Ball turning tool


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On the Internet there are many articles on devices for ball turning. However, there are few devices that allow you to make balls with an exact diameter. Most designs (horizontal) are also designed to a specific lathe type and are not useable on different lathes. For this reason I have developed my own design that can be used universally on any lathe type and can make perfect balls with an exact diameter.

Part 1 Block en Shaft

Part 2 Tool slide

Part 3 Handwheeel en Dial ring

Part 4 Adjustment and Use

You can download the drawings for your own use

Drawing 1  Block

Drawing 2  Shaft

Drawing 3  Rotating carriage

Drawing 4  Tool slide

Drawing 5  Handle

Drawing 6  Stoppers

Drawing 7  Hand wheel & Dial ring

Drawing 8  Tool holder

Drawing 9  Assembly drawing