SANE driver for Mustek parallel port scanners

SANE is a project that aims at providing a common platform for scanner drivers on Unix-like systems, similar to the TWAIN scanner interface on Windows XX systems.

The Mustek Parallel Port CIS driver

There are two kinds of Mustek parallel port scanners: CCD models (charge coupled device) and CIS models (contact image sensor). This page only describes the driver for the CIS models. For more information on the CCD driver, refer to Jochen Eisinger's page.

The CIS driver used to be available as a patch to the official SANE distribution (see the history page), but as of sane-backends-1.0.10 (February, 2003) the driver is included with the official distribution.
There is no more need to patch the official distribution to get a CIS scanner to work.

The CIS driver supports the Mustek 600 CP, 96 CP, 1200 CP, and 1200 CP+ parallel port flatbed scanner series and their OEM versions (Medion/LifeTec, Trust, Targa, ...). The driver is developed using a LifeTec 9350 (a Mustek 1200CP clone), and appears to be working for various other OEM versions too. According to the Medion/LifeTec website, the following models all use the Mustek 1200CP driver, so I assume that they are all OEM versions:

The CIS driver has no reliable identification of the scanner (simply because I don't know how it can be distinguished from CCD scanners; I don't even know whether it is at all possible), so don't use it unless you're sure that you have a CIS scanner.

If you have an original Mustek 600/1200/96CP, it should be ok. If you have one of the Medion/LifeTec OEM models listed above, it's probably ok too. If unsure about the nature of your scanner, you can probably identify a CIS scanner by the FCC ID number at the bottom: it normally ends with the letters "CIS". If you can't find it, you may find this information in the manual.

Thanks to the support I got from Mustek, I've managed to get the driver working nearly perfectly. All resolutions (50->1200DPI) and all modes (color/grayscale/lineart) are supported. Any problems that I had with previous versions of the driver seem to be solved, at least on my own scanner.

Scanner types that have been reported to work (by many people, the list has become too long to name them all):

For more information on configuring the Mustek paralellel port driver (both the CCD and CIS versions), refer to Jochen's page.

Reported problems



Make sure to read the configuration instructions carefully and to set the correct options for your scanner!!!

There is no way for the driver to detect the exact type of your scanner (whether it is a 600CP or a 1200CP or whether it is a CIS or a CCD scanner). You have to tell the driver what model you have.

Using the wrong configuration could damage your scanner!!! These (cheap) scanners have no built-in protection against illegal manipulations. For instance, the scan head will happily continue to move as long as the driver tells it to move, until the scanner breaks ...

Especially, using the 1200CP settings on a 600CP can be harmful.

If the scanner starts making a loud noice, turn it off immediately!!!

If you have any questions/feedback/suggestions, don't hesitate to contact me at eddy_de_greef (at) scarlet (dot) be.

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