Already since early childhood my attention was focused to electronics in practice as well as in theory. At primary school I experimented with home made crystal receivers and was able to talk to my friends by home brew telephony whilst lying in my bed and have them listen to my parents wireless-set without them being aware of this.


When too much wire was needed to connect to more friends, I switched to wireless technology using a rewired, old radio-receiver as my first transmitter. In a few years this was growing into a full-size radio- amateur station with army dump transceivers, all paid for by pocket money and odd jobs. Just before reaching the age of 16, this station was retrieved by local authorities for lack of a licensing and being too young to even think about it.


Soon after my general education, I started studying electronics in the city of Amsterdam after which I was allowed to Philips Research Laboratories, to try my hand at early integrated circuit technology.




After a few years of secluded life I quit this job to look around in the world and ended up in South Africa with a small electronic company and a partner, who was much wiser at law affairs than at electronics and ended up owing the company.


Taking  that down to experience I spend an other year at Philips Telecom SA in development group to design a portable army transceiver  


Than back to the Netherlands to a company on traffic management systems, a company on under-water technology to develop a passive sonar system and back to Philips to develop a hard-drive control system.


Next step was to Philips Technology Center to create automated visual inspection systems with a very motivated team. An other step was bringing me 'home' again to Philips Research laboratories, this time to manage a couple of groups on vacuum technology.


Last years before retiring I spend a lengthy period of time organizing and developing international R&D cooperation for Philips with many European companies on a vast number of different subjects. In this period also a special program was developed to cooperate with Dutch and European universities to help creating doctorate projects and post-doc research and help Philips to researchers already trained on commercially interesting subjects. This 'knife was cutting both ways' and at the retirement party I was playfully granted a honorary PhD title by a group of Dutch technical universities.


During my managerial years I could not just leave hands-on experience alone and have been building up my home-lab to remain 'in business' if only for my own pleasure and granted by my very understanding wife. The technical information on this web-site is coming straight from this home-lab and usually has been published before in ham-magazines or is still to be published.   



Bob J. van Donselaar,