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10-15 saturday night Galore Like an animal Shake dog shake
A forest Gone Lost wishes Show
A japanese dream Grinding halt Lovesong Showpro
A letter to Elise Half an octopuss Lullaby Sideshow
A night like this Hanging garden M Siking
An interview Happily ever after Mint car Sranger than fiction
Blue sunshine High Mixed up Sraring at the sea
Boys don't cry Hot hot hot !!! Never enough Standing on the beach
Britania waves the rules I dig you On the edge Strange attraction
Catch I want to be a tree One hundred years The 13th
Charlotte sometimes In between days Paris The blood
Classic Cure In Brazil Parispro The caterpillar
Close to me (85) In Orange Picture show The head on the door
Club america (Roxy mix) In the Zone Pictures of you The lovecats
Concert Integration Play for today The Peel sessions
Cult hero Japanese whispers Play out The top
Disintegration Jumping someone else's train Pornography The walk
Dredd song Just like heaven Primary This is a lie
Entreat Killing an Arab Punish me with kisses Three imaginery boys
Excerpt "The Cure live" Kiss me first aid box Pure Cure compilation Why can't I be you ?
Faith Kiss me interview Purple haze Wild mood swing
Fascination street Kiss me kiss me kiss me Quadpus Wild moody swinging
Five live Kiss me sampler Quartett Wish
Five swing live Lament Retrospective Wrong number
Friday I'm in love Let's go to bed Seventeen seconds  

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