From "La Garde Ducale" with your host Roland, historic and funny discovery of Moncontour. On Tuesdays, the place Penthièvre makes musical and the "flanneries" they shall transport you in the world of the poësie and the legends.

In this Sunday, August 19th, 2007, down from his citadel, knights and warriors will defend the medieval city of Moncontour, the strong place of the County of Penthièvre, through a reconstruction of frescoes, fights and jousts...

Show an extract of press: "le Penthièvre" and the site "Les Médiévales de Moncontour de Bretagne". 

Key period of the Medieval Festival 2009, high in colors and music, the Large Procession made up of 400 present: Moncontourais, visitors and observers dressed up in impressive atours of historical fidelity. 

Will run alongside themselves: gentes ladies, noble lords, churls, gueux, travelling acrobats, knights out of weapon… who will saunter for your greater pleasure.

Discover Brittany: 7 minutes to get acquainted with Brittany and loving future of its coast torn in the unique beaches, his green inside, its monuments, his cities and his legends ......

Attention this video starts after 20 seconds!

Video on-line publishing by the tourist office "Bretagne, nouvelle vague".
Moncontour, Small City of Character and place chief of canton, extends on 48 ha. In spite of its small size, the city has an historical heritage and architectural as dense as remarkable.