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Artprovision is the gallery of Chris terryn and is especially focused on the distribution of Works of Art which add reality to this world, while evidencing awareness of historical continuity and the beauty of the Art of Life itself.

Equiaeon or a modular, postmodern philosophy witnessing "all being*" as the permanent process of exchanges between consciousness, information & matter, leading (in our human societies) to planetary participationism, justice & lasting peace*.

Its postmodernism is evidenced by the "double coding" of "presence" & "absence" & the fundamental incompleteness of the so-called transcendent signifiers (to which an asterix* is added).

Global Projects (GP) is a charity registered in Antwerp doing humanitarian, philosophical & spiritual work.

Our humanitarian Library, the "Student Development Library" (SDL) will be available on CD-ROM soon.

Visit the Internet-version of the Humanity Development Library 2.0. Online

Wereldmediatheek vzw is een productiehuis en een uitleendienst van audiovisuele programma's, gespecialiseerd in derde wereld, vrede en maatschappelijk welzijn.
Tisnix108 est une site de recherches et expérimentations en multimedia et animation.www.multimania.com/tisnix108/ http://tisnix108.citeweb.net/ http://perso.respublica.fr/tisnix108/

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