Artprovision introduces Antwerp artist & painter Chris terryn


Chris terryn

Born on the 5th of December 1959 in the centre of Antwerp, the city of arts and painting since 1400. Surrounded by hundreds of classical paintings and modern art, I was introduced in the Arts .

Like many artists I travelled abroad to witness other cultures. I visited Buddhist monasteries, Muslim mosques, jungle villages and witnessed the unbearable beauty of nature.

My work is based on the handicraft
of painting and in my early years I studied the manuscripts of the great masters and experimented with their skills. This led to liberty in painting, a variety of skills and approaches. The white canvas experienced as an endless open space, ready to receive the variety of images. The canvas as receiver, the painter as the creator of a free world within the open space. All images are welcome, none of them are refused, still they are directed by the experiences of life.