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The Dried Heart - Le Coeur Séché


Fat Erwin
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The autumn languishes on the country of Bree. The harvests are done, Big and Little People of the four villages (Bree, Staddle, Archet and Combe) prepare wood for the winter. They kill the pig to furnish their reserves with meat and during the evening, meet around a wine bottle at the Prancing Pony. Some travelers - Dwarves of the Blue Mountains, merchants or wandering entertainers, some Rangers - still hasten on the roads before the frost and make an obliged stop at Bree. All would seem peaceful and usual if...

If Fat Erwin, from the White Farm, had not gotten sick. A quite strange disease, in truth. He was an inexhaustible chatterer, a pillar of tavern, who drank and ate like four. For five days, he did not swallow anything. He is sitting morose and livid near the fire. And it is not all... People sleep with difficulty, make bad dreams that leave them sick when they wake up. It is even said that prowlers jump over the fence in the middle of the night and scratch the doors and the windows.

Worse still, two children are missing : the little girl Pommette of Basoille's farm in Combe, and Galehaut, the young imp of the Mussat family from Bree. Some researches were already made, but to no avail. The worst is feared, for example that the children fell in a pond or in a well... And then strange looking silhouettes were seen in Chetwood. Who knows, with all these Rangers!

Of all these events, it is the disappearance of the children, which stirs up the most the population of this country. The families and the neighbours are even ready to recruit professional adventurers to search for the kids. And at that time, the PCs are having a rest at the Prancing Pony...


This story comes from La Cour d'Obéron, where you will be able to find the original version (in french). It was written by Usher.

You can download it from here : The Dried (31K, Word 97 Document)


"Those who used the Nine Rings became mighty in their day, kings, sorcerers, and warriors of old."
Of the Rings of Power and the Third Age (The Silmarillion)