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here a complete history about what changed on my site



  • 07 October 2001
  • 06 October 2001
    • uploaded rhythms Dja & Tuba, Dja was one of the first I've learned from my teacher Seny Touré, is still one of the rhythms-solo's I experience as difficult ... hope you like it, had about 3 hours work to publish it in percussions studio & html !
  • 14 September 2001 uploaded rhythms Djole & Lolo
  • 12 September 2001
    • uploaded classroom file, learned Senefoli and Garengedon ... solo's and/or breaks will follow later
  • 09 September 2001
    • uploaded rhythms yankadi - sunu - kuku - soko - kassa
  • 04 September 2001
    • I started uploading few rhythms ... more to come soon ...still no MP3 files, but probably they will be added later, meanwhile you'll have to do with the percussionstudio rhythm-files.
    • New Djembe class will start next week ... so in the Class Room you'll find new rhythms that I'm learning
  • 19 June 2001
    • Uploaded this site to a new server. I hope that this server 'Yucom' will keep me, and understand that the the MP3-files that I publish ain't illegal ones.
    • End of class season ... hope I now find the time to upload all the rhythms and solo's I've learned this year.
  • 22May 2001
    • Uploaded a new Class Room file
    • learned some changes for the rhythms/solo's Moribayassa and Dennadon, obvious our teacher finds every week some new material to get us going ... be patient ... there will be updates, but I'm so busy these days ... sorry for that !
  • 08 May 2001
    • Uploaded Class Room files
    • I hope I finally found the right way to publish the rhythms I've learned. Before I published rhythm notations with audio files to serve my visitors. Because so many people noticed that I used Henrys Percussion Studio to make these samples, many asked me to publish those files as well. Making those audio files take alot of my time, so to minimize my work I will just publish the file you need to hear the rhythm with the Percussion Studio and a few MP3 files.