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No U-Turn was born under Julie Geyser's impetus. The band arranges and performs its own songs, written by Julie Geyser (music) and Peter Chap (lyrics).

No U-Turn's concept is to share their music with their audience, so that band and audience melt with each other in sound and light.

No U-Turn's lyrics are a must to No U-Turn's synthesizers, and vice-versa. And when the two guitars enter No U-Turn's musical realm, they do not only bring along their solos and atmospheres but they give the band its real dimension, the fifth dimension, that of a Rock nurtured on rich melodies and grand atmospheres, accompanied with slightly hard vocals on an endless sea of synthesizers.

1997 is already a great year for No U-Turn. His first CD is now available.

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The band are :

Peter Chap: vocals

Phil De Val : guitar

Frank Formica : guitar

Julie Geyser : keyboards, bass, drums, percussion

Peter Chap

Peter Chap

As a teenager, Peter Chap found Black Sabbath and Deep Purple's Heavy Metal fascinating, which he still does. And, in a way, he still is a teenager. Peter used to raid the London markets in search of «Vynil» bargains : the Petticoat Lane Market shop-keepers still remember that chap. On such markets, albums used to be half the price they were in shops. Good Times they were!

After secondary school, Peter graduates at university to become a language teacher. That is very useful when it comes to write his songs' lyrics and those of No U-Turn.

Peter buys his first acoustic guitar when he is 15 and performs his first riffs on an electric guitar, to which he later adds a Wah pedal : he's fond of all kinds of sound effects.

One day, Peter discovers that his voice doesn't sound that bad. He attends a few music lessons and combines them to a lot of improvisation and feeling, and there he is, singing songs with his guitar. His repertoire is varied but he is particularly interested in Rock and Pop Music, that is, the genuine Pop of the 70's, together with more recent Rock, such as Grunge, that he sings in some live performances.

And then, he meets with No U-Turn.

Peter Chap originally found grand atmospheres fascinating, like those created by Yes and Genesis. No U-Turn offers him a whole set of synthesizers, effects, choruses that carry his lyrics and melodies beyond all expectations.

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Phil De Val

Phil De Val

Phil came to music through his classical guitar studies, which he completed with a first prize in Conservatoire and through the part he took as a bass guitar player in a Rock band called On Tiptoe.

He then plays the bass guitar in Close, a Dance band and Release (Yes-like progressive Rock) and later founds True Blue, a Rock band, where he holds the lead and rhythm guitar and for which he writes both music and lyrics.

As a teacher of classical guitar, Phil De Val founds in 1992 a classical guitar quartet that performs in concerts abroad.

At the end of 1994, No U-Turn calls Phil for his lead and rhythm guitar talents. The sounds he creates with his Fender Stratocaster Plus find an immediate counterpart in Frank Formica's Gibson Les Paul.

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Frank Formica

Frank Formica

From 1974 till 1979, Frank Formica acts a lot as co-creator of several bands, such as Hobo Blues, Hobo and Artisan. These bands offer a progressive Blues-Rock and Eurock approach to music.

After that he gives Ghost and On Tiptoe his lead and rhythm guitar feeling as well as his talent as a sound engineer. At the same time he attends a music school for classical guitar and gradually switches to the Jazz-Rock side of music.

Information Technology then draws his attention in the CAD-CAM field where he works as an industrial designer.

At the end of 1992, he takes his guitar again and works with Julie Geyser (No U-Turn's founder) for the band. Phil De Val, his long time friend, is only a phone call away and the trio then start arranging songs. After a short while, Peter Chap joins the band as an author and singer and the whole thing is started.

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Julie Geyser

Julie Geyser

While studying in Information Technology and insurance, Julie Geyser is chief editor of a monthly magazine, called Beurk, which specialises in Rock music and is distributed till late 1974. In 1973, he founds his first band called Ghost, where he first plays the bass guitar, then followed by the 12-string guitar and eventually the keyboards. Ghost's initial musical influence is Rock but it turns later on to electro-acoustic music with surrealist texts and fascinating melodies that find their greatest success in universities.

Between 1974 and 1980 and while playing in Ghost, Julie Geyser starts and helps the career of several other bands, such as Negative Earth (Hard Rock), Hobo Blues, later called Hobo (progressive Blues Rock), Artisan (Eurock) and On Tiptoe (Rock), with which Julie will issue a record.

After graduation, Julie starts his career as an insurance broker. The advent of Information Technology and of the Personal Computers gives Julie Geyser innovative ideas, among which Sarah, an accounting best seller package that Julie writes, is only one example. He also contributes to magazines with articles and books.

In 1992 Julie grabs his 12-string guitar and gives music a second start with one of his long-time friends, Frank Formica. But his main musical activity remains the keyboards, which eventually leads to the creation of No U-Turn at the end of 1994.

In 2000 Julie goes back to bass and jam with Mostly Autumn in April 2001.

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