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CD "per flauto e chitarra"



Text Box:                                                                                             Jan Van Landeghem(°1954)           -Fandango




                                                                                           August Verbesselt(°1919)               -Iberia


                                                                                           Pieter Schuermans(°1970)              -Per flauto e chitarra


                                                                                           Philip Duerinck(°1954)                   -Serenade 1

                                                                                                                                                 -Serenade 2


                                                                                           Leon Vanheel(°1938)                     -Improvisata e Allegro


                                                                                           Emmanuel Gevers(°1948)               -Vormen


Listen to a demo : Farandola  -- Vormen  -- Iberia --  Per flauto e chitarra



Geert Claessens (guitar) and Steven De Baecke (flute) teamed up as a duo in 1998. As their common goal was to give a deeper dimension to music and to perform in an authentic and intense way, it is no coincidence then that Steven and Geert chose the name PROFUNDO for their ensemble. Profundo is the Spanish word for extreme, great, intense and deep.

With ‘Vormen’ and ‘Tres Danzas Festivas’ already on their repertoire, Steven and Geert decided to search for other great Belgian pieces for flute and guitar. It took Profundo one year to make a selection out of 35 original pieces. At the same time they gave a composition order to a friend-composer Pieter Schuermans. After being isolated one week in the Abbey of Averbode, Pieter had already several ideas for his ‘Per flauto e chitarra’ (’99). Composer and performers then had a meeting to explore the technical abilities of both instruments. The result of this collaboration is a fascinating piece of fourteen minutes, world premiered on this compact disc.

Tres Danzas Festivas’ (’89) is another  commission,this time by the Vilvoorde Academy of Music, Word and Dance to celebrate their 65th anniversary. During his stay in Spain, Jan Van Landeghem was inspired by a group of flamenco singers performing at a wedding party.

Although August Verbesselt uses serial techniques in his Iberia (’83), the piece has not lost anything on expression and emotion.

Geert and Steven first met Philip Duerinck on a Profundo private concert at the residence of doctor Van Nimmen. After opening yet another bottle of excellent wine, discussions led them through a night of Serenades (’94)…

Graduated from the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp and Ghent, Leon Vanheel leads the Genk Academy of Music, Word and Dance since 1974. His composition Improvisata e Allegro’ for flute and guitar saw the light in 1978.

Vormen (’74), a composition by Emmanuel Gevers, is originally accompanied by ballet dancers. The idea of the composer was to reflect a very fast succession of various emotions.