Philippe Paulus Jacobus Smeyers, born 1952, Brussels, Belgium

Philippe Paulus Jacobus Smeyers is a visual and audiovisual artist with residence, sound studio and painting studio in Tervuren since 1979.

After his education at the Visual Arts department of the Higher Sint Lukas institute, Brussels (1974), he is searching for new forms of expression. In this way, the artist discovers the possibilities of animated film, video and digital graphic image processing, and on the musical level the electronic sound possibilities and experimental and improvising music.

As a professor of multimedia and computer animation, he handed over his artistic knowledge and skills to a new generation of students.

As an artist, Philippe leans his abstract works on abstract expressionism, which allows him to fully focus on the visual problems of painting, without having to worry about figurative elements. In addition, the way in which a work is brought about is a radical break with traditional painting.
His works are carried out when a long-considered inspiration is worked out in a rapid instigation of the basic colors (action painting). Afterwards, many more interventions with mediums (acrylic, oil paint etc.) are added, overpainted or scraped.
Each work consists of several layers, transparent or not.

Philippe often works with themes or color identities. This creates series in homogeneous color tones. Many of his works have a vertical linearity with a subdivision of the pictural space. The resulting vibration lends itself to calling his works "Phibrations".
The works consist of series or of 2 or more surfaces.

Because Philippe experiments in a unique way with artistic processes, he is guided by the power of coincidence and is surprised when it appears that the work is suddenly completed.

Gemeentehuis, St Pieters Woluwe
Kartoenale Hoeilaart
Animatiehall, Paleis voor Schone Kunsten 'Bozar', Brussel (2x)
Cultureel centrum Westrand , Dilbeek (2x)
Médiathèque de Belgique, Passage 44, Brussel
Cultureel Centrum van het Provinciaal Instituut Dommelhof, Neerpelt
Ciutureel Centrum Le Botanique, Brussel
Logos Foundation, Gent (solo)
Ars Elektronica, ORF, Linz, Oostenrijk (3x)
Siggraph, MIT, Massechusettes, USA
Galerie Numérique, INA, Frankrijk
Lexmark European Art Price 2003
Kunstveiling "Kunst met een hart",België
Kunstveiling "De Eglantier" ,Tervuren
Artiestentoer Tervuren 2005
Furament 2005, 5de Kunstriënnale Tervuren, Vrienden van de School van Tervuren-NU, GC Papeblok, Tervuren
Vice-Versa, Schloss Reckahn, Kloster Lehnin, Berlijn, Duitsland
Artiestentoer Tervuren 2013
Le crayon voyageur, St Lambrechts Woluwe
Galerij Embryo, Leuven
Médiathèque de Belgique, Passage 44, Brussel (solo)
Cultureel Centrum Strombeek-Bever
Centre Culturel des Immigrés, Brussel
Le  Silex, St Lambrechts Woluwe (solo)
Galerie d'Art de la Maison d'Amérique Latine, Brussel (2x) (solo)
Cultureel Centrum Leopoldsburg (solo)
Galerij Expo 411, Overijse (solo)
Galerie Futurart, St Gillis, Brussel
Furament 2014, Kunsttriënnale van Tervuren, Tervuren
Artiestentoer Tervuren 2017, Panquinkazerne
Artiestentoer Tervuren 2018, Oude Post, Tervuren
Young Art Tervuren,  CC Den Blank , Overijse
Cultureel centrum Den Blank, Overijse 2019 (solo)
Mix-Art galerij, St Martens Bodegem, Dilbeek (solo)
Art Tervuren vzw, GC De Bosuil, Jezus-Eik, 2019