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djembe portal for Belgium
djembe portal for Neatherland
YAPP - Yet Another Percussion Page

Liewil's Wondere Web
Belgium djembe_forum

Want to buy a djembe cd ? what is good what is bad ? check it here !



And here huge list of links, possible not all links are still working...just try them out !


African Books Collective
"The best of African publishing - over 1,400 titles immediately available from
our UK warehouse."

African Culture and Aesthetics
Extensive online article by Dr. Mukere.

African Drumming History/Heritage
R. Clarks paper on African Ensemble Drumming.

African Marketplace presents African Drum
A bulletin board on the web to search and sell drums, skins, etc.

African Music Books
A part of Technobeat Archives´ site - including reviews.

The African Music Encyclopedia
Artist index, Bookstores, Countries, Glossary, Music sources and Links

African Percussion - The Djembe Book
"Written by a longtime student of traditional African music, Serge Blanc, who
has worked with and gotten the approval of eminent African percussion masters".

African Performance Clearinghouse
"Collects, processes, and dispenses information about performances and tours
by African artists in North America for the benefit of performers and audiences".

African Rhythm Traders
"We carry a large selection of Latin and African drums, percussion instruments,
music, videos, & books."

Afrique en Scenes
Extensive schedule of African performances.

Africa Sunu
West African percussion group in Japan.

Africassette Music
"Africassette Music is a worldwide retailer of African and World Music on
compact disc, cassette tape, & video."

Aliou Diouf Homepage
Ballet Sangamar is led by Master drummer and choreographer Aliou Diouf of Senegal.

An A-Z of African Studies on the Internet
by Dr. Peter Limb (UWA Library & H-Africa)

Ancient Future
"The world music site of internationally acclaimed world fusion music ensemble
Ancient Future includes online instruction in the rhythms of Africa, Bali & India."

Artheo's Big Beat World Pulse Network
"An Embarkation Site linking to sites that feature world percussion, drum circles,
and the like."

Arthur Hull/West Cliff Percussion
Home page of the drum circle, Links and more.

Babatunde Olatunji
Home site with pictures and reviews.

Bendoula AB
Drum making company in Sweden, where you can make your own djembe!

BRIT School - African Music Web Site.
Site created and designed by Gareth Hemmings (Teacher) and Yr 10 students
at the BRIT School.

Calendar of African Productions
Calendar of African artists and festivals all over the world. In French and English.

C.K. Ladzekpo´s Foundation Course
An online course in African Music by Ghanaian drum master C.K.L.

Djembe group from Holland

Cultural Context of Djembe Rhythms
Edited, Cross-referenced, and Indexed from available literature by R Clark.

Dancing Hands Music
"We specialize in instructional books and videos designed to make the
drummer's path easier--especially for beginners."

Dirk Brinker´s Home Page
Djembe notation font (Western style), virtual djembe and more.

Djemb' Info
Belgian djembe information site

Djembe and Mande Music Resource and Reference Page
A site primarily devoted to the drumming, culture and other musical traditions
of the Mande peoples of West Africa.

Djembe Line
A site primarily devoted to the djembe and dunun, culture and musical traditions
West Africa.
Chatbox,Selling djembe's..etc...

Site with rhythms and a option to hire these guys ...

Djembe Boom Boom
Chris Troch´s homepage, including rhythms, sound files, drum repair and links.

Djembe Drums
Shorty Palmers drum site. Djembe pictures.

Djembe Foly Percussion
Located in Bamako, Mali. Created in 1987 by Bassanfa Bagayogo dit ''Fanfan'' .
Malian Rhythms, Dances, Djembes and more.

Djembe Ireland
"A web-site & mailing list on the Internet, which is specifically aimed at Djembe
players in Ireland and hand percussionists as a whole" - by John Barron.

Djembe List FAQ
The number one site for hand drum players! Mailing list, FAQ, Resources,
Notation, Links, etc! Maintained by Happy Shel.

Djembe Online
A beautiful French djembe site (in French)

Djembe - Rythm - Traditional - Mandingue
African artists who are concerned with preserving traditional Mande music
in all its forms, both artistic and social.

Djembe Online - debate page
The Danish cultural magazine Djembe´s debate and communication page

Djembe Rhythm Animator
Great freeware by Mark Könnecke showing the handing of djembe rhythms

Bobbaq Afshar´s thesis on djembe related topics, Dictionary, Links and more.

Dougies Drum Directory
Dougie Neillands´ notice board of drumming/dance related topics in the UK

Drum Call
Hand drumming in the UK.

Drum Connection
"The Drum Connection works to promote the most effective ways of learning to
play West African jembe and dunun, in a relaxed and supportive environment."

John Walter´s UK based business, devoted to "running drumcircles with an
African flavour (not exclusively) in a wide range of situations from preschool
groups to business conferences".

"Drumlesson.com is the first true multimedia web site for drummers and
percussionists where students see & hear real instruments being played!"

Drumming and Magick
Drums, Links and more.

Drumming links
Links from Texas Community Drum Home Page.

Drum Rhythm Transcriptions
Jim Salems rhythm collection.

The Drums and Percussion Page
Resources, archives and more.

Drums on the Web
"Online drum shop specializing in the usual and unusual percussion products
from around the world".

Drums on the Web Calendar
Upcoming shows and clinics, artist news.

Dumbdrum's Links Page
Very good djembe links by Lilian Friedberg alias Dr. Dorothy Dumbdrum.

Earthshaking Music
Instruments, CDs, Books, Tapes, Videos, Links and more. (new URL)

Eric Charry's Home Page
Djembe bibliography and discography, articles, audio and video examples.

West African dance and drum group - based in Holland. Rhythms, Calendar, etc.

Field of Rhythm
African drums, workshops, performances, etc, in Durban.

Forè Foté
"Djembe and dunun drum and dance performance and instruction from Guinea"
featuring Lamine "Dibo" Camara.

Gordy Ryan's Virtual Workshop
Online djembe instruction and rhythms, audio & video.

Doris Green´s notation system for African percussion instruments.
Pan African Performing Arts Preservation Association, Inc.

Groove Archive
Rhythm notation and MIDI files.

Holy Goat Percussion
"A small and highly personalized company that specializes in: Rhythm Work-
shops, Jembe and Doundoun classes, Sales and Maintenance of jembes and doundouns."

Incredible Drums of Zurich
Hand drum information from Switzerland

International Teacher´s Listing
Happy Shel´s compilation of drum/dance teachers from the Djembe Mailing List.

Interworld Music Rhythm Library
CDs, Videos, Instructional, Rhythm library and more.

Jahruba's Homepage
"African drumming is a wonderful way to teach rhythm, song, dance, culture,
discipline and self esteem"

Jaqui MacMillan´s Website
WOMEN´S DRUM BOOK, Workshops (Washington) and Links

Jason's African Drum Class Page!
"Jason Hann takes you through a journey of traditional and modern rythms with
the djembe drum".

Jembe List
A mailing list "dedicated to furthering the study and appreciation of jembe
traditions in Africa and abroad" started by Eric Charry at Wesleyan University.

Jenbe Music in Bamako
An excellent article on Microtiming as Formal Model and Performance Practice
by Rainer Polak.

Jerry´s Jungle
Home page of Jerry Z with great instructions on Drumming for Dance and
djembe reheading. Online drum class under construction.

Jim Greiner´s Hands-On! Drumming
"Jim travels the world as a percussionist/educator/LP Clinician and
corporate/community drum circle leader."

Jim´s Notes
Very useful notes on hand drumming by the late James H van den Akker

West African performance ensemble featuring Lindsay Rowlands
Also: Exercises, Sound Files, Drum Dimensions and more.

Kalani Music
Kalani´s very comprehensive drum site with great links

Kebba´s Home Page
Peter "Kebba" Löber´s drum site (in German)

Lark In The Morning
World Music Instruments, Books, Recordings, Videos, etc.

Larry Morris' Rhythm Catalog
Hand drum rhythms in ASCII notation.

Le Ballet Africains
Home page of the National Dance Company of Guinea.

Learn the Djembe Mailing List
A list set up by John Barron for people who are absolute beginners,
to intermediate, who want to learn the djembe.

Liewil's Website
A  good resource for Belgium djembe teachers, workshops and other background information.

MK Drum Center
Drums, Classes, Events, Instructional tapes, etc. (Atlanta, GA, U.S.A.)

Maimouna Keita School of African Dance
A tax-exempt organization founded in 1983 by Marie Basse-Wiles, from Dakar,
Senegal, West Africa, and the late Olukose Wiles.

Mamady Keita
Mary Overby´s site, including Mary´s djembe links.

Mamady Keita
Offical Homepage in French and English

Mickey Hart's Home Page
Books, Records, Rhythm for Life research.

Michael Markus
Instructional, Workshop information and tapes

Multi Kulti
The best World Music shop in Sweden.

Musiques d'Afrique
Frank Bessem's site with a selection of musicians of some African countries
(Guinea, Mali and Senegal are represented).

Na Kiri
Djembe group from Holland, Links.

Pan African Arts Management
"has the intention of creating coherent international circuits for the presentation
of world-class traditional and contemporary African music, dance and theatre".

PC Drummer
DOS drum machine shareware

Percussion Studio
Henry Kellner´s program "can play multiple instrument voices simultaneously,
and each track is mutable so you can play along and learn individual parts."

Percussions de Guinee
"Exciting performances and a key toward understanding humanity.
Our goal is to bring peace and unity to the world through percussion."

Raffaele Sciacqua's Djembe Page
Information on djembe, playing posture, hand technique, etc.

Ritmi e Danze Afro
"An Italian cultural association which promotes the study and spreading of Afro
cultures, with particular reference to West Africa."

Research Links
Lennart Hallstrom's links to pedagogical, therapeutical, spiritual and medical
research associated with rhythm or drumming.

Rhythm Lab
Software by Aaron Lav, which lets you construct and visualize polyrhythms.

Paolo Mattioli´s site, including Djembe drums, Djembe drumming instructional
videos, CDs and cassettes, events, re-heading, tuning and care, drum circles.

A domain devoted to the art of rhythm. Rhythm notation, MIDI examples + more.

Richard Hodges´ Home Page
African source list, C.K. Ladzekpo´s home page and more.

The African live music scene in Stockholm, Sweden.

Selected Djembe Rhythms
Some of Lars Björnfot´s favourite rhythms, in Larry Morris´ hand drum notation.

Djembes, Rhythm Notation and other information by Martin Klabunde

Paul Janse´s West-African percussion site.

"Your online source for authentic African musical instruments."
The site includes sound samples and useful instructions.

Reinhard Flatishler's site for rhythm and body movement.

Talking Drums - Percussion From Around the World
CDs, Tapes, Instruments, etc.

Talking Drums
"Here you will find lots of information relating to drum music and dance."
CD's, Textbooks, Workshops and more by Stephan Rigert, Switzerland."

Texas Drums Home Page
Information and links maintained by Happy Shel.

This is Djembe: Information about African music
African percussion and dance in the region Noord-Limburg,
The Netherlands. By Hub Moens in English and Dutch.

Thunder Heart Drums
Drums made by John Millen.

Village Pulse
Roots recordings.

WAP - West African Percussion
West African rhythms and lyrics transcribed by Paul Nas.

W.A.P. Web Site
A band that plays rhythms from the WAP site (above).

West African Rhythm Sourcebook
This book by Martin Klaubunde is intended to be a quide to learing how to
play the djembe and learning about the djembe music of Guinea and Mali.

What is a Djembe?
A very short briefing on this subject.

"WOFA which means "come" in Soso, is a group of seven young performers
from the Soussou ethnic group."

World Music Artists
Lots of info on traditional and other musicians from Guinea Bissau, Guinea, Mali,
Senegal, Sierra Leone and other countries.

YAPP - Yet Another Percussion Page
Austrian site on rhythm notation by Raphael Kronberger (in English)

Yoruba House
Drum and community center in Los Angeles

Ziegi´s Home Page
Great section on carving djembes