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(been having a bit of trouble with this account, but on the whole it still seems to work...)



a bookish section...see also archive-meet


Bureau Gruzemayer is (was) an 'independent dependency' of the former Factor 44 vzw.(*) As of August 2007 it takes over some of the projects outstanding at the division of operations as well as developing new strategies for a reduced program of activities. Bureau Gruzemayer has no exhibition space of it's own, and so relies on occasional and temporary sites for short presentations of projects and illustration of concepts. While many of these will be project-specific, a few will be relatively more permanent and witness a series of developments. For the moment these will be called 'temporary submersibles' and will either not be accessible to the public at all or on a very limited scale. In the first instance one can follow developments via this web site, which will be updated regularly, at a later stage the projects will be presented in other forms, such as publications and/or reportage-exhibitions.

Which brings us to the second aspect of the function of Bureau Gruzemayer, which is the collation and collection of documentation from various activities into archival units for use in further projects or as research material. These archives might include material form the bureau itself or from activities undertaken in cooperation with other entities and associations.

(* seems it has been resucitated 2013)

ongoing / still engaged in sub-section III / 4:

(now again on hold since the sudden demise of project instigator PDC)

Currently concerned with, participation in & by Bureau Gruzemayer:


was just looking up, but alas, sad news decides otherwise:


(above, dissolving in inexistent, now for real)

such was the view from gruzemayers rear window last week...


MalleMouw / part two of a nearly unnoticed intervention December 13th, 2017

brief intervention at Port de Soller, Spain, with Irene Pascual, Patrick Morarescu and Eloi Pascual-Morarescu assiting

(photo LL)

the first part took place at Rottedam in november: (very unnoticed and unappreciated)


opening 16 nov. 19 -21 hrs, Inbox MuHKA closed Dec. 10

The final presentation of the Observatoire des simples et des fous...

Nov 9: short interventieon (wetter-series) at COP 23 in Bonn.. surrounding climate-fair-tent with directions...


One of our adepts reads/writes (in four parts) at Second room Antwerp, Teirlinckstraat 30

on saturday October 21st from 6 to 9 p.m.

watching the de-radicalization of an inexistant rabbit... oder wie man den inexistirerenden Hasen endlich die Gurgel zukneift...

....back from a short triangulation drive Rhine/Ruhr 13/14 October

summer receding, good time to kick off the septemberproject (alle reden vom wetter)

at skulptur projeke münster with some soft (poster) interventions:

summer solstice has gotten us out of the house and into various

gardens for performative & earthly delights... more soon...

(this one at watermael-boisvoorde/bxl)

in the meantime also short presentation of the Berlin sojourn (last year) during ISELP-encounter at Buktapaktop

june 3rd at tea time see the blogsite

buktapaktopberlin16 for more

participation/collaboration presentation/exhibition of second book of the

L'Observatoire des Simples et des Fous

ce n'est pas si simple

project by Lise Duclaux, at LUCA bxl from 18/05 (v) to 06/07/2017

Sint Lukasgalerie, Paleizenstraat 116, 1030 Brussels

remembering to remembre nature, ref - Gustav Metzger remembered

going the wrong way....


first order: art's birthday & related... an attempt at poïpoïdrome combined with 'inpressions d"afrique' -

further south than Dogon country...

measuring for a reconstituted verision

the tree that held the A-birthday poï egg (below) while we considered//


The first phase of a belated poïpoïdrome activity series has been completed. It took place at the Museum for Contemporary Art Antwerp (MuHKA) on Art’s Birthday January 17th 2016. A schematic diagram of the poïpoïdrome was presented to the public for modification, intervention, participation whatever while an egg was laid to rest in a bed/nest of hair from a pair of runaway mutton-chops and small contributions from the public at large (for some colour, since the nest was mainly grey).


The modifications on the diagram will be used for the preparation of the next phase, to take place on the 26th of January in Botswana.


Saint Nicholas Intervention, december:

geef Acht, October:

a wee homage to JL, his ' peintre de portes porte plainte' from years ago

carried this door from the Tsampa to the Bukta without whining too much...

a bit split, program warming, but also not ready

(working on depinterdep before weather turns)

in the meantime a quick in-between triangulmation drive (three)

and further summer breakdown

Interventive/ flyby for BP during explorativ 4 at Koblenz:

during a participation in the second 'unnoticed art festival' 24/25 june

(Nijmegen) unnoticed for a bit... stealthily...

Ben Patterson left us....

closing down the series VER BANDEN... (further developments later)

the last vernissage of the series now on sunday 26th of june at 17 hrs...

Video by karel schoetens will sill be viewable...

ALSO: Gruzemayer will be sanding an agent to the unnoticed art festival nuber 2 somewhere in Holland...

eh... well, hmmm...

Excursion Rotterdam / Alliance Française june 11:

"VER BANDEN Jef Lambrecht"

Another project involving Gruzemayer is a three part show, with satellite activities:


Orbino sunday june 5th finissage of part two:

a delegation of the

MANCHA! crew perform a short extention to the series (KVS season 2005-7)...

Sunday 29 May we began the third part in the 'Poortgebouw' opposite LLS387

recent drawings and more archive material..; info via website LLS 387

Part Two of


Jef Lambrecht: Ver Woorden,

a documantation section hosed in the Orbino at the Middelheimmuseum

currently second part "Balthazar"...

(photo Laboratoire Patacysit Hippocampitecca, ostend)

declarations and declamations, with various presentations upcoming

(tba) here some images from the launch during art-weekend-opening:

as well as first of a series of screenings... see below

with a closing drink on the 12 of May, a cinema evening on the 18th and the next part getting underway at Middelheim Orbino on May 19th...


Jef Lambrecht

MuHKA INBOX en 2de verdiep Forum

28 april - 15 mei 2016

Finissage Drink 12 mei 17:30

Jef Lambrecht tijdens Laboratoire Patacycliste #3 1992 © Dialogist-Kantor

zie ook verder is er een screening van vroege films (16mm) en TV werk  in 

Cinema Zuid op 18 mei om 19:30

het tweede luik
VER BANDEN #2        VER WOORDEN begint op 19 mei met de alg. vernissage

in de Orbino van Luc Deleu in het Middelheimmuseum.... en dan verder...;

April (end) a visit to Berlin by a Buktapaktop delegation, accompanied by performative friends from Antwerp

friday 29th and saturday 30th of April - there is also a specific blog with details...

During the Berlin Gallery Weekend the Performance-collective ‘Buktapaktop’ from Brussels will be present with a small delegation from the group accompanied by some friends from Antwerp & Berlin. 
They will be presenting work at Grüntaler 9 on Friday evening the 29th of April during the ‘Süpperclub’ – intervening in the kitchen as well as in the space itself. 

On Saturday afternoon they propose a tea-time (Kafeetisch) pop-up exhibition and various performance presentations at GlogauAIR from 4 p.m.  - with evening presentations commencing at 7 p.m.
These venues will be augmented by various interventions in the public space at various locations in the city, details of which, as well as the general program, will be available at said venues as well as on said blog....

(news- stop press - it seems there is a chance that the Herman Teirlinckhouse will get a new lease on life soon!)

big cat grin, cheshire style

March 28 / Lundi Pâqcues


the annual pistological training session... (rendez-vous at old post office early afternoon like last ear)


quatorze heures environs well, two versions, one helluva time

February: First Triangulation Drive of the year,

see also tridrive page

Small documentary booklet "Salon Rouge" in production - should be out by march;

limited edition (see bookish section)

Morarescu-Obst at Buktapaktop (see below, nov 2015)

2016/ kicking off as usual, after just recuperationg from the NY bashes, with that most essential of nirthdays

here a view reminding us of the original cake;

the cake it turns out was a re-replica of the spongecake that was also presented in the hermanteirlinckhuis

a number of years back, but the edible version... i got caught in an interesting contraption during the speeches, and

found 'best in show' to be a bucket-drapery combination due to a leaky roof... ah equivalence!


November 21... Zut, mon humour!

try out photo session and presentation Morarescu / Obst

Mssrs Morarescu and Obst held a public photographic studio-session at the Buktapaktop performance venue in Brussels during Saturday the 21st of November 2015.

“Zut, mon Humour”

having lost my sense of humor, thought it might be found ‘round academia...

From 3 o’clock in the afternoon they made photographic portraits of visitors in an attempt to regain a lost sense of humor,From 7 o’clock in the evening they will present their work and the findings as part of a small research session in advance of a visit to the symposium ‘Photography Performing Humor’ at LUCA postponed due to lockdown brussels...


November 4th: participation in project

remember nature / impromptu meeting at Buktapaktop Bxl

24 october, last public encounter with residents at the

Observatoire des simples et des fous with

Annick Nölle, Bureau G logistic system D support

prep for a radio emmission slated for the 24th of november / radi campus bxl (more soon)

here's some stuff to throw in the fire (a.noelle) / burning autumnal leaves/

for the health of the tree and starter for new plants, perhaps....


First attempt at regular workaholic in-house session was quite a success, results pending...

chaired by Manu Tete - october 18th

also white flag day (photo TG /D-K)

october 3rd:

participated in an intersting excecise at LLS 387: Bitte Nicht Wecken,

a marathon presentation of "last" (or nearly) works by various artists,

presented by various artists... as bookpresentation "Opus 1"

(from left to right Marc Rossignol, Carlos Montalvo, Kate Mayne and meself, presneting "Homenaje a Nuestra Lengua" by Bernd Lohaus

but there were a lot of things to see-hear, among others

(fust a dip in the fotobag) gallerist U. Lindmayr presenting the project and book 'Opus1'

table arrangement for Oriol Vilanova's "they cannot die" - too many participating artist to list, see site of LLS387

An Carpentier reciting "Der tod" by Hanns Eisler

Gerard Herman asks 'Leven wat brengrt het leven' (Milan Warmoeskerken Guitar)

Richard Capstick reads how to disappear in america by Seth Price

Anny De Decker and Suchan Kinoshita interpret "Die Würmer, ein Dankeslied" by Gerhard Rühm

summertime ending

next meeting ocober 10th

L'Observatoire des simples et des fous continues until October 24:

Exhibition at BAM ends September 6

in the meantime another triangulation drive, and

root cause at dep.interdep, part of....

Exhibition "MONSENS" opens and observation project continues...

and the project continues with atelier-days and performance days

hope to see you there, bring a picknick

alsosee also

see report on riverbarge TENACE during it's stay at Péruwelz (june 1-16)

april - october participation... documentation

L’Observatoire des simples et des fous

The observatory of simples and folly – wild and medicinal plants

A continually evolving work by Lise Duclaux for Monsens, Mons 2015

From April 25th to October 25th 2015 Saturdays April 25th, May 9th, June 6th & 20th, the fourth of July, 22nd August, 5 and 26 September, 1àth and 24th October from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. along with the residence of the home for the mentally challenged ‘Le Carrosse’

At rue Gustave Maigret 39,  7030 St. Symphorien, Mons

bring a picnic!

on May 24th, July 12th and September 13th there will be specific performance presentations... (more soon)

a co-production of the Fondation Mons 2015, Pôle Museal de la Ville de Mons, Le Carrosse, PsycArt asbl and supporded by Bureau Gruzemayer

 views of the May 24th conference picnic:

Lise Duclaux performing parts of her book being launched...


public listening intently

general view of the situation surrounding the observatoire des simples et des fous...

Annual Pata-meet âne timbré - lundi pacques OOSTENDE

this time in the old post office, great building... ....

finally we've decided to do a public presentation, a year afer aquiring the place... slow going now and again, but at this point we can already introduce the space and some objects:

la Dépendance Interdépendante du bureau G:

considering objects...

on sunday, dimanche, zondag

12 APRIL / AVRIL 2015 67, Rue de Roucourt, 7600 Péruwelz B.

prospecting next interventions...

Décomposition du Cadavre Exquis de la rue de Flandre 7

A very enjoyable finnissage whereby participants deconstructed the installation with

a tasty nocturnal city barbecue and general fraternization with the street... glad to have perticipated!

D-K doing the final retreat...

Gruze-object being transferred ( perhaps to péruwelz)

First Triangulation Drive of this year - carreterra nevada

18-22 feb: unversenkbar kolloquium

getting into the participatory mood, first activity of the Buktapaktop - from northern france

Cattoen & Robert 28th februari 2015....

an eye watering rendition of various well-known poems with noses stuffed with pepper...



2014- 2015

Tho not even beginning to catch up with myself, but here a few particiapations of note:

as an end-of-year treat there is a small Gruze-intervention in a multi-facetted Cadavre Exquis project developing in the

‘Vitrine de la Rue de Flandre 7’ Brussels… (invited by Annick N) 

further developments at Péruwelz:

all the while trying to get the new 'dépendance in(ter)dépendante' (du Bureau G.) into shape of sorts

weather permitting of course... still not clear, now slated for april 2015

can only work on it now & then...

End of summer / Finissage RAMBLE September 14th

performances, interventions, talks...
 Maria Degrève will be performing ‘Pink Figure in Room’ a re-enactment / repetitive movements at 3 P.M.
 Mira Sanders in conversation with Dimitri Vangrunderbeek about tracing at 3:30
 Annick Nölle proposes a last in-situ photo shoot
a lazy picnic on a shaky precipice nolanders finest wildjam continuously throughout the afternoon
 Roel Jacobs will consider the displacement of trees during an artist talk from 4 p.m.

Triangualtion Drive 2014 was a short sharp quick & lonely affair

but touched all the bases... too busy with preparations for the new dépendence indépendent



work by Maria Degrève, Roel jacobs, Annick Nölle & Mira Sandes

...since the loss of 'Barbie's Place' - HTH, the pink house on the hill we have been supporting the artists left in the lurch by the sudden closing to find alternative venues and have a show after all... this is now coming to fruition at the Felixart Museum in Drogenbos (Bxl South) - based on various artistic research trajectories... rambling along:

for more check out the felixart website...

july - sadly...


Moving out of the temporary submersible site OE-29 (after some 7 odd years)

more on temp submers

and as soon as the sun comes out...

obviously the annual (twentieth) performative meet at the burnt bakery in Ostend:

21 April...

here the participants arrive / leave (more soon)

and then close on it's heels an excursion with the Bukta Paktop:

Performance Art Events / PAEkort # 11 at Wolfartspace in Rotterdam 23 April

Jambon verde and paella inquisitor....

(more soon)

and then (been a long time) 27 april group show at he lill school on the hill at Marchin

(room for all living creatures)

more soon

2014 didn't really get off to a good start, but making the best of it - still not quite there though

but then again: remember a project back in 2009 to create a dependency? well

this time round it looks like it might work out: an independent dependency... here in the planing stages:


Not sure how I got here, but all the same: have a good one (still the same story of problems connecting since end of last year, need to get my electronics updated - with mild success...

spending the last days of the year deconstructing again...

(disappearing outhouse)

but also using the in between as opportunity,

Babel pagoda should have been erected ages ago...

as well as the abstracted kitchen sideboard, becoming slowly a designer's nightmare piece of art thing...

still looking for apt homes for half-wild literary cats from the Teirlinck-clan...

Blacky here looking worried - with good reason: Ouitie was killed by a heavy blow on the back, suffering hours of immobility and pain - the vet could not save her...


home stretch out on the street again...

just out: a sort of replacement catalog-review from the mail art activities that were cut short by the stoppage at HTH:

more a quick-fix compilation thatn catalog, but as a souvenir...

can be orderd at '' look under secret archives continued in the (visual) poetry section...


the bitter end of gruze's tenure of the pink palace, or dog-eared cultural activities in a nutshell

last public work-session: clean up at Herman Teirlinckhuis

Nov 28th afternoon

various artists planning what I don't know exactly, so personal presence is recomended - bring yer own too, just in case it all runs out... regular openig hours from 14 to 17 o'clockers.

three days later the definative end of the Lise Duclaux pumpkin project,

sunday december 1st:

at BUKTAPAKTOP, rue Simonis 20, 1050 Bxl

see also buktapaktop(at)

Bad news continues...

Les Brasseurs / annexe is also closing after 20 years of untireing service to the artist... free of all fetters and to the enjouyment of all... but at some point running on empty doesn't keep on going... no matter how many fumes. participating in the final show with a video from the closing of 'chantier de l'utopie'..

Les Brasseurs rue de brasseurs 6 / 400 Liège

on saturday 9th of november 2013 in the evening and sunday 10th of november, afternoon, performances all around...

video playing to itself in the end...

Bad news end of august

end of Herman Teirlinckhuis... end of a project just underway for the laong haul... plug pulled

last manifest: (official anyway) open monument walk...

and perhaps presentations DROEVIG PERIPATETIKON september 8th

walks from 10 a.m. commentary from 15 hrs....

tell it to the people!

got this from TG / just before closing shop that day...

but here was some good news in August:

glad to participate in a VWhommage frommage LXXV:

keine kleine loewenkonferenz mais quand même...

ah yes and a quick triangulation drive...

with long lost images... and impossible encounters

(can't see nuttin)

( 30th june - end of season so to speak)

bureau gruzemayer is proud to have been able to have been a bit of a help inproducing a very fine poster:

the long awaited PomPoenPoëzie affiche by Lise Duclaux for the Incocevaable Cataloog HTH version Dialogist-Kantor, better latish than neverish.. limited ed on thick paper, fold-up multiple version for the IC... screenprinted in Lille, presented in the pumpkin-patch at the HTH, anouncing the future autonomy of all united pumpkins...

simultaneous reading

so with that act we closd the season, and kicked down for a round of no-art exhibits... more soon...

(poster can be ordered direct from Lise D: for connect...

JUNE 15 & 16: some rustle-rustling up in the forest:

trying to up the anti before the summer kicks in-

May / Bukta Paktop nr. 2

came just around the same time i was busy with another concern and so I had little (nothing) to contribute... but I did manage a peek as support, and it seemed to be as it schould: good....Ensor moins bien...

J.C. at the bar...

see Bukta Paktop website for details...

another passing: the MAMAC in Liège, - i managed to be there and trace the perimeter of the original 'abode' presented there in early 1997... a memorable time, a memorable museum... and memorable people no longer with us...

What will it become in the fored-fed cultureindustry environment we will not know until it hits... but for one thing it's sure not what it was... one of the last free museal spaces... so chevron V

impromptu mishap with Djos and LL

Then there was the annual Oostend performative meeting gathering on a windswept beach out in front of the

chilled-out-dry Coo, and of course the usual fair at the Lafayette later...

annual oostende meet April 1: HARENG DO(O)BLE PASCALIS

after runing around on empty for a while

ded (lead) gas

p a r t i c i p a t i o n p r o j e c t....

But in any case the fruits of our collective labour about to be put to the test, the second of february was the date on which the original künstlerkneipe crew got together: an apt date for this endeavour at the former fumoir haunt & Bureau dP...


hommage bien, similar conditions nearly a hundred years later... a back room with benches, stools and a makeshift bar...

still works today - people in fact never really needed more tah the basics, as for your true,

a simple soup was good enough too...

Ambulatory notions, back on the train again (... when it's running) and Necker cube so to speak, graffito version,

and remains of ambulatory at the collegial church in Soignies, Nihil Fumit...


running way behind, trying to match & catch up but to no avail...

offline out of sync for ever so long, patchy at best...

among others a new leaf being turned perhaps, soon before the end of the year...

prototype gathering in the 'cathouse' - no,

really the house where the cats stay... the ones with four paws and whiskers...

still further, far from still

here a project some six months in arrears...

but still piecing together tri-drives (first part, Alpenrand & small Muse-fragmented this year...

Campendonck cooler, (Penzberg) cool lake (Walchensee)

cold prefab pretzels (froze) Tegensee, Museum Marc, Kochel am See...

(new addition)

second part slated for august...

in june participation 'Frecher' Loos 12

(Ria P's headbang version)

for Bernd...

having gotten myself into

Trouble # 8 somehow, and doing my usual tape and taper bit, someone went and stole my camera,

so now i have a pile of tapes i can't see no more.

halles de schaerbeek 30 mai

(indoor version of ...)

The annual meet at Oostend of course: (and off course... wind & rain)

participation in the second ELAA-performance fest at Glogauair Berlin in march...

very short/shock sejour but very interesting - even tho only saw half...

the MCRV contrbution the next day was apparently quite something... see glogauairsite

(caught with a blue carrot- amorefotos...

in the meantime

2011 tapered off into the mist due to a new positining of Heini's featherhat...

coming up: Fumoir Brux: October 1st from 14 hrs...

multiple presentation Aporia project

September 3rd / Les Brasseurs Liège/ finnissage 8 October

quatre (em) brasseurs- bleu

Augustus Yawn, summertime wettish...

gearing up to turn a new page...

July... just in time for the annual Triangulation Drive...

(southern Germany Austrian Alps Venice retour/Northern France Lux)

Angel Vergara's Feulleton, noisy americans, fifty-fifty flag fluttering...

running over, poles & behind Rembrant in the Dutch pavillion

Horn of Africa is about 3000 miles straight ahead past the luxury yachts...

quatorze juillet & ses baguettes -eh, briquttes...

proposals lacking for a full-fledged meeting of fifty-fifty, we just stuck to the traditional RC bash at scheldapen...

June 26th heatwave of 'plein-air' conferences:

bruxell-porigroup / branchnebula visit / Bob & Lou presentation/ercola

June 24 at 12 noon / part of "artbomb" protest

(impromptu participation/presence at MuHKA)

smokebombs on the rooftops...

June 11 (en lieu des elevenses?) - (impromptu at) Garage art show St Gilles

proposed by Bohnenberger Hanuman

Thought there would be cars around and thought i's do a specific job... but there were no cars so had to wing it...

(will save perf for another venue, even if it was specific) otherwise it was a good jammin session...

petrified info - more soon ( this is more like it) ( scene latenight Pori 22 May)

May/Mayo (cruces de?) participation in

a bit of cleaning in between - Soimo & Jussi collecting glass while Janne looks on...

part of the process: painting of the house ( and next day) more soon...

in part also as part of Nongrata's ambulant

dune conference sunday

lots more soon on perforpage PerfOh11

as well as Tampere... (Fukushima comment)

.... and APORIA project

so finally after some delay and by hook & crook the kieferkreuz is under way and arrived...

The franco-brux aporia delegation have already been to Pori and back again...

the envers/anvers section has been dismembered and split and will send only one representative to the Pori and Tampere perfo-events 20/21 May and 25th of May (more soon)

the franco-brux delegation on board the ferry to Turku

and at the gallery 3H+K and Porimuseum

delegate envers/anves readying hisself: (see also ouragan ostend)

April 25th: Lundi Pacques is back again.... this time a bit further down the beach (thermal baths)

Droge Coo, Zeedijk 10

Ouragan: orage ouvrage... pata-pistologie per tutti

March - early April 2011 / preptime:

bolbereta aporia... and other such things - Vagabondage project for Pori FI

draperie session

(meting was scheduled at OE-29 / March 18th but was held on april 3rd instead) in the meantime the financial support has become iffy... time for some brainstorming about alternative procurement... eh... )

(meeting chez Bernard last...fifty-fifty view of what the coffee saw)

February 2011

gearing up for a very short winterreise

aka spritztour

( this in Lille though)

more soon

January 2011

just after art's birthday a hommage at the same venue

what the kitchen sideboard saw...

a number of friends present short hommages to Bernd Lohaus...

Ann Veronica Janssens, Dialogist-Kantor, Emilio Lopez Menchero, Danny Devos, Ria Pacquée, Guy Rombouts, Marc Rossignol, Francis Schmetz & Claire Lavendhomme, Timothy Segers, Kate Mayne, Luc van Tichel, Chris Straetling, Joëlle Tuerlinckx, Philippe Van Snick, Marc Van Tichel, Angel Vergara + Lucia Bru, Deuxelles, Andrew Webb, Jon Thompson, as well as some impromtu and even secret actions here & there... more soon

swipeshot in his atelier late eighties, during an action of the groenplaats in 1965

December 2010

early cold chills the bones... but have a good end of year anyways...

(archive(re)production) delayed....

but still managed to get this extra edition of LJA/due 3.3 through before the year ran out - all sorts of problems and it's not really how it should be, but all in all acceptable... to be found at your usual unibook store virtual brochure club...

before and after check out the 'projects' page

ref memoriam:

'ersatz' intervention for Bernd Lohaus at Les Bains last year...


reading Bernd Lohaus' 'Ehrung Unserer Sprache' on june 5th at les Bains::Connective

(Bruce Geduldig, yers true, Gwendoline Robin, Carlos Montalvo)


in the meantime also review-rummaging - digressions & asides (archiveprod) (see also projects) ///--- small inter/jection 'triangulation drive' see "mobile" Second leg of the tripart research project: (May- July 08) fluvius fluxit /// First part of a three-tiered research programme spanning dec 07 to mar 08: see also BN-51 subbonn similarity & similacre This series will delve into the origins of the tendency to exhibit, in general but based on personal histories & findings

using the various "temporary submersibles" as points of departure, BO-46 in Antwerp (B), OE-29 in Avelgem (B), BN-51 in Bad Godesberg (D) and P-18 in Paris (F)... at a certain point these divergent strains should come together to form a coherent overview...

for more see parsubA