Frogs visiting my pond

Frogs come by themselves if it’s an ideal biotope. Also don’t try to stop them when they want to leave. Nothing will stop them. Their urge to leave after a rain storm is too big. They are most likely to return if they don’t find a better biotope

Protect them from their enemies such as cats and herons. For example, by buying a heron scare (or building one yourself with a motion detector that makes a little fountain work).


Protect the frog jelly and the spawn from being eaten by the fishes, the “law of nature” does not apply to our garden pond, which is overcrowded when compared to nature.


Be certain not to buy bullfrog or their larvae : fauna fraud has caused a lot of trouble in the past. The bullfrog brings forth a very loud noise, and eats anything that moves, even up to swallows.

(fauna fraud : to think about the water hyacinth in water streams, red-cheek turtles, grass carps, musk rats, and so on…)