complementarity of the flute and the guitar.'


--"Muziek en Woord"


     '... The flutist impresses by his respiratory control and his sure technique.

          This last quality is also worth for Geert Claessens, an equal musical

          partner, who draws some particularly warm

          and varied sounds from his guitar .'


--Composer Emmanuel Gevers


     '... your interpretation of my work "Vormen" is perfect.'