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This chapter introduces a few topics of interest in I.T. There would be much more to say, so please consider this more as an overview as anything else. You will find here a list of books I read over the years, and a few experimental applications.
JBalboa is a small open-source program I wrote to help you manage for collection of jars. Useful mainly for Java developers.
Flex is a new language created by Adobe used to easily create Flash components. I wrote a short presentation (sig-flex.pdf) to explain Flex in a few words and let you develop your first Flex component.
This short presentation (sig-mem-management.pdf), written using various sources found on the web, will give you an overview of the JVM Garbage Collector (or GC for the initiates) and of some management tools. I will expand it someday with an explanation of the various java reference types.
In this PDF (sig-security.pdf), I present the basics of the identity certificates use to secure websites, through the HTTPS protocol. I also suggest the best tools available to manage your certificates.