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on carrier


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The switch box for the two micro switches and the activation cam is milled from one massive aluminum block.

The pedestal is milled half round on the index table.

To protect that the pedestal will move on the index table during milling, I have put a short shaft in the index table and the pedestal. 

The collar with a hexagonal hole is made of two parts.
I have made two shafts two mm bigger then the normal dimension. I have one shaft long enough to chuck later on the lathe. In each shaft is drilled a 13 mm hole. The two shafts are milled exact on the half diameter. Mil at least 10 mm further then the flange. In each shaft is milled a half hexagonal hole. One shaft is cut a few mm further then the flange. The two parts are welded and cut on the exact dimensions.

The shift box is disassembled to drill the holes for the switch box and steering cable.

The shift box and the longitudinal feed screw are new assembled. The switch box and the hexagon shaft are assembled against the shift box.

The pedestal and the handle are assembled with two clamps. The switch box, the handle and the pedestal must be exact lined up. Put the carrier to the left side and adjust the bracket, so the shaft turn smoothly. Put the carrier to the right side and adjust the pedestal, so the shaft turn smoothly. Repeat this a few times so the shaft turn smoothly on every position of the carrier. Now the tap holes can be drilled and tap the screw tread in the carrier and in the lathe bed. 

The bracket for the handle is assembled with three M6 bolts.

The right pedestal is assembled with two M8 bolts.

Just below the gear plate there is made a hole for the steering cable. The cable go to the switch box and is fixed in de door edge. 

The new switch board

The switch box is fully strip down and new assembled. I have made the base larger to 170 X 200.

All is ready and it works.

You can download the drawings for your own use

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