29 August 2013 :: New Vocalist
Introducing the 2013 incarnation of Angeli di Pietra, we are proud to present Matthieu Van den Brande on vocals and Sam Vos on keyboards.

The baptism of fire for this new and improved line-up will take place the 28th of September at Den Eglantier, Berchem.

Be there to witness a new chapter in our conquest!

3 July 2013 :: Interview with Mister Folk
Kurt recently did an Interview with Italian webzine Mister Folk. Go HERE to read it!

6 March 2013 :: Guy leaves
Unfortunately Guy has decided to leave the band due to time management issues. He will be sorely missed, but we respect his decision and are thankful for the years of devotion he has dedicated to the band. The gig in Mechelen on the 27th of April will be his last as a member of Angeli di Pietra so don't miss this momentous occasion.

We will begin the search for a replacement shortly. If you think you have what it takes to fill Guy’s shoes, don’t hesitate to contact us.

8 October 2012 :: Live Reviews
After our overseas adventure we received some raving reviews. Of course we have to share these with you all!

"This is a great band who have honed their sound over ten years; they’re at the top of their game and upwards is the only direction they’re travelling."
Read full review: here

"First came Belgium’s Angeli di Pietra – defining themselves as “powerfolk” and with no fewer than seven members including both male and female dedicated vocalists, they won the crowd over in the space of about five seconds flat with their charm and energy. "
Red full review: here

14 December 2011 :: New blood!
We welcome a new member to the ADP-family: Sam Vos will handle the keyboards from now on!
Keep an eye on the 2012 live dates for an opportunity to see this new and improved line-up in action!

30 September 2011 :: signed to Metalurgica!
We are happy to announce that Angeli di Pietra signed a deal with METALURGICA for bookings in the Benelux area (i.e. Belgium, Netherlands & Luxemburg)!

So don't hesitate to drop them a line for booking an ADP-show!

5 June 2011 :: New Website & New Release!
A lot of news to report today!
As you can see we launched a new website to celebrate the release of 'Anthems Of Conquest'. Some parts of the website are still under construction so be sure to check back every now and then.

June 3rd 2011 also marks the release of ANGELI DI PIETRA's second full album entitled 'Anthems Of Conquest'.
More info on the release can be found here (tracklist, cover, etc.)

For an exclusive track from this new album, visit our video player where you'll find a video made by Mr Semivivius of Valhalla Promotions!

7 March 2011 :: Release "Anthems Of Conquest"
We have a release date: 'Anthems Of Conquest' will be released on 13th of May 2011! So keep watching us closely, because a lot of things will be planned, lay-outs changed, artwork released and information leaked! We still have a teaser of all new tracks on our My Space-page. Just click this link and listen to the first track on the player. In 7 minutes we'll try to convince you !

14 November 2010 :: "Anthems Of Conquest"
The mastering of 'Anthems Of Conquest', as the new album will be named, is almost finished. Jacob Hansen (Hansen Studios) is making the final touches as we speak. We expect the masteralbum any day now. We'll post the release date as soon as possible!

2 May 2010 :: Studio-report
We're back from the studio, and we have a lot to share! You'll have to wait until Fall 2010 for the release of our next album, but you can read all about our studio-adventures in the online Mindview-magazine (All in Dutch though!). Click next links to read Part One (page 56-59) or Part Two (page 46-48).

4 January 2010 :: ADP hits the studio!
FINALLY! ADP's hitting the studio during March-April to record the successor of "Storm over Scaldis". More information (title, release-date, studio-reports,...) will be anounced in the upcoming weeks/months. Stay tuned!