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Antoine Van den Brouck was born in Kerksken, Belgium in 1951. He started studying ceramics at the Academy of Art in Aalst, Belgium in 1970 and left the Academy in 1988. Since then his ceramics have been exhibited throughout Belgium and sold to private collectors in Europe and the USA.

At present, he works in his own studio in St. Antelinks where he lives, creating unique handmade ceramics as art : sculptures, bas reliefs, statues.

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By the interaction of light and shadow, relief and depth, a dual dynamic is created.The works of art pull you and push you up to liberating motion. You are pulled and lifted up to transcend the earthly. Especially the bas reliefs show the duality of upward and downward forces, which first come up from dark obscure depths, becoming free and then progressing, climbing and growing to enlightened liberation, a clear horizon with a sun symbolizing hope and deliverance.


The sculptures show us static figures with the facial expression of petrified emotions. ... petrified ...


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