How do we sell You our Artworks ?

  1. You make your choice in either our Oil Painting,Aquarelle,or Photos Galleries

  2. Please carefully read our privacy statement, shipment policy & security, legal

  3. If You have enough information about the Artwork of your choice then proceed to sales form and go through the process of buying what You want.

  4. Please fill out the information and press the SUBMIT button. Clear the form by pressing the CLEAR button. Fill in all the fields.

What do you get and how to proceed?

  • After you made your choice and you submit the sales form we send you a 600 dpi file A4 format print quality or a quality print version 600 dpi file A4 format, either JPG or PDF of the choosen Artwork.

  • We charges 20 US Dollar for this file or print version.

  • After receiving this version, and being satisfied of the Artwork You can go trough the process of buying Your choosen Artwork.

  • Fill in the form delivered together with your print or printfile version.