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For the first time on a stage, together with our teacher Seny Toure we played the rhythms 'Liberté' and 'Dja', it was a speedy performance, the solo's weren't easy to play because of the speed ... but we had great compliments ... so I guess it was ok



Our teacher Seny Touré has his roots in Guinéé Conacry and played in several groups, like 'les ballets Africaines' 'ballet nationale de Guinéé'. He's groupmember of 'Bruno Genero' and played along with 'Sewa Kan', and has his own group named 'Wofa Wonbere'.



These are three of the four members of the Jackson 'Four-ce', we started this group for fun ... and amazing as it is, we have been asked to give performances ... wigs included !!!


The location where we practice is great, on the dock near the river 'Schelde' (Antwerp Belgium) ... people follow the mystic sounds of our drums, some pass-by and listen others get their instruments and play along, like this didgeridoo player ...