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"The Seventh Serpent" book cover"The Seventh Serpent"

Prices :

Belgium : 35 Euro including Postage & Packaging

Europe : 40 Euro incl. P & P

Worldwide : 45 Euro incl. P & P  

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some pages from the book


This book, entitled "The Seventh Serpent", was released at the opening of the Expo in Antwerp (Belgium) at 14/01/2005 ! It is a limited release of only 400 copies ( signed & numbered, 96 pages in full color on high quality paper ) ! The intention of the book is mainly to offer an overview of my best works from the past 10 years. There are opening words from Wim Baelus, Filip Keunen and Father Vik ( Lugburz ) and liner notes from some of the bands that I've worked for ( Absu, Melechesh, ... ).

My original artworks are not for sale, so this book should be seen as an alternative for people who want to buy my art. It is not intended as a commercial release but as an effort to meet the demand for my artworks.  

Most of the artworks have been scanned again ( or for the first time ) in high resolution. Parts that were cut from the releases as CD or LP covers are restored... Some artworks are featured in their entirety for the first time. Colors have not been altered or tampered with.

"The Seventh Serpent" can still be ordered from me personally by writing to me at


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wpe160.jpg (35495 bytes)"Odoric : The Wall Of Doom"

Prices :

Belgium : 10 Euro including Postage & Packaging

Europe : 12 Euro incl. P & P

Worldwide : 15 Euro incl. P & P











wpe15D.jpg (35999 bytes)"Odoric : De Wal Des Doods"