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Famous for it's troglodyte homes, Matmata is the proud owner of the most elaborate Star Wars set : the Hotel Sidi Driss, which featured as the Lars' Homestead in ANH.

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Hotel Sidi Driss, the holy grail for many Star Wars Pilgrims

I feel very lucky to have visited it now, since the shooting of Episode II (which will be released in May 2002) had all but wrapped for six months. The set dressing was still there (well, most of it !).

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Painting on the inside wall, to lead the tourists directly to the right pit of the hotel.

Hence I got a good impression of what the Lars' Homestead will look like in the new film. I spoke with one of the waiters at the hotel and he explained why the set dressing had not yet been removed. First - and most obvious - for tourist reasons, but also because Lucasfilm had asked them too. Could this mean that the Lars' Homestead will be featured in Episode III as well ? We'll know in a couple of years…

Lars' Homestead

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Lars' Homestead as seen in ANH

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Same place in 2001

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Fabulous set dressing for Episode II.

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I was actually in the Lars' Homestead...

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I have to admit, it was hard not to take any of these items with me...

Dining Room

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As seen in ANH

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The dining room in May 2001

The bar contained a lot of Star Wars pictures and cards and more, donated by pilgrims such as myself, but also by Gus Lopez, Philip Vanni, Jeremy Beckett, Tim Veekhoven and Lionel Noetzin. These are just five of the 'Tatooine Pilgrims' I know. If you have been there too, please share your experiences with us ! You can mail me directly from the Resources page !

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The bar at the Sidi Driss is filled with Star Wars memorabilia

From this site, I also took 1,5 kg of sand, which is mostly a yellowish white.

More pictures

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