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"Fiesta Latina"


Profundo is serving you a salsa of fandangos , ch˘ros, sambas and tangos.

This musical cocktail takes you to Spain, Cuba, Argentina and to Brazil. OlÚ !!


compositions of e.a.

A. Piazzolla, C. Machado and H. Villa-Lobos





"Al Dente"


A concert program with works of Italian Masters for the real amateur.

We present a choise of traditional, baroques and romantic serenades

as well as sonatas for flute and guitar.

compositions of e.a.

D. Cimarosa, G. Rossini and M. Castelnuovo-Tedesco





"Around The World"


Profundo makes you discover the fascinating world of other cultures.

Be tempted by the unknown. This voyage is an enriching experiment.


compositions of e.a.

C. Debussy, R. Shankar, C. Domeniconi and J. Williams





"A Belgian Experience"


Steven De Baecke (flute) and Geert Claessens (guitar) present you a choice of surprising

Belgian contemporary compositions.Be moved and discover new sound horizons.

          An enriching experiment!


compositions of e.a.

P. Schuermans, A. Verbesselt and L. Vanheel




"Romantic Moments"


A program in liaison with serenades and sonatas which make you dream one moment and

take you along towards a world of imperceptible emotions.       

This sound feast enivre many music lover.


compositions of e.a.

M. Giuliani, J. Ibert and Ph.Duerinck