Chuck fill out


Chucking thin work pieces such as thin disks, gears, pulleys, rings etc. into the chuck is often not easy. The work piece will often move back and forth. This simple tool ensures that the work piece always is fixed straight into the chuck. Put the tool across the jaws of the chuck. The work piece is pressed against the tool and the chuck is closed.

A disk for manufacturing a gear has been chucked to be cut on cross-section.

A disk of which the diameter is not important is cutted on a cross-section which about 5 mm is thinner than the altitude of the jaws. The grooves are 1 mm wider than the width of the chuck jaws.

The back site is cutted out as such that it can be chucked with the internal jaws. This makes it simple to cut the front and the back exactly parallel.

You can download the drawings for your own use