Bode Miller Advanced Ski Lessons from Sportskool

Last update: 2008 02 02
The key to it all: Pole Planting
  1. Timing: plant pole at the release of one turn; it starts the new turn:
    1. Swing pole through the turn,
    2. Extend to an Upright Position and release the last turn,
    3. Plant pole and transition to next turn.
  2. Vertical Movement: most movement comes from hips and knees not from the arms, hands come up in smooth motion:
    1. Pull body up out of the angulated postion,
    2. Extend vertically and touch the pole,
    3. Sink into next turn.
5 Keys to Carving:
  1. use pole plant to pull yourself forward and align body over skis,
  2. apply ankle pressure forward to push the soft shovel into early carving,
  3. roll the knees in to develop the carve or out to release (at alignment),
  4. turn hips outwards to allow sharper angle as inside ski comes forward to make room for steep angle,
  5. keep head & shoulders level to maintain lateral balance (not tip over) during the turn.
4 Keys to Steeps:
  1. Commit to the Pitch of the Hill: Get perpendicular to your skis! Don't shy back away! Get out away from the mountain, pitch yourself almost diving down the hill! Get Upper Body Out over the Outside Ski and Pitch yourself Down the Hill!
  2. Aggressively Plant the Pole in the Snow to Get Up Over the Skis as they release and dive into the next turn: Reach Down hill, Plant Pole hard in the Snow! Note how BM's arm comes way forward to get the upper body over the skis, then he plants the pole near his feet, just at the release!
  3. Commit to the Outside Ski: Put your weight on the outside ski. Shoulders & head level, up out over the outside ski, avoid edge on inside ski. Pull Upper Body Out Over the Outside Ski!
  4. Slow your Speed at the Top of the Turn: don't throw skis across the fall-line in a series of "hockey stops"! Chuck speed at the entry to the turn: finish turn cleanly, commit to new ski, then slide at the top of the turn, then lock the edges carve the middle and end of the turn, release, commit, slide, carve! Slow your Speed at the Top of the Turn! In other words, stay up on the skis, don't set the edges during early carving, then come down ankles, knees, hips, shoulders.
  5. So, Confidence is the key: Stay Heads & Shoulders level, upper body perpendicular to hill; Transition quickly: Use pole plant to throw yourself down the pitch; Exaggerate your upward movement: Use Big up unweight and pole plant to transition quickly from edge to edge, then commit to outside ski!
  1. Balance Balance Balance: exaggerate the extension, keep on the shovel to transition quickly,
  2. Control Speed: use edges but don't let skis come way out, stay more upright & use angulation and edge set with up movement to lift tails out of snow,
  3. Exaggerate Extension and Pole Plant: Match Body perpendicular to pitch at transition, Use vertical movement to lift tails,
  4. Stay on front of skis.
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